Warframe - Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol

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Hey all, Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol is now out on PC

Dev Post (Full Patch Notes)


The full patch notes are in the link above, please check the full patch notes for more of the nitty gritty. But here's a high level summary of the major changes:

Corpus Ship Remastered

This update has the highly anticipated remaster of the game's very first and oldest level set the Corpus Ship Tilset.

I've linked a trailer below, and if you want to see what the old tilset looked like in-game to contrast how dramatic the changes are, look no further than Giant Bomb's initial quick look of Warframe during its beta. If you are returning to Warframe after long hiatus, you will find these new levels in the nodes of where Corpus ships are, planets like Venus, Neptune and Eris will contain missions in these new levels. In addition to the new look, the level also has new side objectives, and a revampted Jackal Boss Fight on the Fossa on Venus.

He's the a very early look at warframe when the Corpus ship was the ONLY tilset in the game.

Jackal Boss Fight

The Boss on Venus (Fossa) has been revamped with more modern (to warframe) mechanics added. The Jackal has been upgraded with new weapons and will have more environmental hazards for the player to contend with. "Heroic Scenes" have been added to the boss fight. As shown in the teaser, the player will need to utilize their Parazon (data-spike hidden blade) finishers to help defeat the Jackal. New boss phases have been added to that fight as well.

New Side Activity: Granum Crowns

In tandem to any mission on the new corpus tilset you will notice that enemies will drop coins. These coins called "Granum Crowns" are sacred tokens to the Corpus who believe Profit as a religion. Throughout the new levels you might also encounter gold hand statues called "Golden Hand Tributes".

In exchange for Granum Crowns, these Golden Hand are able to temporarily open Void Portals.

Additionally, during a mission of on the Corpus Tilset, you may also encounter the Treasurer. The Treasurer is guaranteed to spawn within 2 - 4 minutes in a non-endless mission, and between 5 - 8 minutes in an endless mission. Defeating him before he escapes will allow you take his sacred tokens. Depending on the level of the mission will determine what type of crown they will drop. They are essentially the loot goblins / crystal lizards of warframe.

Level Tiers are:

0-15: Granum Crown

16-30: Exemplar Granum Crown

31+: Zenith Granum Crown

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New Waframe + Quest: Protea & The Deadlock Protocol Quest

Protea's a new Warframe in this update a Tech & Gadget based Warframe. She also generates ammo and health drops on demand which is awesome. Her 4th rewind ability is very Tracer-Like. When activated all of Protea's movement and actions are recorded for a duration. Then the Protea's state will be reverted with her actions / animations played backwards. A neat audio touch to the rewind is protea uses her 4th rewind, it records the surrounding audio at the time and plays it backwards. Rewinding will allow her to regain any health and ammo lost during the time when she initially actives the ability.

If anyone is counting, (I am because I am also going to edit the GB wiki) Protea is the 43rd unique Warframe (72th if you count Prime variants).

Protea comes as part of new Deadlock Protocol Quest. The quest is activated via your codex. If you have done the Vox Solaris quest, Deadlock Protocol will be listed in there. Selecting it starts a cutscene and you will have a mission on your navigation after it. The quest which is built into the aforementioned collecting of Granum Crowns and entering the Granum Void.

Check out the full patch notes to see an explanation of the mechanics and requirements.

New Additions to Fortuna: Primary Kitguns and a New Melee-Based Moa Pet

New to the update are primary weapon variants of Kit Guns. Visit Rude Zudd's shop on Fortuna to access to Primary Kigun parts to start building new customized primary weapons.

No Caption Provided

Melee Moa Pet

Blueprints and parts for new kind of Moa companion that is melee based has been released. Visit Legs in Fortuna to configure the a Moa Companion apparently "inspired by the film Rocky"

In addition pet stasis and degradation mechanic has been removed. All Stasis slots have been converted into Companion slots. Kubrows and Kavats are now listed upon equipping a Companion in the Arsenal screen.

Other Quality of life Changes

  • Improvements to the Star Chart UI (when between different mission variants on the same node)
  • You now have the option to customize the Mouse Cursor Icon / Color / Size
  • Improvements to Railjack, Profile and Shop Menu UI
  • Dojo decorations now include decorations from the new Corpus Ship Tileset as well as new Dojo Decoration Room has been added.

Look Mom, My own DOOMFIST
Look Mom, My own DOOMFIST

PSA: Use Promocode for PARVOS to get a corpus hand statue decoration for your ship https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=PARVOS

Reminder if you need any help with the new content in Warframe be sure to check out the Giant Bomb Warframe PC Clan

Stayed tune for a Giant Bomb Community Video of us fighting the New Jackal Boss and also farming for Protea!

Let me know your thoughts about the new Corpus tilset. As a player who's been playing since Open Beta. It is kind of bittersweet to see the tileset go but I am really excited to see the new tilset!

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