Multiplayer matchmaking issues?

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#1 Posted by Pazy (2754 posts) -

Im currently trying to play this on PS3 and having major issues. Im trying to find a game and it will sit "searching" for 20-30 minutes, during this screen it will often freeze (Around half of the time). I can understand it not finding a game during the day, most people will probably get it after work/college since its launch date in the UK, but it keeps saying "Potential match's" and then freezing.

Im not someone who tends to buy on launch day and now I wish I hadent, if there isnt a patch before next wednesday I will trade it in to hopefully get all my money back and put it towards another game.

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#2 Posted by Ares42 (3627 posts) -

Not having the same issues, but taking forever to find a game for me too.

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#3 Posted by Strich (6 posts) -

I'm having the same problem, and they are working on a patch for it
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#4 Posted by reversethedevil (115 posts) -

same on xbox. pc was working the other night, but not now.

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