VinnCo - A GiantBomb Warframe PS4 clan

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#101 Posted by ElbartoVienna (22 posts) -

I would also love to join a duder clan. Primary, secondary, both the same. Just want some nice people to play the game with.


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#102 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

VinnCo and TeamBrad would be a funny alliance.

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#103 Edited by Refactored (149 posts) -

So, I have sent out another bunch of invites to VinnCo, 12 in total, following some clan tidy up. I still haven't been able to get everyone and I'm really sorry about that, but if invitations aren't picked up over the next couple of days I will probably move them to the most recent requests.

If there is anyone that made a request for an invite but isn't going to stay around can you drop me a message here or on PSN and let me know.

Also is there anyone interested in being promoted in the clan to help out with management (obviously someone that knows the game pretty well)?

Cheers and sorry again!

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#104 Posted by Kittiah (53 posts) -

Unfortunately didn't make the cut this time, so if anyone who knows what they're doing does wanna start up a secondary clan, please drop me an invite!

Regardless, if anyone just wants to play with a fellow duder sometime, look me up!

PSN: Kittiah


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#105 Posted by sammo21 (5855 posts) -

@kittiah: Will do! Same here: Sammo21 on PSN

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#106 Posted by Refactored (149 posts) -

@sammo21: Hey just checked and you should deffo have a clan invite. You are showing as pending anyway.

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#109 Edited by NPCDi (572 posts) -

I've been playing warframe for 3 days straight now so I'd love to join a clan with some duders .

PSN: Beefygrandmole

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#110 Posted by kindgineer (3102 posts) -

If this clan is still active, I'll throw a PM soon! I am kindcc on PSN.

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#111 Edited by sammo21 (5855 posts) -

@refactored: Invite received and accepted! Thanks again, mang. See you online.

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#112 Posted by spankmastaflex (36 posts) -

Would like an invite if there is still room please.

Spankmasta in game


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#113 Posted by dawnclover (179 posts) -

I sent a friend invite. Just started playing it and it's a lot of fun!

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#114 Posted by PARK_thirteen (21 posts) -

Trying this game out to see if it lives up to Jeffs hype! Sending you a friend request now!


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#115 Posted by bmac732 (7 posts) -

I would love to get an invite to this clan.

Psn name: bmac732

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#116 Posted by cityfires (37 posts) -

Message sent on PSN from "Cityfires"!

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#117 Posted by HeavyDuty32 (347 posts) -

psn: HeavyDuty32, looking for some backup

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#118 Posted by MattOnStage (12 posts) -

Just got into Warframe and really digging it! Sent a message to Refactored to see if there's space in the clan. In the meantime, my PSN is The_Matty_What if anyone wants to get their Warframe on. I've kind of hit a wall at the start of the Archwing quest so definitely looking for some folks who can cover up my lack of skill at this game.

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#119 Posted by HeavyDuty32 (347 posts) -

Are invites still going out? I really want to join the clan, cause I think that's the only way to get that flamethrower.

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#120 Posted by Pascy (17 posts) -

I have sent a message to Refactored. Its pretty stupid that you cant just send a request to join a clan.

PSN id: Pascy1000

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#122 Edited by bzooty (16 posts) -

I'd like an invite to the clan

PSN: Cosmogyre

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#123 Posted by OurSin_360 (6065 posts) -

Any room? psn- bboy_Leroy

Seems like clans are the next step to this game, if this one is full could we start a new one?

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#124 Posted by MachoFantastico (6614 posts) -

I just started playing, I tried it on PC but I prefer the PS4 controls and will be sticking to the PS4 version I think, that said I might dabble in the PC version if I find the PS4 version is to far behind with updates and whatnot. I hear that is an issue with the game. Still tutorials right now but would love to join up with the guild.

PSN ID: SaitanMar.

I'll send a message or something when I can.

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#125 Posted by mattwrafter (6 posts) -

Just started playing a few days ago, looking to get involved in a clan! Also from Ireland.

PSN: Spectrum_Black

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#126 Posted by MysteriousFawx (460 posts) -

@refactored: Hopefully the clan is still going, just got into the game myself. PSN ID is MysteriousFawx

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#127 Posted by Talon64 (326 posts) -

Just by some off chance VinnCo is still VinnCo'ing along, I'd like a clan invite! My PSN ID is Rodrant64

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#128 Posted by Thevamp25 (298 posts) -

Is this clan still running?

Psn I'd is thevamp25.

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#129 Posted by mangopup (118 posts) -

If the PS4 clan is still running my PSN is subuki.

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#130 Edited by MeMonk (318 posts) -

If this clan is still running I would like an invite jbroad1.

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#131 Posted by kicker1991 (46 posts) -

If this clan is still running, would love an invite.

Psn is kicker1991, same as giant bomb user

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#132 Posted by TheRealMoot (643 posts) -

Hi! I would love to join the PS4 clan if anyone is still watching this forum.

My psn is Therealmoot

I would love to get back into warframe since i stopped playing the pc version when my video card stopped being supported lol.

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#133 Posted by bubbaj0e (10 posts) -

Hello. I would like to join VinnCo. My psn is cdawgmcfattyfat. Thanks!

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#134 Posted by BobbyKatz (18 posts) -

Trying to get back into Warframe and would love to play with some likeminded duders in this clan. PSN name is theBobcatte and I would love to be able to play with some folks that have any idea how all these systems work together

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#136 Posted by Refactored (149 posts) -

Hey all, just reinstalled Warframe this afternoon so will try get around to letting more people in to the clan if I can work how how to with the latest changes.

Drop me a message at Refactored on PSN.

Also if anyone is interested in taking on the clan leader type role to manage the clan let me know. Having a one year old definitely impacts on a game like this.

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#137 Posted by RupertTheBear (402 posts) -

@refactored: Hey duder. If you have any questions about whats been going on since you were gone feel free to ask us on the Giant Bomb Alliance fourm or hit us up on discord and will try to help you get informed.

And congrats on having a child

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#138 Edited by theimmortalbum (631 posts) -

@refactored: I'd take an invite, theimmortalbum

I just tried using controller on PC and it isn't my jam. Would prefer PS4.

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#139 Posted by Refactored (149 posts) -

@theimmortalbum: Cool, invite sent.

I have no idea what I am meant to be doing in this game anymore...apart from Rhino Charge...That I remember

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#140 Posted by nortonoantivirus (0 posts) -

@refactored: started playing last week. Would love to join. PSN: nortonoantivirus

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#141 Posted by Refactored (149 posts) -
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#142 Posted by flashx_454 (60 posts) -

Would like to join the clan as playing solo is kinda boring psn:fm-flashx_454

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#143 Edited by Karco_000 (1 posts) -

@refactored Hey, just getting into this game and would appreciate an invite to join. psn: jtozer5 Thanks!

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#144 Posted by 10thenemy (10 posts) -

@refactored I'm in the same boat as these guys^^ Would love to be playing with some fellow duders.

PSN: BrightFlint .


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#145 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (149 posts) -

Looking to get back into Warframe with the new update and I'd love to join. PSN: Someguyjohnson83

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#146 Posted by Kronk (25 posts) -

I'm back into Warframe with this update, would like to be in the clan.



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#147 Posted by tenaciousdave (22 posts) -

I’ve been playing for a little bit and would like to join my fellow Duder Teno.

PSN: tenaciousdave

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#148 Posted by Strangestories (424 posts) -

My partner and I would like to join the clan if possible. We switched over from the garbage fire that is Destiny 2. We made a clan because we couldn't find any others to join but we want some sort of community to attach to! If anyone is still in the clan, send me a message on giantbomb or through PSN if you can.

PSN for me: Quinndolyne

PSN for partner: Park_Noot

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#149 Posted by MrWakka (316 posts) -

If VinnCo still is running I've been getting back into it on the ps4. Played on the pc previously.

PSN: MrWakka

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#150 Posted by fluffynutkicker (8 posts) -

If this is still around I would love to join.

PSN: fluffynutkicker

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