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277149 glitches Game Overview Added gameplay summary, character lineup. 12/14/16 07:02PM 78 Approved
276653 glitches Game Overview Edited various sections for better reading comprehension, condensation, and updated information. 12/11/16 01:45PM 655 Approved
235100 Yummylee Game Overview 02/27/16 02:26PM 7 Approved
204641 reverendhunt Game Overview 11/05/15 08:30PM 2 Approved
188528 Winterstrike Game Overview 07/31/15 10:03AM 1 Denied
187466 glitches Game Overview Changes: Excalibur abilities, Ember abilities (She hasn't had Overheat in forever), added descriptions for Primes in the introductory paragraph of the Warframes section. Also added a short section for Excal Prime regarding the special status of him, some minor edits in the Weapons section regarding orb changes and mod energy, edited numbers on Mastery Rank and wording. 07/24/15 07:38AM 27 Denied
160921 Yummylee Game Overview 02/14/15 04:31AM 5 Approved
153152 Yummylee Game Overview 01/08/15 04:47AM 1 Approved
138734 GaspoweR Game Overview 09/27/14 07:17PM 6 Approved
136357 Rapid Game Overview Updated the overview with some more recent information about the game and its present development 09/16/14 05:42PM 1 Denied
136024 Erunamo Game Overview Typos 09/14/14 04:31PM 1 Denied
134393 rewphus Game Overview updated release date 09/05/14 07:38AM 16 Approved
134392 rewphus Game Overview updated first release date 09/05/14 07:36AM 16 Approved
134298 ShadowSwordmaster Game Overview 09/04/14 08:48PM 2 Approved
129337 mrcraggle Game Overview Several ability icons were different sizes so I changed them to 40 X 40 for consistency in addition to general clean up. 08/16/14 05:54PM 1 Approved
129335 mrcraggle Game Overview Added powers to Mirage 08/16/14 05:27PM 44 Approved
129334 mrcraggle Game Overview Updated pictures for each Warframe and added section for Mirage. 08/16/14 04:49PM 5 Approved
129130 BlackLagoon Game Releases Date. 08/15/14 06:33PM 15 Approved
129129 BlackLagoon Game Releases Date. 08/15/14 06:32PM 15 Approved
129031 bigjeffrey New Release 08/15/14 10:46AM 7 Approved
129030 bigjeffrey New Release 08/15/14 10:46AM 7 Approved
129029 bigjeffrey New Release 08/15/14 10:46AM 7 Approved
123218 bigjeffrey Game Overview 07/21/14 08:41PM 9 Approved
115340 TechiesRobo Game Releases 06/16/14 06:41PM 62 Approved
114192 Warframe121 Game Overview Added seven warframes and corrected punctuation in the page. 06/12/14 02:02PM 190 Approved
88924 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/17/14 12:38AM 9 Approved
88897 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/16/14 06:30PM 3 Approved
88896 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 02/16/14 06:15PM 3 Approved
74889 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 12/13/13 01:39PM 1 Approved
74888 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 12/13/13 01:39PM 12 Approved
74884 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 12/13/13 01:22PM 6 Approved
74883 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 12/13/13 01:20PM 3 Approved
74882 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview 12/13/13 01:18PM 3 Approved
70258 GERALTITUDE Game Overview 11/22/13 04:08PM 62 Approved
58930 GiantMarcel Game Overview 09/24/13 11:52AM 2 Approved
53902 BlackLagoon New Release 09/02/13 08:43AM 7 Approved
53901 BlackLagoon New Release 09/02/13 08:42AM 7 Approved
53510 R2KA New Release 08/30/13 10:10PM 7 Approved
49311 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 08/12/13 11:13PM 27 Approved
44029 Jagged85 Game Overview 07/20/13 02:35PM 5 Approved
44026 Jagged85 Game Overview 07/20/13 02:33PM 42 Approved
43416 Yummylee Game Overview 07/17/13 09:03AM 1 Approved
38933 SharpShotApollo Game Overview Updated formatting on Warframe description text so it floats left and stays uniform within paragraph. Also updated the Banshee and Saryn warframe images so it stay with the format of the rest of the images. 06/27/13 03:45PM 8 Approved
34009 BlackLagoon Game Overview 06/04/13 05:27PM 3 Approved
26645 SuperKcross Game Overview 04/30/13 05:57PM 1 Approved
26644 SuperKcross Game Overview 04/30/13 05:56PM 30 Approved
26570 Rolyatkcinmai New Release 04/30/13 12:52PM 7 Approved
26569 Rolyatkcinmai New Release 04/30/13 12:52PM 7 Approved
26568 Rolyatkcinmai New Release 04/30/13 12:51PM 7 Approved
26423 granderojo Game Overview I fixed a lot of things here. Namely I fixed a few(?[I'm tired can't remember how many]) mispellings. I also added a bunch of missing weapons/images/info to the page along with mastery rank section. Mastery Rank is one of the most important systems in this game so it should be in the wiki. The vast majority of the images were taken by me. A few were taken from the game's website. All information is taken from direct conversations of dialog in game. 04/30/13 12:22AM 180 Approved
24968 Ravenlight Game Overview Extensive minor grammar edits. Corrected some information to bring the wiki in-line with the most recent state of the game. 04/24/13 03:21AM 13 Approved
24822 Kidavenger New Release 04/23/13 11:49AM 4 Approved
24819 Kidavenger Game Overview 04/23/13 11:46AM 16 Approved
17434 dragonboss Game Overview edited power descriptions for Saryn and Banshee 03/27/13 05:25PM 40 Approved
15757 dragonboss Game Overview Added Banshee and Saryn warframes with pictures of the warframes and ability explainations 03/21/13 12:06PM 94 Approved
5796 MildMolasses Game Overview Removed the phrase "recently announced" from the deck and first paragraph at it is a time relative mention that doesn't really matter to the actual game. 02/19/13 01:01PM 6 Approved
4596 darth_furder Game Overview Added Melee Weapon Chart (no images) and faction images 02/17/13 01:31PM 97 Approved
4331 darth_furder Game Overview 02/17/13 07:44AM 1 Approved
3966 Silver-Streak Game Overview The tenno are cyborgs, the grineer are cyborgs, the zombie-like race is a cybornetic virus. 02/16/13 05:30PM 2 Approved
3965 Silver-Streak Game Overview The entirety of the game maps are on different planets/moons within the Milky Way, and the main map is a zoomed out rendered view of the solar system as a whole. 02/16/13 05:29PM 4 Approved
3964 mrcraggle Game Overview Added the rest of the long guns to the database that I plan to update with stats and overview. 02/16/13 05:28PM 120 Denied
3934 mrcraggle Game Overview Added page for long gun MK1 - Braton 02/16/13 04:46PM 12 Approved
3834 mrcraggle Game Overview Added pistols to weapon section and removed rank from stats 02/16/13 03:56PM 42 Approved
3753 mrcraggle Game Overview Removed left over text from last edit. 02/16/13 02:56PM 4 Approved
3752 mrcraggle Game Overview Re-added weapon section and added long guns with stats 02/16/13 02:55PM 124 Approved
3734 mrcraggle Game Overview Correctly changed Warframes to appear in game wiki top menu 02/16/13 02:28PM 1 Approved
3718 mrcraggle Game Overview Changed formatting for tenno, grineer and corpus to appear under story rather than own sections, put all characters in paragraph 4 in warframes and did the same for founders program 02/16/13 02:21PM 3 Approved
3712 darth_furder Game Overview Fixed some issues with ability text and images. added Faction images 02/16/13 02:17PM 5 Approved
3460 mrcraggle Game Overview Added weapons section with introduction explaining skill trees and mods. 02/16/13 07:53AM 66 Approved
3441 dragonboss Game Overview Changed Nyx Ablilities to bold,Edited first line of story 02/16/13 06:49AM 2 Approved
2952 darth_furder Game Overview Added images of each Warframe and their abilities. Corrected some syntax, and clarified the descriptions of abilities etc. 02/15/13 01:54PM 51 Approved
2701 Mercanis Game Overview Add game details. 02/15/13 08:20AM 24 Approved
1381 torafuma Game Overview Added a Platinum & Credit section. 02/13/13 12:23PM 70 Approved
971 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/13/13 01:28AM 15 Approved
970 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/13/13 01:28AM 15 Approved
595 Silver-Streak Game Overview Some concepts that are a base part of the game that were left out. There should probably also be one for leveling items, but I didn't find anything that would match that. 02/12/13 07:16PM 10 Approved

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