Wargroove's been released! Who's playing it?

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So far, reviews are pretty hot, actually, so I'm hopeful that whenever I dig out my switch I'll be in for a good time. Has anyone said they're planning on playing it for a Quick Look? Has anyone in the community bought it? This forum is pretty barren, considering how much this game has been hyped up elsewhere on the internet.

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Considering the positive buzz going around now I'll likely pick this up. Seems right up my alley plus being a reason to break out the ole Switch. I'm also curious to hear thoughts from folks that have played it!

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I hadn't heard anything about this game, but damn this looks exactly like my jam. I virtually never buy games at full-price and my backlog is staggering, but I'm suddenly more tempted by this than I have been by anything in a long time.

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Had my eye on it for sometime. Will get it as soon as I get home and finally make the doggo army I've always wanted.

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Great game with a shit ton of heart and care put in to it. Still confused by the claims of cross-platform compatibility, but the multiplayer and creation mode allow for a ton of replay value. Happy to trade some friend codes with folks that want to play together and hope to see some/if not all of your doggo armies

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Played about an hour and a half on Switch so far. It doesn't feel as snappy as Advance Wars does but that can probably be resolved through a few quality-of-life improvements. I've already lost turns twice because I immediately open up the menu and then end my turn without moving a single unit.

  • Capturing buildings by placing a unit adjacent to it caught me off guard at first but the fact that the building can defend itself is a welcome addition.
  • I'm only like 4 missions in but I wonder if you can park a unit on top of a production base and stop it from spawning units.
  • This is me starting to push Advance Wars mechanics but I wish you had the ability to combine damaged units. A few times I've had 1 or 2 HP units taking up a space another unit could've moved into.
  • I don't remember if Advance Wars had this but I wish you could move a unit onto a space and leave it there to then attack at a later moment in that same turn. I've had times where I want to move a weakened swordsman A onto a space next to an enemy unit, move swordsman B onto A's previous position next to A in order to enable the crit, and then attack with A.
  • The soundtrack isn't selling me. The fantasy setting is ok. I'm also aware it's not fair of me to expect so much Advance Wars DNA in another game that wants to have its own setting and own identity.
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#8 Posted by TehBuLL (819 posts) -

Been playing it all day. Good stuff. I like how flawless runs are impossible so going in there is amount of pressure off your back.

When you decide you have to sacrifice your dogs to the tree monster you can feel more like it's a good decision rather than you messed up 3 turns ago. Buildings are strong.

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#9 Posted by soulcake (2811 posts) -

Kinda not feeling it ATM. maybe it's because i only played the first lvl's like the art style to.

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#10 Posted by PenguinDust (13092 posts) -

I am playing it on the Switch and I am lovin' it. I am still pretty early on as the second race was just revealed, but I am having a seriously good time with it. There is room for improvement such as easier positioning and attacking with ranged units. I think I enjoy the voice presentation most of all. It's so typical to a JRPG style game, and I haven't experienced this combination of voice and story since Persona 5. Actually, Disgaea 5 had elements of that too but it was cleaner and felt different. Anyway, I am into Wargroove for the moment and will continue to work my way through the campaign.

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#11 Posted by MocBucket62 (2491 posts) -

I’ve been playing it and have been really enjoying it. Cleared Act 4 and getting into Act 5 of the campaign where it introduces Naval Combat. Played a few of the puzzle mode matches and that besides the campaign might be where I spend most of my time with it. Great game. Wonder if anyone is gonna make a ghost problems campaign on the campaign editor.

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I got this a few days ago. Game's hard, and I'm coming from getting just about everything done in Into the Breach (including unlocking all secret pilots and secret squad) whilst playing almost exclusively on Hard.


One thing that makes it hard is the AI. I don't remember for sure how the Advance Wars AI played, but Wargroove AI really tries to jockey for positioning, avoids placing units in ranges where you can effectively crush them whilst finding positions that put a thorn in your side, finds offensive lines that involve rapidly pivoting forces between different theatres of battle on the map, etc. I feel like Advance Wars AI would funnel itself into bottlenecks and do other stupid things that'd validate really basic strategies, so this seems to be a level up from that.

The only real flaws I've noticed are that the AI has a commander problem: it'll myopically throw units at your commander in a foolhardy attempt to close out the game (so you can use your commander to melt enemy units and pull apart their careful jockeying, then heal up and repeat); and it'll keep its own commander out of play, putting it at a substantial disadvantage in power, as though it's less determined to get the W than it is to merely prevent you from getting the S rank.


The game also lacks the Advance Wars-style long string of early campaign battles that heavy-handedly tutorialize you about a unit or tactic by giving the opponent an intimidating-looking but monotone army and giving you a less intimidating-looking army that is just about guaranteed to tear them apart. Wargroove has some of this around when they introduce the aerial units, but even early in the campaign the opponent always seems to have a healthy diversity of units that makes counterpicking with your choices of unit construction/deployment really tough. This is compounded by the game's tempo which I'm still getting used to (I'll get to this) and the AI's aforementioned propensity to pivot the battle to another front.


Wargroove also feels like it has a careful balance about it, and it's pretty far from what I remember Advance Wars to be. Up to the point I've played to, it feels like this game values the depth of exchanges between what would be mostly irrelevant footsoldiers in Advance Wars. If I spam cavalry, which might be considered this game's light tank, then I'm going to get lit up by well-arranged pikemen and archers, even if I'm getting the first hit. A lot of 3-4 movement units in Wargroove are important, which seems to make issues of tempo and sequencing more pressing.

It also means it takes more turns than I'm conditioned to expect for things to happen -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but maybe it exacerbates issues with the interface and controls (that hopefully will get attenuated in the next patch).

Mind, later on when I'm handed the ability to build dragons and giants and whatnot I might discover that Wargroove's giants, trebuchets, dragons, and witches are Advance Wars's medium tanks, rockets, bombers and fighters, and those units might take over everything and turn Wargroove into medieval Advance Wars. But it's refreshing to see a deep and relevant low-end here, and such a heavy focus on it in the campaign. It could also pan out that unit costs, weaknesses, and crits prevent the low-end from being rendered irrelevant in a standard game with everything involved.

Also, net worth seems like a live concept in this game that the balance seems intent on making relevant beyond just a construction bottleneck. I could imagine a world where the building reinforce heal mechanic or the mages' heal didn't carry a gold cost (they cost building HP and your mage's attack turn respectively regardless, so a more blase developer maybe wouldn't bother pricing them), but they are priced in gold at a level roughly commensurate with unit build costs, and I think that makes net worth a relevant measure of the health of an army in Wargroove. I could see the kinds of minds that brought concepts like card advantage and philosophy of fire to MtG theory coming here and bringing an angle of thought to this game where an army is thought of in terms of its net worth and tactics are about looking for arbitrage opportunities.


Um, this turned into a wall of text quickly. I think I'm liking this game a lot. I feel like it's hard in ways that speak to me, I'm uncomfortable but getting a lot of satisfaction out of grappling with it. tbh I half expected to wander into the forums and find a thread complaining about the difficulty of the game. Hopefully people really take to Wargroove, I think it's really well thought out so far.

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#13 Posted by Gazoinks (108 posts) -

Enjoying this game quite a bit. I'm looking forward to future updates, as the devs seem really open to feedback and the QOL stuff they're working on will make some of the clunkier bits of the game smoother.

I have to say, though, I think I like arcade mode more than the campaign. The campaign is good, but I think the game is most fun with the snappier, smaller levels of arcade mode. I also really like the crit mechanic. It makes you think about positioning in a cool way, and makes weaker units still valuable.

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