Update 26: The Old Blood - Warframe gets a Nemesis System (now on PC)

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Update 26: The Old Blood is now out on PC! Here is a summary of the major highlights. For a complete look at the entire update check out the full (60 pages) of notes for this update in the dev post link below!


Meet My First Kuva Lich (Nemesis) Tee Vhmm
Meet My First Kuva Lich (Nemesis) Tee Vhmm

GRENDEL: Consume in feeding frenzy fashion with our 42nd Warframe! The Leverian reveals all...

MELEE CHANGES PHASE 2: Melee has evolved again with a focus on TECHNIQUE - Stance/Combo reworks, the return of Equipped Melee, and MUCH more.

VAUBAN & EMBER REWORK: Revisited to better accent their themes and offer more ways to play!

KUVA LICHES: Twisted new Kuva spiked foes await - The death of Grineer bathed in crimson fuels an undying thirst for its creator: YOU.

Dev Post (Full Patch Notes)https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136784-update-26-the-old-blood/
Login Rewards:

Login before December 31st 11:59PM ET to get these rewards in-game:

  • 3 Forma
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • Legendary Core (Must be at least Mastery Rank 3)
New Warframe: Grendel

Grendel "...aka woreframe, kirbyframe, katamariframe" - @forcen

Grendel is a Warframe themed after the unique abilities on swallowing enemies and Violently puking out a bile soaked enemy from Grendel’s gut with abilities like FEAST and REGURGITATE. Grendel's 4th ability PH_Meatball PULVERIZE allows him to transform into KATAMARI like wrecking ball and roll through his enemies. Check out the video and patch notes for a more detail description of each of his abilities and kit.

Melee 2.999999998

MELEE Rework Phase 2

In 2018 Digital Extremes introduced changes and reworking the melee combat in Warframe. Phase 2 of the revamps is now out.

There are plethora of changes to melee that is a lot to cover, check out this post for the full details of the revamp. For the sake of this summary here's the bullet points:

  • Melee Stance Changes across the board
  • Dedicated Melee (Hold Melee) Mode has been reintroduced with smoother combo transitions
  • Introduction of new Heavy Attacks, Juggling (Lift), mechanics that expend your Melee Combo Meter
    • Heavy Attacks (Alt-Fire for Melee) - Heavy attacks can now occur at any time, simply by pressing the Alt-fire button while you have melee equipped or in your hand. This costs all of your Combo Counter (affected by Mods), so make sure you lay down the hurt! If you don’t have any Combo Counter active, you will use a Heavy Attack, but it will not benefit from any damage bonus from the Combo Counter.
    • Heavy Slam Attacks (Jump + Alt-Fire for Melee) - This new Slam Attack will create a new effect on targets, known as the LIFTED STATUS. When a target is Lifted, it is held suspended in the air, allowing a player to follow up on attacks while the target is held helplessly aloft. Again, if you do not have any Combo Counter active, this will act as a Heavy Slam attack without a damage bonus, and minimal Lifting Status.
  • Melee Weapon Stat and MR Re-balances across the board.
  • Quality of Life changes to weapon range and combo execution.

There will also be a total of eight time-limited Alerts starting Friday, November 1st @ 2 PM ET until Monday, November 4th @ 2 PM ET:

These will be melee focused alerts with the intention for players to get familiar with the new melee combat systems.

(PLUS Small Titania Improvements)

Both Vauban and Ember got a rework of their abilities.


Vauban now can deploy up to 4 new minelayers (trap) options:

  1. Tether Coil pulls a number of nearby enemies to wherever it sticks, rendering them immobile.
  2. Flechette Orb fires high velocity nails in all directions, inflicting puncture damage to any unlucky enough to be nearby.
  3. Vector Pad lays down a walk pad, granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (indicated by arrows). Players must be moving in the same direction as the pad to receive a boost, while enemies are affected no matter which way they wanted to go.
  4. Overdriver will latch onto a nearby ally or yourself, enhancing their damage output for a period of time.

Vauban original 3rd skill "Bastille" and his original 4th skill Vortex has been rolled into 1 skill (his 4th skill). You can now cast either or with the same skill depending on if you hold or tap the skill.

Vauban's 3 has been replaced with a new ability to summon a Orbital Strike (works in-doors) on enemies called PHOTON STRIKE


New Passive: Receive 5% Ability Strength for every enemy within a 50m engulfed in flame (up to a cap).

Note: Heat Status procs now reduce targets' armor to 50% of the original value, with subsequent Heat procs refreshing the duration. Not hot enough for you? Applying the Status proc multiple times also turns up the Heat, dealing more damage per tick as the flames increase.

All her skills got tweaks, but noticeable change is World on Fire is now replaced with INFERNO

Upon casting Inferno, all enemies currently within sight are struck by a fiery comet, lighting each target ablaze in a personal ring of fire. Inferno costs Energy per each target in sight, with the cost capped at 10 targets, at which other enemies are then free.


To Quote the Patch Notes:

Titania's New Deluxe Skin
Titania's New Deluxe Skin
  • Titania can now Transfer to the Operator during Razorwing.
  • Titania’s cast animations are now an upper body animation only (except Razorwing), alleviating momentum cancelling lower body animations and trimming cast time.
  • Thorns Tribute now has Damage reflected AND reduced to help our little bug feel a little less squishy.
  • Titania can spawn up to four more Razorflies if all Tributes are active, one per Tribute.
  • Razorflies can now pick up Tributes.
  • Enemies directly affected by Titania’s Lantern will now have any damage they take dealt to them when the Ability ends (a la Mind Control).
Kuva Lich (Shaodow of Mordor inspired Nemesis System)
Stats and Traits based on the circumstances of his initial death and continues to change with each rebirth
Stats and Traits based on the circumstances of his initial death and continues to change with each rebirth

A new Shadow of Mordor-like Nemesis System has been introduced into Warframe

The Kuva Liches begin as underlings and when emerge when they are "killed" in battle the Tenno. Lore-wise they are jacked up on Kuva (Warframe's version of Dune's SPICE ) which makes them immortal. With every death they siphon the traits and abilities of the warframe or gear used to kill them. Your personal Kuva Lich will keep re-emerging getting stronger with more traits and abilities depending on the number of times you face them in battle. They are ultimately un-kill-able unless you figure out which "Requiems" Mods containing kill phrases to permanently finish them off. Your Lich is immortal until you figure out the correct combination of Requiem Mods - the precise order matters, and the only way to glean the order is by seeking ‘Requiem Whispers’ from your Lich’s Thralls and trying them out on you Lich. While active Kuva Lich and his underlings (thralls) will invade missions on planets where they have exerted their influence. Playing in one of these areas can result in Kuva Lich appearing as well as mission rewards becoming stolen withheld (see screenshot below) from the player until the Kuva Lich is defeated. with the right combination and order of Requiem Mods (You get all the loot stolen back)

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
Notes: How to Start Kuva Lich:

  • Killing A KUVA LARVLING is the first step to creating a Lich. These can be found on any regular level 20+ Grineer mission in the Origin System - not including Sorties/Fissure/Quests/Special Regions, etc. for now. They are only available for players who have reached The War Within or beyond, this is the required prerequisite for getting a Lich.
  • You can only have one Lich active at a time.
  • The only way to get rid of your Lich is by using your Parazon with the correct Requiem Mods in the correct order - but you won’t be able to do this until you’ve found your Lich. Read on to learn how to do that.
  • Only you and your Parazon can be lethal to your Lich - your squadmates can help you weaken the foe, but you are the key to victory.
  • How to Reveal the right Requiem Mods:
    • Clearing Nodes and Killing Thralls leads to progression toward revealing your Lich’s 3 fatal Requiem Mods.
    • Once you know the 3 Mods, figuring out the Order is a matter of trial and error in battles against your Lich.
  • Fighting Your Lich:
    • Your Liches likelihood to hunt you down is indicated by a bar on your Lich menu. The angrier they are, the more likely to spawn. Once you’ve drawn your Lich out to fight by destroying their Thralls and Influence nodes, fights against your LICH can go one of two ways:

      DEFEAT- if your Parazon does not have the proper order of Requiem Mods. You will be defeated, and your Lich escapes, and grows stronger.

      VICTORY - if your Parazon does have the proper order of Requiem Mods. You will be victorious.

  • Defeating the Lich:
    • Vanquishing your Lich with your Parazon ends its immortality, and grants you its Kuva Weapon.
    • Converting your Lich with your Parazon corrupts it and turns it to your side, and will have a chance to appear in battle to aid you.

Reminder if you need any help with the new content in Warframe be sure to check out the Giant Bomb Warframe PC Clan

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They really seem to do a good job with keeping this game updated and constantly evolving, I haven't played it since like 2015 on the ps4 though. This looks pretty cool though, i'd play it on pc but I have all my warframes and stuff on ps4 (which i sold).

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