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Brutal, bloody and millions of Orkz 0

I enjoy Warhammer 40,000 but only ever really got into the Dawn of War games. When Relic took a step back from RTS games and made a third person shooter I was less than enthusiastic. I'm pretty sick of bland shooters and this looked like this. I'm happy to say I was wrong in that assumption. Relic made what would normally be a generic game and turned it into some of the most fun I've had all year.The Gameplay Oi! Space Marine!Brutal, bloody, thousands of enemies and a giant chainsaw sword. Space...

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A fun 40K Love Letter 0

Relic/THQ has built the first installment in what should become an excellent franchise that does justice to the 40K universe and fan service to those who love that universe whether it is in digital or tabletop form.Space Marine's narrative is nothing extraordinary but the genre does not beget great story telling. Where it does succeed is creating the right feel and atmosphere for 40K. the Imperium of Man has been described as Ancient Rome in Space, but the real inspiration comes from Victorian B...

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Grim, Dark, Great 0

Warhammer 40,000. The venerable science-fantasy franchise, 25 years old and counting, finally receives a big-budget action game worth playing. However good that recommendation might be on it's own, though, know this: as good as Space Marine truly is, it's also beset by a surprising variety of smaller problems that take a little away from the grandeur of what Relic has built.Titus, an original Space Marine - accept no imitationsAt it's heart, Space Marine is a basic third-person action game that ...

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Making the Space Marine Cool Again 0

Warhammer 40K Space Marine has no right to be as much fun as it is. Every time I saw the game before its release, I couldn't help but find the premise generic and the gameplay redundant. Now the game is finally in my hands, and although those complaints still ring true, they are mitigated by the sheer elegance of the gameplay. This is a game that transitions between ranged and melee combat with a grace that few others can match, and while the Warhammer name might be enough to draw in the ardent ...

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Just sit back and enjoy the awesome 0

Relic entertainments first action/shooter title has hit the shelves and it is pretty freaking awesome. The developers previous titles; Homeworld, Company of Heroes, and Dawn of War have all been expertly made strategy games and that level of quality has carried over to Space Marine.The WorldFor starters it is clear that Relic takes the Warhammer 40k universe as seriously as Games Workshop, and in this case that's a good thing. The fiction is unapologetically bad ass in an 8th grade kind of way a...

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Just one of those games 0

The game is split about 50/50 between shooting and walking in a line. It's sort of strange how many rooms you walk through that are just empty. Sometimes (but not always) there's a little skull in the empty rooms. Those are audio logs. They relay extrapolations on what is already obvious. There are a lot of orcs, things are violent because of it, etc.The shooting is fine. While you play as a big, slow guy like in Gears of War, there's no cover system. Instead the game focuses on having a high nu...

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Fun and Thoroughly Unfinished 6

Space Marine is a fun and thoroughly unfinished game. The entire experience is continually beset by visual problems, clipping, shoddy animation, awkward sound, and the general feeling that Relic had a deadline to meet and THQ made damn sure they met it. But it is still rather enjoyable. I suspect your enjoyment of Space Marine will be somewhat contingent on your enjoyment of the Warhammer 40K universe. Prior knowledge is not a perquisite, but certainly helps, both to appreciate the overall desig...

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Total Carnage 0

I played this game through Onlive on the micro console. I can't compare graphics with any other version, as I don't own a xbox, ps3 or decent computer.  If you are unfamiliar with Onlive, it is a cloud gaming service. The game is streamed to your computer or TV (if you have the little adapter which they are constantly giving away for free) from a remote server. Personally, I've had nothing but good experiences with the service, though I think it is primarily for people like me (too cheap/poor to...

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I recommend it 0

Alot better than I expected. The combat system works well and there was enough diversity in the weapons that it kept me interested. It gets pretty overwhelming at times with the onslaught of enemies on you. The multiplayer is pretty awesome! I like this type hack and slash game, and it's a good break from a stressful week! I recommend it...

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The best non-rts Warhammer 40k game ever made 0

While not perfect in and of itself, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is by far one of the best video game entries into the twenty-four-year-old licensed property to date, bringing with it an incredibly fun and fan-service riddled campaign and some relatively standard but competent multiplayer.Relic has been making games set in the Warhammer 40k universe since the original RTS title Dawn of War back in 2004, and it is very clear many games later that they above all game studios truly understand the...

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Seems like a great demo for a better game down the road 0

I've noticed the intimidatingly titled Warhammer 40,000 franchise here and there through most of my gaming life, but never was I really tempted to see what it was about until the Quick Look for Space Marine. Vinny and Ryan seemed like they were having the wildest time with it, and what I was seeing on screen looked like it could genuinely supply that entertainment for a more jaded gamer like myself. Luckily, around the time I came across that Quick Look was when the game became available for fre...

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A Satisfying Experience 0

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is, as what might come to you as a shock, a game about Space Marines (as the Orks will most certainly remind you of numerous times). More specifically the game revolves around you, Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, and your two brothers-in-arms. You have been sent to the forge world Graia to reinforce the Imperial Guardsmen currently under heavy siege by an Ork invasion force a million strong. As Graia is a major forge world, and home to an Imperial Titan (a colos...

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Space Marine muscles its way to success 0

*I wrote this review about a year ago so some game references are a little dated.When developer Relic first announced they were taking their long running successful series War Hammer 40,0000 universe from an RTS to TPS many were very skeptical and disappointed. Developers will rarely stray away from their strengths and will not try to reinvent a successful franchise. However Space Marine has allowed Relic to break away from their comfort zone and flex their skills by expanding the War Hammer uni...

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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 0

Many modern action games can be boiled down to male power fantasies, but “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” takes virtual power tripping to a whole new level. Cast as the nine-foot-tall Ultramarine, Captain Titus, players wade into enemy hordes while shrugging off machine gun fire, and hacking Orks to bits with axes, hammers, and swords. Chainsaw swords. No single enemy has even a remote chance of killing Titus; only through sheer numbers do the Orks present a threat. It is not uncommon to have 20 o...

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A big middle finger to Gears of War 0

Refreshingly old fashioned. Boldly simple. Confident in its own humility. Space Marine is a game without any confusion. It does exactly what it sets out to do and nothing more. Gamers looking for a frenetic, testosterone-fueled take on the third person shooter need look no further. It looks just good enough. It plays just fast enough. It feels just bad ass enough.Negotiations with the enemy have failed.The Warhammer 40k universe is probably the most appropriate setting for a mindless blo...

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LieuFFFtenant 0

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is the first third person action game of the Warhammer series and they sure have done a fantastic job at building the game. But that doesn't mean they made it an entirely fun experience.Albeit a very, very linear world with lots of grey and brown what they have created looks very sharp. The game mechanics feel smooth and work well within the game as well as the fluidity of character action and movement. This space marine journey will offer around a 7-9 hour experie...

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"Warhammer 40k: Space Marine" Get Ready To Hear a British accent 0

When I first booted Warhammer 40k: Space Marine up I was really excited. I've avoided all media coverage on it, so I could dive into it completely fresh. The Warhammer universe and lore has always been fascinating to me, but this game is not a great representation of the depth of that universe. Also, the combat painfully reminds me of the Dynasty Warriors series.I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it's also not a really good one either. I was sort of bored throughout the whole experience with th...

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Warhammer 40K Space Marine: For the Emperor. 0

Warhammer 40K is an expansive universe that was originally only a tabletop game, which eventually expanded into a fully-fledged RTS videogame for the PC. Given this fact, Space Marine gives the players, fans and people who just want to rip apart hordes of Orks a chance to be one of the series most iconic soldiers, as the title may have tipped you off, a Space Marine.The game begins on a soaring high note of action, setting up the tone nicely for the games over the top ideas. You play as Captain ...

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Intensely simple 0

Warhammer 49K Space Marine is one of those few games that you know going into it what you are getting out of it. I knew going into playing SM that I was going to be playing a gruesome third person shooter. On that front, it did not dissapoint. The combat is fun, the controls are easy to pick up, but the health system definitely takes some getting used to. At first, it is very off putting to have no health packs or regenerating health to speak of, instead your shield is the only thing that regene...

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Get yourself some Space Marine! 0

Making an established universe seem interesting to anyone that isn’t familiar with it is an essential box to tick when making a game based on it. If the universe doesn’t seem interesting then people are likely to walk away from it, fortunately this is something that Space Marine smartly avoids by striking a perfect balance of explaining the basics, while assuming just the right amount of knowledge about the universe it is set in. Prior knowledge of the Warhammer 40K canon is not necessary to hav...

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TeratologyTeratology is the study of abnormalities of physiological development. It is often thought of as the study of human birth defects, but it is much broader than that, taking in other non-birth developmental stages, including puberty; and other non-human life forms, including plants. A newer term developmental toxicity includes all manifestations of abnormal development, not only frank terata. These may include growth retardation or delayed mental development without any structural malfor...

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Nothing really stands out here. 0

It's really bland and generic to me. I'm clueless to the warhammer universe, but I've seen this kind of game before. Even the mechanics around it are decent at best. The story doesn't help it stand out from the crowd as it is forgettable. This game doesn't do anything exceptionally well, its just such a standard experience. Fans will enjoy this game, but I never got the appeal....

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Short and Sweet 0

I have never been exposed to the world of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K before, apart from seeing the tabletop game being played or knowing about Dawn of War. Yet, I always found the world appealing , more so than many other dystopian worlds, mainly due to the fact that the lore borrows and steals from all corners of mythology, religion, symbolism and so forth. Roman insignia, Greek mythology, the inquisition, it's all there to form a strange mix of future warfare and ancient mysticism. Yet, how m...

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Fun for Everyone, Awesome for 40K Fans 0

I had a ton of fun with this game - it looks good, plays well, sounds great, and moves right along. It's not mind-blowing or revolutionary, but it does have some nice additions to the third-person shooter formula like the heal-by-killing system and the jump pack implementation. I've even found myself playing the multiplayer a lot, which isn't normally my thing. But really this game clicked for me because of the setting. I used to really love playing the Warhammer 40k minis game, but time and exp...

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Faithful to the Source Material. 0

I like shooters and action games, but not so much that I buy a ton of them. I just mix them into my usual array of RPGs and open world games. I got this game specifically because it was 40k. I'm a big tabletop gamer. I play the 40K RPG and have played some Warhammer miniatures in the past. I love the setting and the world that Games Workshop has built.With that said, I was very pleased with Space Marines, mainly because they really did the source material justice. The people making this game mus...

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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Review: Spoice Murine!! 0

Relic Entertainment have done a fantastic job with the 40k franchise over the years on the Dawn of War series, so them developing a third person shooter set in the same universe is an exciting prospect. Upon playing Space Marine its instantly recognisable that Relic really do understand and "get" the grim and dark atmosphere and feel of Games Workshop's franchise. You play as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. A forgeworld named Graia is under attack from a massive Ork horde and you are the vang...

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The Ballad of the Waddling Fridge Men 0

It's no secret that my relationship with the modern shooter scene isn't so hot. I absolutely loathe "modern warfare" games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, while I'll happily play cover-shooters like Gears of War (see: Deus Ex: Human Revolution), with the Half-Life 2 inspired shooters that continue to roll out (games like Duke Nukem Forever, Metro 2033, Crysis) among some of my favourite games of all time. But it is the old-school spectacle shooters like Serious Sam that truly resonate with me...

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Hold On To Your Jumpjets Spayce Muhreen, It's One Hell of a Ride 0

It really feels like Relic set out to do one thing while developing this game: Make the player feel like the kind of hulking badass that is an Ultramarine. They drive this home with virtually every firefight and enemy encounter across the game, delivering an experience that is not only challenging and fun, but extremely and primally satisfying.Captain Titus...Warhammer 40K: Space Marine opens with Captain Titus of the Ultramarines and his small squad being sent to Planet Macragge, a designated F...

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A satisfying romp through the dark and gritty 40k universe 0

This review can be found on Gamer's Guide to Life and my personal blog.Relic Entertainment is known far and wide for its vast and superior knowledge in the realm of stratagem. With titles like Homeworld, Company of Heroes, and Dawn of War in their repertoire, few can argue the strength of their craft. However, when the studio revealed they would be crafting a third-person, combat-centric depiction of the bloodthirsty 40k Space Marine – you might see why Relic fans got a little nervous. Thankfull...

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Great but... 0

Chainswords, Space British, and Orks with a K. Those are a few things to expect when playing 40k Space Marine. You play as Titus captain of the Ultramarines, and wow your whole team just look so badass. You have giant shoulder pads with skulls on them, you rip guys apart to get health back, you don't use cover because fuck that and your dude just looks even cooler by the end of the game.The game starts off with you flying over this planet getting ready to land. When you spot Ork airships flying ...

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Orks must die (and other enemies of man) 0

The Warhammer 40,000K series has been around for quite some time, expanding it's universe into different game genres. First were the popular strategy titles, then came the arcade twin-stick shooter, and now here is Space Marine, an 3rd person action title released in September of last year. I've recently had a chance to play the game, and glad I'm did as it contains some intense action as well as an established story that does a nice job of informing new players of the battle between Marines and...

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Tedium redefined 0

In modern gaming there's simply no longer an excuse for games as woefully poor as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine to exist. Developed by Relic - a developer known for their excellent real-time strategy entries in the Warhammer 40,000 universe - in what is seemingly an attempt to capture an untapped market of Warhammer 40,000 and shooter fans who either don't have access to a gaming PC or have little interest in real-time strategy.Unfortunately Relic have yet to prove themselves in any genre outsi...

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