Tennocon Delayed from July 11 to August 1

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Hi All, putting on my Warframe reporter hat here.

Just announced this morning is that Tennocon 2020 that was originally scheduled for July 11th, has been delayed to August 1st.

Due to pandemic Tennocon has already been shifted to all Digital Event. The lack of access to their studio facilities (ie. Mo-cap studio, audio recording stage etc.) have made it more challenge to prepare for their Tennocon presentation. The developers have thus decided to move the event to August 1st to give them more time. TennoCon 2020 Live presentation will also be drastically different from past years. In past Tennocon, the TennoLive typically announced big ambitious features and content that would be months, half-a-year away from shipping. This year's tennocon announcement they hope will be content ready to release close to the reveal.

Important note for those who have already purchased the Digital Ticket for Jully 11th and are wondering about access to Baro which they paid for.

The developers are honoring both dates now. The Tennocon-Exclusive Baro will appear both July 11-18 and now also August 1-3.

Here's a video of Creative Director Steve Sinclar announcing the change:

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Check out https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1199983-tennocon-2020-digital-event-being-moved-to-august-1st/ for the full official announcement

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