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    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 01, 2011

    Ten years after the events of Chaos Rising, sub-sector Aurelia is still engulfed in all out war. In this third installment of Dawn of War II, you decide the victor!

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    Campaign Mode

    Retribution has taken a new turn for the Dawn of war 2 series and added campaigns for all factions, including the latest addition, the Imperial Guard. Each campaign is about the length of the previous expansion, Chaos Rising, and revolves around their own set of heroes. The war for Aurelia is now being presented from each faction's perspective, with their own agenda and role in the fate of the system.

    The base structure of the singleplayer has also now changed. Instead of just having a team of four squads, you could instead opt to build and upgrade an army, or even do both, depending on your play style. The army building option includes the new units from the multiplayer mode for each faction.

    The additional variation also factors into the mission types. Missions in Retribution will now come with more meaningful story based objectives, instead of the basic "go to point A and kill thing B." The player will instead experience missions more in line with the lore of Warhammer 40,000, like being a filthy alien trying to survive a battle with an Imperial Baneblade super-tank.


    Co-op is improved over its previous additions in the past. This time around, both players will be able to choose what units they will control in a much smoother fashion. If one player wants to choose purely army and no heroes, or mix both, it is possible depending on the race. Tyranids only have one hero however, so options are limited in that campaign.

    Imperial Guard

    With the increase in daemonic incursions, the still rampant xenos inflicting terror in the system, renegade guardsmen, and the Inquisitional investigation of traitorous Blood Ravens, the Imperial Guard has joined the war for the system. Those sent to lead this great imperial army have much contempt for those defending these worlds. They believe that the people of this system let it go to hell with their incompetence and lack of faith in the God-Emperor. Now the Imperial hammer is upon the Aurelia system, to either save it from corruption, or wipe it clean off the imperial records. That is for the Inquisition to decide.

    Imperial Guard Hero Bios

    Lord General Castor
    Lord General Castor

    Lord General Castor

    Commander of the imperial forces sent to clean up the mess in the Aurelia sub sector. He plans on using the most extreme imperial force, exterminatus, and wiping enemy and friend alike off the face of Imperial space. First he must indulge Inquisitor Adrastia with her investigation on the Blood Raven chapter.

    Hero Abilities:

    • Commendation: Restores a single squad to full health and energy.
    • Valkyrie Support: Call a Valkyrie dropship in to reinforce allied infantry units and heal them over time.
    • Refractor Shell: Create a protective barrier around the lord general and nearby allies, significantly reducing ranged damage.
    • Valkyrie Leman Russ Drop: A Valkyrie delivers a Leman Russ battle tank to the targeted location.
    Ordo Herecticus Inquisitor Adrastia
    Ordo Herecticus Inquisitor Adrastia

    Inquisitor Adrastia

    Adrastia is a Inquisition witch hunter, a class of inquisitor who investigates cases involving rogue psykers. She has journeyed to Aurelia to investigate the heretical nature of the Blood Raven Chapter Master. She feels no mercy for those who live in the sub-sector and she will do anything necessary to get the job done, even if that involves using Imperial or xeno tools.

    Hero abilities:

    • Hammer of the Witches: Ignite the enemy unit in a white hot fire, dealing massive damage and stunning them.
    • Shield of the Righteous: Cast a protective shield reducing incoming damage and increasing movement speed. Enemies attacking them are occasionally stunned.
    • Vanish: Render an allied target invisible to the enemy for a duration. Invisible units reveal themselves if they attack or come too close to the enemy.
    • Divine Pronouncement: Force enemies in an area to relive their sins, causing them to temporarily retreat.
    Commissar Lord
    Commissar Lord

    Commissar Lord

    The Commissars of the Imperial Guard are the chief lieutenants on the battlefield. They symbolize imperial doctrine and bravery. Natural leaders with a reputation of turning the tide of battle. They rally the men and keep moral where it should be, face the front or you get a bullet to the chest.

    Hero abilities:

    • Draw their Fire!: Order target squad to draw enemy fire. They take less ranged damage but the enemies are forced to attack them.
    • Inspiring Strike: Damage and knock back nearby enemies, granting temporary bonus damage and knock back immunity to nearby allies.
    • Fanaticism: Deal significantly more damage and execute instantly recharges. Ability charged by taking damage.
    • Execute: Kill a coward, motivating their squad to deal more damage and ignore suppression.
    Sergeant Merrick
    Sergeant Merrick

    Sergeant Merrick

    Merrick has been fighting since the invasion of the tyranids. He is a hardened veteran and he takes every chance he gets to speak out for the well being of his men. He doesn't much care for Adrastia's dismissive attitude or Castor's belligerence, but he never steps too far out of line.

    Hero abilities:

    • Infiltrate: Become invisible. Attacking or getting too close to the enemy troops will reveal the squad.
    • Flare: Throw a flare that reveals an area and increases the damage enemies take.
    • Jury Rig: Repairs allied vehicles and structures.
    • Proximity Mines: Deploy mines at the designate location. Enemy troops proximity triggers the mines.
    • Remote Detonation: Plant an explosive which can be triggered remotely. Deals heavy damage to all targets in blast radius.

    Space Marine Blood Ravens Chapter

    A decade has pasted since the Black Legion was defeated and the Great Unclean One Ulkier was banished back to his imprisonment. Even though the Blood Ravens has scored a great victory, their recruitment worlds are still being besieged on all sides by heretics, xenos, and now the Inquisition with the aid of the Imperial Guard. Under suspicion of being traitors, the remaining Blood Ravens must defend their homes and undercover the truth to prove their innocence.

    Blood Raven Hero Bios

    Apollo Diomedes

    Apollo Diomedes
    Apollo Diomedes

    Apollo was once a man full of pride and loyalty to his duty as leader of the honor guard and to his chapter master. He was, however, shaken to the core after the events decades ago, when he discovered he had been serving a traitorous fiend and many years of his service had been a lie. Now Apollo must battle to defend the home worlds of his chapter and struggle against the denial that he as been played a pawn for so many years.

    Hero abilities:

    • Taunt: Force an enemy squad to switch targets and engage Diomedes, drawing their fire away from allies.
    • Battle Cry: Let loose a powerful battle cry that increases the damage output of nearby allies and renders them immune to knock back. Diomedes performs special attacks with every melee strike.
    • To Victory: Charge to a specific location with the chapter’s vigor, smashing through objects and knocking enemies back.

    Sergeant Cyrus


    After assisting in the victory of defeating the Black Legion on Aurelia, Cyrus and the other loyal blood ravens in the system were branded traitors. Among the confusion and misunderstanding, the truth was shown to Apollo and he let Cyrus join his force of Blood Ravens. They seek the truth behind the chapter masters duplicity and to reveal his treachery to the rest of the the Imperium.

    Hero abilities:

    • Infiltrate: Become invisible. Attacking, using abilities or getting too close to enemy troops will reveal the squad.
    • High Power Shot: Fire a high-powered anti-infantry round with very long range.
    • Remote Teleport: Mark a position that can be used to teleport back to at any time.
    • Lighting reflexes: Attain a focused state of mind, slowing down the passage of time and increasing rate of fire for a short duration.

    Techmarine Martellus


    Martellus, like Cyrus, joined Apollo after the events with the Black Legion on Aurelia. He stands as voice of reason among his comrades, and is a master of his craft. Crafting and repairing weapons for his chapter.

    Hero abilities:

    • Repair: Repairs allied vehicles and structures. Taking any other actions cancels the repair.
    • Frag Grenade: Throw an anti-infantry explosive that deals good damage regardless of cover.
    • Refractor Field: Activate a Distortion field that absorbs damage by draining energy. Enemies that attack the field will be slowed.
    • Teleporter Relay Beacon: Construct a teleporter relay beacon, enabling squads to reinforce. Additionally, nearby allies regain health and will periodically reinforce for free.
    • Venerable Dreadnought Drop Pod: Deliver a venerable dreadnought to the battlefield by drop pod.

    The Ancient

    The Ancient
    The Ancient

    This veteran warrior known only as The Ancient has served for countless years, and is one of the best soldiers the chapter has to offer. He has taken a vow of silence to repent for a past sin.

    Hero abilities:

    • Charged Shot: Charges up the plasma gun to deliver an even larger superheated ball of plasma.
    • Tactical Advance: Break suppression and reduce incoming ranged damage at the cost of movement speed.
    • Artillery Master: Call down a barrage of allied artillery positions, devastating the area.
    • Assault Jump: Can rapidly deploy to a new location, knocking back and damaging enemy units around the point of impact. Cannot be used with heavy weapons such as heavy bolters or plasma cannons.


    A new ork waaagh has entered the system, and it flies the banner of the freebooters. The freebooters are a special type of ork menace, instead of being propelled by the sole need to fight and kill, these orks have their eye on gaining riches and looting profitable worlds. A freebooter ork pirate is lead by a kaptin instead of a warboss. These great orks have a keen eye on what targets to strike for the best possible profit. Now that the Aurelia is still in heated war, this new waaagh is going to capitalize on every moment of it.

    Ork Freebooter Hero Bios

    Kaptin Bludflagg
    Kaptin Bludflagg

    Kaptin Bluddflagg

    The biggest and meanest of the ork freebooters in the Aurelia sub-system. He wears a pirate hat and an eye patch but don't let that fool you. He has his army under control through strength, intimidation and he has the size to prove it. He leads his waagghh to targets across the sector with the goal to find a good fight and lots of loot. Hoping to capitlize on the state of the system and be the richest ork there is.

    Hero abilities:

    • Waaagh: Waaagh! Temporarily relieves suppression and boosts the speed, damage and defense of nearby Ork infantry. The more units in the area, the greater the effect.
    • Stikkbomb: Throw grenades that damage infantry units. Stikkbombs ignore cover and are effective against garrisoned buildings.
    • Stomp: Knock back nearby enemy units.
    • Deep Breath: Bluddflagg takes in a deep breath sucking enemy units towards him with his putrid breath weakening their defenses.
    • 'Ere we go!: A short-lived but significant boost of speed that knocks back units around Bluddflagg.
    • Scallywags: Teleports in a bunch of mutinous scallywags onto the battlefield. Who knows who they’ll side with!
    Mister Nailbrain
    Mister Nailbrain

    Mister NailBrain

    NailBrain isn't as large as the other orks but he makes up for it in insanity and genius. First mate of Kaptin Bluddflagg, he is responsible for keeping the vehicles running and the waaagh on the move. He is the kind of ork that love technology and has a bigger arsenal than most armories.

    Hero Abilities:

    • Mek's tools: Repairs allied vehicles and structures.
    • Kustom Force Field: Turn on sparky shield that absorbs damage by draining energy.
    • Supa Tuff Beam: Make a friendly unit invulnerable. Also improves Kustom Force Field so that it also knocks back enemy units.
    • Statik Discharge: Slowly build up static charge that damages enemies. The longer the wait the greater the overall damage and area of effect.
    • Mega Rumblah: Makes da earth shake! Knocks down and stuns all enemies around you.
    • Teleporta: Teleport to a target location. Enemies attacking you in melee combat also have a chance to be teleported away from you.


    Spookums is an ork that prefers the steathly appoach to fighting. He prefers to see the horror in his victims face when it is too late. He is called upon by Kaptin Bludflagg when he sees fit to use the stealthy approach. Nightvision googles, flash grenades and grappling hooks are not too far off from the gear this ork would use.

    Hero abilities:

    • Infiltrate: Turns unit invisible, but attacking using abilities or getting too close to enemy troops will reveal the unit.
    • Targeting Dummy: Impale an ork boy with a stick. His screams of anguish distract enemies into attacking him.
    • Bag o' bombs: Toss any equipped stikk, stun, or burna bombs in a circle around Spookums.
    • Grapplin' hook: Pull Spookums towards the target location, knocking back and damaging enemies he passes through. Additionally, he instantly resurrects units from a distance if they are the target, pulling them towards him.
    • Swapses: Spookums can trade places with any allied ork. Additionaly when knocked out, he will teleport to a conscious allied hero.


    Brikkfist is Kaptin Bludflaggs other boss'un and is used when a more direct assault is required. Equipped with a giant rocket strapped to his back. He is always willing to jump headlong into combat without any regard for himself or anyone else.

    Hero abilities:

    • Jump: Soar through the air and land at the targeted location.
    • Disembowel: Grants the target ally temporary invulnerablility.
    • Stab!: Stab a target, dealing damage. Stabbed units take bonus damage.


    After the failed invasion of the sub sector, the tyranids left remaining have become cut off from the Leviathan Hive fleet. With the exception of a sole hive lord, the tyranids have become feral. They must be brought back under synapse control and returned to the hive fleet, so the invasion may be renewed.

    Tyranid Hero Bio


    Hive Lord

    A highly developed organism still connected to the Hivemind. Its goal is to bring the remaining feral tyranids back under the control of the Hivemind and to rejoin the fleet. It is a giant of a monster, able to rip tanks apart or devastate enemies from afar with bio-plasma weapons.

    Hero abilities:

    • Bio-plasma: Hurl a blast of bio-plasma, doing area of effect damage. Effective against groups of infantry.
    • Rippers: Call in fast-moving Rippers who can tie up and slow enemy units.
    • Charge: Charge at targeted location, knocking over and suppressing everything in the charge path.
    • Termagants: Call in termagants, low health ranged infantry.

    Chaos Space Marines Black Legion Chapter

    After their defeat at the hands of the Blood Ravens, they return to the sub-sector with renewed vigor to even the score. They will stop at nothing short of the complete destruction of their mortal enemies and crush whoever is in their path. With the aid from their chaos gods, Eliphas and his cohorts will prove their worth with the souls of the Blood Ravens.

    Chaos Space Marines Hero Bios

    Lord Eliphas
    Lord Eliphas

    Lord Eliphas

    After his death on planet Aurelia, Eliphas gets a second chance from Warmaster Abaddon of the Black Legion. A bargain was made for Eliphas to harvest the souls of Blood Ravens in return for being resurrected. Being a manipulative self serving individual, he will continue his quest to rise through the ranks of chaos by any means.

    Hero abilities:

    • Sweeping Doom: Preform a sweeping strike, knocking back and demoralizing nearby enemies, reducing their speed and damage. Hitting more units increases its effectiveness.
    • Out of my way!: Charge to specified location, smashing through objects, knocking back and demoralizing nearby enemies, reducing their speed and damage.
    • Mark of Khorne: This mark grants heretics under his command the ability to worship Khorne and increase the speed and damage nearby allies. Further dedication to Khorne improves the effects of worship and unlocks new abilities for Eliphas.
    • Mark of Nurgle: This mark grants heretics under his command the ability to worship Nurgle and increase the health regeneration of nearby allies. Further dedication to Nurgle improves the effects of worship and unlocks new abilities for Eliphas.
    • Mark of Tzeentch: This mark grants heretics under his command the ability to worship Tzeentch and increase the energy regeneration of nearby allies. Further dedication to Tzeentch improves the effects of worship and unlocks new abilities for Eliphas.
    Chaos Sorcerer Neroth
    Chaos Sorcerer Neroth


    A Black Legion Sorcerer, Neorth is powerful in the ways of the warp. Is always vigil on pleasing his gods with regular sacrifices and making sure that Eliphas fulfills his end of the bargain.

    Hero abilities:

    • Doombolt: Fires bolts of psychic power at the targeted area.
    • Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifices a targeted allied unit to summon temporary daemons from the warp.
    • Chains of Torment: Summons a mass of sorcerous chains that snare and suppress all nearby enemy infantry. Additionally, melee attackers will be temporarily bound in chains.
    • Doppelganger: Summon a daemonic minion who takes the form of a targeted squad.
    Plague Marine Varius
    Plague Marine Varius

    Plague Champion Varius

    Varius is a plague marine who swore his service to lord Eliphas. Immune to any pain or discomfort, he strikes fear into this enemy with the slime that oozes from this sore pits. Being blessed by the god Nurgle, his style of combat is one of disease and decay.

    Hero abilities:

    • Infection: Infect a target unit with Nurgle’s Rot, causing damage over time to enemies and healing to allies.
    • Accelerate Metabolism: Deal significant damage or health restoration to all infected units at the cost of removing the infection in the process.
    • Repair: Repairs allied vehicles and structures. Taking any other actions cancels the repair.
    Aspiring Champion Kain
    Aspiring Champion Kain

    Aspiring Champion Kain

    One of the strongest, boldest and most brutal of the Chaos Space Marines that follow Eliphas. Belligerent and loud, Kain seeks to become the favored of the the Chaos gods, and leads from the forefront of combat urging the Chaos Space Marines to perform greater feats in the eyes of the Chaos gods. This is a blessing and a curse, as the warband does not know when Kain may betray them for some more power from the chaos gods.

    Hero abilities:

    • Cloud of Flies: Reduce incoming ranged damage and spread Infection to nearby infantry.
    • Chaotic Zeal: Each successful attack lowers the cool down of your weapon, or if in melee combat increases your combat effectiveness.
    • Frag Grenade: Throw a grenade at the target area, damaging infantry within the explosion radius.
    • Warpshift: Shift partially into the Warp, making Kain immune to damage but unable to attack.


    The Eldar are an ancient race with powerful psyker abilities. Such abilities being able to see into the near or far future. This leads them to sub-sector Aurelia with a mission to stop a horrible prophecy from coming true. This implies the imminent destruction of Typhon.

    Eldar Hero Bios


    Autarch Kayleth

    Kayleth is haughty, curt, and pragmatic. She knows exactly what to do and how to do it in any military situation, and is in no way humble about this expertise, treating other races and opponents as irritations along the path to completing her mission.

    Hero abilities:

    • Jump: Soar through the air and land at the targeted location, knocking back enemy units.
    • Plasma Grenade: Throw a grenade which damages units within the explosion radius.
    • Forceshield: Activate a forceshield that absorbs damage by draining energy.
    • Illusion: Create an illusion of Kayleth that deals less damage, but draws the fire of her attackers.
    • Skyleap: Soar high above the battlefield to a target location, dropping plasma grenades beneath you when you land.


    Once of the Ulthwe craftworld, Ronahn is a free lance pathfinder. Helping his kinsman wherever he can. Events from the past left him skeptical and bitter towards his races views on prophecy. Though when the call for aid comes, he is there.

    Hero abilities:

    • Infiltrate: Become invisible. Attacking, using abilities or getting too close to enemy troops will reveal Ronahn.
    • Repair: Repair vehicles and structures. Units being repaired fire more rapidly.
    • Kinetic Pulse: Fire a high-impact, low damage blast of kinetic energy capable of knocking back and suppressing units around the target.


    Veldoran is a warlock who assists Kayleth on her mission. He interprets the prophetic visions and uses his psychic powers to protect the warhost by bringing havoc to all who appose them.

    Hero abilities:

    • Immolate: Engulf an area in flames, damaging everyone within the blast radius.
    • Meditarion: Veldoran rapidly heals, but cannot attack, move, or cast other abilities while doing so.
    • Ethereal Slash: Slash nearby enemies knocking back and damaging them.
    • Heart of Darkness: Recharge energy at the cost of health.
    • Providence: Become temporarily invincible and reduce cooldown timers on other abilities.


    Elenwe is a master of prediction and who is working with Kayleth to prevent the realization of a prophecy. Witch Implies the near destruction of Typhon in the sub-sector Aurelia. She is a support warrior, who assists those around her.

    Hero abilities:

    • Spiritual Rites: Restores a large amount of Health to friendly units within the area.
    • Ward: Grants the targeted ally temporary invulnerability.
    • Mind War: Engage in a duel of minds with the enemy. Causes damage to the target enemy and suppresses them. Enemies killed in this manner increase Elenwe's maximum energy.
    • Time Field: Slows down time in an area, all units within Time Field move slower and are unable to attack.

    Muiltplayer addition and changes

    Games for Windows Live is replaced by Steamworks.

    • Elo matchmaking ranking system.
    • Faster patching with no middleman certification.
    • Chat Lobbies.
    • Steam Achievements.
    • Only 1 DRM.
    • Integrated friends list and community support.
    • Better match connections and server support.

    Along with this massive shift of platform, there are some minor tweaks to the design and feel of the game.

    • Improved army painter.
    • Redesign to unit targeting. Now you may muiti-select attack orders.
    • More maps for current matchmaking ladders.
    • New map for Last Stand.
    • Wargear rank experience granted by custom games.
    • Additional hero for Last Stand mode, Lord General.

    New Faction: Imperial Guard

    "Glory to the first man to die! CHARGE!"

    The Imperial Guard are the main military force of the Imperium of Man. With entire regiments each raised from human worlds and the might of many vehicles, ships and others supporting them, the Guard are the first ones sent in to fight against the enemies of mankind. What they lack in power, they make up for in sheer number and determination.


    • Inquisitor - The melee-focused offensive hero. The Inquisitor can set enemies on fire and strike them down with flaming weaponry.
    • Commissar Lord - A defensive hero who fights with his men on the frontlines. His specialty involves shooting fellow guardsmen in the head to make the rest of the squad shoot faster and harder.
    • Lord General - A support-based hero who can heal allies and call in artillery. Has a wicked cool 'stache.

    Tier 1:

    • Sentinel - Light vehicle that is ideal at range fights and harassment. Cannot capture points, but can de-capture enemy points.
    • Guardsman Squad - Basic infantry unit, can be upgraded to include a sergeant or a commissar to add men to the squad. Can also be upgraded with flamers or plasma pistols.
    • Catachan Devils - Effective at medium range with shotguns and grenades. Relatively durable compared to other T1 units.
    • Heavy weapons Squad - Heavy bolter suppression team. Can be upgraded to use lascannon or autocannon.

    Tier 2:

    • Ogryn Squad - Heavy brutes that are effective in melee and good at disrupting range. Can add a "Bone 'ead" to their squad to increase their durability.
    • Storm Trooper Squad - Elite range infantry can be upgraded to fit different roles, anti-infantry or anti-vehicle.
    • Manticore - An artillery piece that can fire four targeted rockets within a modest sized area from long range. No standard attack.
    • Chimera - Infantry transport that can allow allied infantry squads nearby to reinforce.
    • Banewolf - Tank that is effective against infantry, firing both machineguns and a deadly chemical spray.

    Tier 3:

    • Leman Russ Battle Tank - A multipurpose battle tank. Can be upgraded in several ways to fit the occasion.
    • Baneblade - Super heavy battle tank that is loaded with weapons. Costs a massive amount of requisition and power to purchase, but is the most powerful unit in the Imperial Guard's arsenal.

    New units for existing factions.

    Land Raider Redeemer
    Land Raider Redeemer

    Space Marines

    Land Raider Redeemer: Heavy transport that is equipped with twin linked assault cannons, flamers, and multi-melta. Also able to launch frag grenades and reinforce squads.

    Chaos Space Marines

    Chaos Noise Marines
    Chaos Noise Marines

    Noise Marines: Equipped with a sonic blaster that is able to distort enemy infantry. Upgradable to master blaster that is effective against all armor types but requires set up.


    Autarch: Sole unit in Tier 2 that inspires allied infantry. Also has a leap ability that drops grenades.


    Battlewagon: Assault transport platform with anti vehicle weapons. When 2 squads garrison this transport it gains anti-infantry weapons as well.


    Swarmlord: Increases infantry unit speed and is able to reinforce squads. Also a very powerful melee unit.


    D.L.C for Retribution will be distributed through Steam.

    Ork Campaign Wargear Pack - $0.99

    This download gives the player 4 pieces of gear for the main hero of the Ork campaign. All of it is unlocked from the start.

    • KAN OPENER: The Warboss attacks now have a chance to disable enemy vehicles.
    • ANGRY ARMOR: Enemy attacks on the Warboss increases the damage he does.
    • LUCKY TEEF: When your Warboss kills an enemy, friendly units in the surrounding area gain energy.
    • SUPA FLASHY BOSS RACK: Your Warboss now gains the benefits of both a boss pole and a trophy rack.

    The Last Stand Update - Free

    This download will be updated on April 6th and will come with new achievements. Each achievement will unlock new gear for each hero class when completed.

    Space Marine Captain

    Thunder Hammer
    Thunder Hammer

    Melee Weapon

    Traits: Stuns Vehicles, Knockback

    Achievement: Fury of the Primarchs

    Neither flesh or machine shall give the wielder of this hammer pause, for its thunder rends through both with ease.

    Lighting Claws
    Lighting Claws

    Melee Weapon

    Traits: Lightning damage over time

    Achievement: The Warrior Born

    Those unfortunate foes wounded by this lightning claw are further ravaged - a lingering charge of energy saps whatever strength is left.

    Eldar Farseer

    Laughing Staff
    Laughing Staff

    Ranged Weapon

    Traits: Ranged Knockback, Reduced Ability Energy Cost

    Achievement: Advanced Multiplication

    The psychic energy that rolls from this staff are tainted by a will foreign to its wielder, bouncing and rattling it's foes with every blast.

    Mantle of Malan'tai
    Mantle of Malan'tai


    Traits: Lightning damage over time

    Achievement: Grab Me the Paddles

    The battered souls that possess this helm cry out against their fate, granting the Farseer greater resolve.

    Imperial Guard Lord General

    The Black Plate
    The Black Plate


    Traits: Improved melee resistance

    Achievement: Unshakable

    Designed for improved protection in close combat, the manufacture of this armor has given it an eerie, black sheen.

    Duelist Honors
    Duelist Honors


    Traits: Increased melee damage

    Achievement: A Trail of Blood Behind Him

    Significantly increases the General's melee damage. Only the most talented and skilled swordsmen of the Imperial Guard are ever afforded such an honor.

    Tyranid Hive Tyrant

    Behemoth Claw
    Behemoth Claw

    Melee Weapon

    Traits: Improved Armor, Armor Piercing

    Achievement: Heavy Hitter

    Along with incredible capacity for destruction, these massive claws also provide an extra measure of protection.

    Rending Stranglethorn
    Rending Stranglethorn

    Ranged Weapon

    Traits: Ranged Suppression

    Achievement: Megakill!

    In addition to suppressing and strangling, the barbs fired from this cannon crystallize into diamond-like shards, rending through any armor the target might have.

    Ork Mekboy

    Leaky Armor
    Leaky Armor


    Traits: Chance to drop mines when attacked in melee

    Achievement: Can’t Touch Dis

    The poor maintenance of this armor has left this Mek's gear riddled with holes. When hit, the Mek often "loses" the explosives he's carrying, to his attackers misfortune.

    Zzap Knife
    Zzap Knife

    Melee Weapon

    Traits: Chance on successful attack to teleport the target away

    Achievement: The Sharpest Wrench

    Wired up to the Mek's personal tellyporta, those wounded by this weapon can be cast aside with a quick tellyport.

    Chaos Sorcerer

    Accursed Idol
    Accursed Idol


    Traits: Enemies take damage when attacking the Sorcerer

    Achievement: Magic Missiler

    An accursed bauble which causes enemies who assail the Sorcerer to receive damage.

    Cataclysmic Hellblade
    Cataclysmic Hellblade

    Melee Weapon

    Traits: High Damage, Energy cost per hit

    Achievement: There Can Only Be One

    This daemonic blade was a gift from a Lord of Change. How that Greater Daemon wrangled the blade away from a servant of khorne in the first place is not known. This blade inflicts immense catastrophe, but at the price of the bearer's own mind.

    The Last Stand: Tau Commander - $9

    No Caption Provided

    Tau Commander is a stand alone hero download for The Last Stand game mode. He comes with his own wargear that he earns by leveling or finishing one of his exclusive achievements. He is described as a range combat focused hero with good support capabilities, but weak in close combat. The Tau Commander wears a crisis suit standard for his rank in the Tau army. Such a suit is capable of firing large amount of ordinates and provide assistance to his allies but at a cost of armor.

    Leveling Progression

    Tau Commander levels like the previous heroes of The Last Stand. His first level contains seven pieces of gear, and every level after that one addition piece. Every level does not increase his base stats only gear can do that. Upon completing his each achievement the player will be rewarded with addition gear.

    Level 1

    • Command Issue Plasma Rifle
      This plasma rifle deals good damage to single targets and has armor penetration.
    • Flamer
      This flamer ignores cover and does AOE damage.
    • Shield Generator
      The shield generator, like all shields, increases the armor and health of the Tau Commander. It also grants the ability ‘energy shield,’ which acts the same as an Iron Halo. Shields are equipped in addition to ranged weapons.
    • XV8 ‘Light’ Crisis Battlesuit
      This light battlesuit has moderate armor and a small health increase. It grants the trait ‘low weight composites,’ which increases the speed of the commander by 1.
    • XV8 ‘Armored’ Crisis Battlesuit
      The armored crisis suit has more armor and health than the others. It grants the trait ‘heavy,’ which lowers the range of the commander’s ‘jet’ ability, but increases the damage on land as well as stunning enemies.
    • Photon Grenades
      Photon grenades confuse enemy infantry making them fire on themselves.
    • Snare Mines
      Snare mines are a throwback to Dawn of War Dark Crusade. They can be placed on the ground and when enemy infantry trip them they slow all enemies in an area.

    Level 2

    • Energy Core
      The energy core increases the commander’s energy pool by 25.

    Level 3

    • Fusion Blaster
      The fusion blaster operates a lot like a melta gun. It does a lot damage and has high armor penetration, but a short range.

    Level 4

    • Stimulant Injector
      The stimulant injector is a passive ability. When the commander’s health goes below 20 he instantly receives 100 health. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds.

    Level 5

    • Shield Drone Controller
      The shield drone is the first commander accessory. When summoned it creates a radius around itself that reduces incoming range damage by 50% for all allied heroes.

    Level 6

    • Ion Battery
      The Tau Commander can place the ion battery on the ground. It then increases the energy regeneration of all allied commanders around it.

    Level 7

    • Repulser Shield
      This shield increases the health and armor of the commander. It grants the ability ‘kinetic pulse’ that will knockback and deal damage to anything near the commander.

    Level 8

    No Caption Provided
    • Fragmentation Missile Pod
      Fires 12 missiles in dramatic fashion dealing AOE damage which is especially good against weak infantry.

    Level 9

    • Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
      The AFP operates a lot like a grenade launcher. It ignores cover bonuses, line of sight and deals damage in an AOE. It is great at clearing chaff at range.

    Level 10

    • Coolant Injectors
      Lowers the cooldown of abilities by 5 seconds and the energy they use by 5

    Level 11

    • Iridium Plated Shield
      The iridium shield increases the armor and health of the commander more than the other shields. Also grants the trait ‘heavy,’ which is the same as the armored crisis suit.

    Level 12

    No Caption Provided
    • Anti-Armor Missile Pod
      This missile pod fires three missiles that are specially designed to deal great single target damage.

    Level 13

    • XV8 ‘Agile’ Crisis Battlesuit
      This suit has about the same armor and health as the Light Suit but grants the trait ‘superior stabilizers,’ which doubles the range and lowers the cooldown of the commander’s ‘jet’ ability.

    Level 14

    • Targeting Cluster
      Increases the accuracy of the commander’s weapons by 25%.

    Level 15

    • Heavy Gun Drone Controller
      Summons a heavy gun drone to the field. Gun drones have twinlinked burst cannons and automatically fire on the enemy.

    Level 16

    • Burst Cannon
      The burst cannon is a long range weapon that deals moderate damage and suppresses enemy infantry.

    Level 17

    • XV8 ‘Command’ Crisis Battlesuit
      The command suit has moderate armor but no health increase. It grants fearless to allies nearby the Commander and also increases their ranged damage.

    Level 18

    No Caption Provided
    • Markerlight
      The markerlight grants two abilities. The first is ‘mark target’ which for a small energy cost will mark an enemy squad. Marked targets take additional ranged damage. The second ability is ‘sky ray barrage,” which will target any and all enemies marked by a markerlight and fire a seeker missile at them.

    Level 19

    • Nano Technology
      Increase the regeneration rate of the commander and allied heroes nearby by 1.

    Level 20

    • Marker Drone controller
      The marker drone marks targets automatically the same way the mark target ability does. These targets take additional range damage and will be targeted by the ‘sky ray barrage’ ability.

    Achievement Wargear

    -Dynamic Entry achievement: kill 100 enemies by jumping on them with the Jet, Heavy Jet or Stabilized Jet abilities.

    • Networked Weapon Interface: The NWI takes the shield slot of the commander’s suit. Instead of increasing his durability it duplicates whichever weapon is equipped in his other slot. When using the NWI the commander’s damage on each weapon is slightly reduced.

    -Tau Efficiency: Kill all three doppelgangers within 5 seconds of each other on wave 16 of Bloodied Coliseum yourself.

    • Advanced Drone Controller
      The advanced drone controller adds an additional ability to the commander depending on the drone he has equipped. The Shield Drone creates an EMP field that
      locks down all shield drones and anything under their area. Anything locked down in this way cannot attack, move, take damage, or use abilities. The Heavy Gun Drone grants the ability Overdrive temporarily increases the damage and reduces the cooldown of guns drones to zero. While the Marker Drone can self destruct in a very powerful explosion.

    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium IV 3.2Ghz, or any dual core processor
    • Memory: 1GB (XP), 1.5GB (Vista), 1.5 GB (Windows 7)
    • Hard Disk Space: 8.5GB space free
    • Video Card: 128 MB Video Card using Shader Model 3 (Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATI X1600)
    • Other: Online Steam Account


    • Processor: Any Core 2 , Athlon X2, or better
    • Memory: 2GB RAM or higher (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
    • Video Card: 256 MB Video Card using Shader Model 3 (Nvidia GeForce 7800GT or any Nvidia GT200 series or better, ATI X1900 or any HD3600 series or better)

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