Should I give this game a try?

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#1 Posted by Molotov (4 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I'm simply looking for some answers.

My first and only MMO I have played so far is WoW, and I started playing it when it was pretty young, around early 2005. I loved the exploration in the game, being able to play with my friends while making new ones, and the great pvp, which at the time focused around world pvp and ganking. In my opinion, WoW peaked right before the patch came out in which the high warlord/grand marshal gear could be bought with honor tokens. This was before the introduction of resilience, the destruction of 40 man raids, and arenas.

The game, for me, simply lacked the epic quality that was found in the old WoW once The Burning Crusade was launched. Nothing has really brought me as much joy in video games since downing Ragnoros for the first time or taking on Blackwing Lair, or the Alterac Valley battles which would last from anywhere between 12-24 hours (back before Alterac Valley was nerfed and changed excessively).

Anyway, my question is this: is WAR epic? Does it focus on individual skill while stressing teamwork at the same time? Are the character animations cool? And will WAR avoid the awful, awful concept of arenas?

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The graphics in WAR aren't the best, only marginally better than WOW imo.
The pvp really sets it apart from WOW, much more integrated and looks to be more complicated (in a good way).
The world is better imo.. (backstory etc)
WOW just pissed me off as a game (i got end game to Hyjal/BT and got over it really quickly.)

I'd definitely play this game IF I had the time, the only thing that i'm wary about is the fact that i played WOW too much... If i could put 1/2 the time into WAR and still be succesful then i probably would play it.

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Yes, WAR is epic.  Take a look at this video I made during beta
The world is gorgeous. 

It focuses on individual skill, yes.  You are not dependent on gear.  Team work is the only way to win.  Yes there's a good lot of animations and they look nice.  Yes WAR will avoid the concept of arenas, it focuses on massive RvR battles out in the open world, taking battlefield objectives, capturing a keep with your guild, slowly taking over the battlefronts to eventually reach the end goal of attacking the enemy capital city and taking on the king.

I think you should give this game a try definitely.  I should warn you though, this game is meant to get away from stuff like 40 man raids and other grinds where it becomes like a job more than anything.  If you enjoyed that sort of thing, you will not get that in WAR, at least not at the moment.  If you enjoyed working together with your guild mates to complete an objective, this game has that most definitely, on a much grander scale.  If you and your guild capture a keep, you are helping your realm, not just yourselves.

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#4 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

i say.....

get it, its worth a try!

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#5 Posted by xxNBxx (1105 posts) -

I think the Epic stuff in WAR are the PQs (public quests) at least in the early part of the game.  (haven't gotten to far yet been fooling around with each of the classes to find which one i want to play)

Yes it does focus on individual skill but almost all the classes have some kind of gimic to them.  Everyone has Action points there is no mana bar in the game Some classes have a WoW Rouge like combo metter, Dwarven Tanks use a Rage like system.

Like WoW you need to work as a team to kill the harder mobs.

Character animations are cool but WoW does magic a little better imo (but again i am early into the game so can't say how the later spells look)

WAR is more about PvP then WoW is.  And the PvP is part world part instants, with no arenas.

In all if you liked WoW and world PvP you should enjoy WAR.

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I have to say WAR is prolly the best MMO since 2004 and prolly has more pros than WoW.

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#7 Posted by PartWerewolf (60 posts) -

I'm really debating whether or not to get this as well. I need to concentrate on school but I really want a game to play other than CS:S.

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I quit wow because the PVP was a joke.  WAR seems to have the potential providing some great RVR battles.  What I have played has been fantastic.  If you are looking for WoW without the rep grind and gear fest and with more PVP than you can handle, get into WAR.

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So I got a new a game tonight.... but it wasn't Warhammer. I decided to get Spore instead. I know I would have play Warhammer constanly and I don't need games to be any more distracting than they are now. I'm just going to wait for White Wolf's Vampire MMO to come out if it is still in production or whatever.

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Lol yea SPORE! I always loved the warhammer series, but im more of a 40k guy.

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#11 Posted by PartWerewolf (60 posts) -
d3ad1te said:
"Lol yea SPORE! I always loved the warhammer series, but im more of a 40k guy."

I never really got into Warhammer:40K. I really wanted Warhammer: Online, I had it in my hand and was walking to go check out and then stopped to think about it. Maybe during the summer I'll pick up an MMO. I'm installing Spore right now so I'm hoping it's good.
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#12 Posted by Molotov (4 posts) -

Thanks for the responses guys, I will definitely be checking this game out in the future. However, I'll probably wait until after this semester of college is done. By then, the game should be patched up more and be more stable, along with me having more time to play the game.

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