Local co-op only is a mistake

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#1 Posted by Red_R0B0T (36 posts) -

This would have been an easy purchase for me with online co-op.

after playing the demo, i can't see myself buying this for the single player.

I'm not saying the couch co-op shouldn't be in there. it's awesome for folks who can take advantage of it.

most of my friends are scattered across the U.S., and the ones that are local have wives/kids/etc that make a gaming playdate unlikely.

playing online has becomes a necessary part of my gaming diet.

Isn't online co-op considered par for the course in 2011?

anyone else put off by this?

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#2 Posted by pweidman (2594 posts) -

Demo was uninspiring anyway, but yeah, no online co-op is just bizarre.

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#3 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

There have been quite a few big name Arcade games that have not launched with online co-op/mp. Guardian of Light, Plants vs. Zombies,  Scott Pilgrim, Geometry Wars Evolved 2, etc.
Guardian of Light later had online co-op patched in, but was totally broken. Maybe it just costs too much for studios to justify resources? Especially for these smaller Arcade releases.

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#4 Posted by Pazy (2754 posts) -

I enjoyed the demo and I was interested in getting it with the idea of playing with a friend but then I found out that it didnt have online co-op and realised id never play it. I rather like dual-stick shooters and I have a lot of love for the Warhammer universe but im not willing to play past the first level without one of my buddy, specifically the other Warhammer fan, with me. Its too bad since at 800 points I would be all over it, with online co-op. If its patch in ill have forgotten about it I suspect.

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#5 Posted by Red_R0B0T (36 posts) -

@Pazy: This is exactly how I feel. I have a buddy who I know would be all over this, a fellow WH40k fan, but we can't play locally.

@sofacitysweetheart: yeah, I think you're right. netcode is a fickle, time-consuming thing to get right. It's cheaper to cut the feature all together, rather than spend time/money developing it, then more time/money supporting it down the road with fixes and updates.

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#6 Posted by FuriousJodo (171 posts) -

Yeah. no local co-op basically stopped me from buying this game.  If I can't play it online with a buddy or two I really don't have much interest in it.  I'll still try the trial when I get a chance but very disappointed.  It doesn't make a lot of sense, even if it's just to save money or something this type of game really needs multi.  

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#7 Posted by dabada (115 posts) -

Appaently, the studio that developed the game was closed down. So it doesn't look like THQ is going to sink very much resources into this project. I wouldn't hold my breath for patches or any kind of support either. Hey, who knows, I'd love to be wrong on this one and have THQ patch in on-line coop. That would be awesome.

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#8 Posted by Raiden361 (15 posts) -

I played the trial and it seemed like a solid fun game especially for 800 points. But no online co-op is a joke, glad I found that out before I bought it.

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#9 Posted by BasketSnake (1755 posts) -

Thought it looked cool but I see now that I can't play with my friend on xbox online...so forget it.

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#10 Posted by Jocund (127 posts) -

Welcome back couch co-op?  
But seriously, the only thing I could think of during while I played through the trial was, "This isn't great, but I wouldn't mind playing this with some online pals". So yeah, not having online co-op does irk me, especially since the game is otherwise pretty bland. 

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#11 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

It's a pain in the ass if arcade games don't support BOTH online and couch coop - most of them aren't so complex that it would be impossible and not having options is always annoying.

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#12 Posted by Boiglenoight (605 posts) -

Sounds like a pass. Shame, looked pretty cool.

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#13 Posted by VinLieger (114 posts) -

This was an insta purchase for me due to being able to weild a heavy bolter but no online co-op means they aint getting my monies

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#14 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

@Red_R0B0T said:

Isn't online co-op considered par for the course in 2011?

anyone else put off by this?

It was par for the course in about 2005.

After both my friend and I bought this, we were very excited to realize that it was completely worthless. No online coop is inexcusable these days.

Also, the game barely scales, if at all. This makes playing it in singleplayer a real bitch at times. In coop on level 2 you will see about 1000 enemies. In singleplayer you fight about 850. Seem fair?

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#15 Posted by Veektarius (6134 posts) -
@sofacitysweetheart: What was broken about GoL's coop?  I beat the whole thing that way with no issues.
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#16 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

I would have gotten Gold for at least a month if this had online coop.  Oh well.

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#17 Posted by aspaceinvader (262 posts) -

Lack of online co-op is a major omission but that still doesn't stop it being fun to play.  I wonder would it have worked with online play? 

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#18 Posted by CynageN (1213 posts) -

The whole game is more of a mistake.. I wish I had watched the quicklook longer than a minute. I wouldn't have bought it.

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#19 Posted by SpawnMan (663 posts) -

; ) 
Yeah, I'm not complaining. TBH, I actually think the game is really fun. And when a friend comes over and we wanna try an easy to play quick game, this is easy to load up! If no online play means it costs less and you don't feel like you're being cheated when after a month you can't find anyone to play with, well so be it! : )

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