Warframe Alerts! (updated)

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So in case you wanted to get on top of those special missions that pop up while you're playing (or not in-game), there are twitter accounts and a website you can use to get the drop on those extra goodies from the alerts.

Good hunting, Tenno.


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Warframe alerts website: http://www.kingtaro.com/warframe/


DE has an official twitter for the alerts: https://twitter.com/warframealerts

Unofficial account that retweets alerts with blueprint/mod/reactor rewards: https://twitter.com/warframe_alerts


Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WFAlerts

*Also, if you're noticing that the alerts on the thread don't match the ones in your game, you will only see them if you have that particular sector of the system unlocked.

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A Warframe Steam group, huh? Cool, I'll join right away even though I've only been playing the first mission over and over again. You know, quick levels and learning the controls and all of that stuff.

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