"you have been disconnected from the server "

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I bought WAR today... after 3 days of getting hold of it and now that i have it, i have installed it and patched... now i cant play the damn game. i make a character and press PLAY and it goes all fucked up and sometimes says "you have been disconnected from server " my rig is fine so it isn't that,  it is possible that it is my connection however i can play all my other games online...  any suggestions as i really want to play lol

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Make sure you don't have some sort of firewall blocking the game perhaps?

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yeah, i went through and checked, turns out i had allowed WAR.exe to run from the start so it wasnt that... i also opened up some ports. i googled around and alot of people have had the same problem, i managed to get on last night and most of today, i still get dissconeted but nothing like yesterday...

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Still got the problem, i have deleted my anti-virus software and tried it, i have added the ports that it says to add, i am now defragging my machine because it says it "might" help... but i know it wont, i will browse for any driver updates but i know i have them all... starting to get worked up on this! just want to play the game..

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If you are getting disconnected from the server it is a network issue, Try turning off firewalls/anti-virus for one. Another thing you can try is to put your computer on a DMZ, this opens all ports so the router/modem firewall will be non existant, now obviously this isn't safe or anything like that, but it will be good for you to try this so you can find out IF the problem is with the network or not, if none of that works, i'd suggest calling support for warhammer. They will probably get you to reinstall the game though, so you might want to check that out and reinstall just incase :(.

Hope i helped!

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lol re-installing as we speak, also i tried the hole firewalls/anti-virus stuff (as stated in above posts) the dmz i will look into after i reinstall...  i have virtually done everything they have suggested on the FAQ and all that so next time i post a help form i can say "yep, done that that and that..." 

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I personally never had a problem, but 2 friends of mine had strange stuff, like missing animations or even missing buildings/geometry etc.
All was fixed easily by checking "Perform Full File Check" in the launcher before you login.
GL mate

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it seems to be my internet... because i have problems with high ping on css and i have 4mb and 768 constant upstream..... yet still massive ping

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Make sure your required ports are open.

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ffs really pure... have you read any of my posts above... i even went DMZ and it doesn't work.

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Go to your Controlpanel -> System -> Device Manager -> Right-click onyour Networkcard and choose Properties. Once inside go to Advanced and DisableChecksum? Offload.

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I am having a similar disconnect problem and am wondering if your solution would help, however my network card settings are different and I don't fully understand what you did and why it worked.  Checksum and offloading are supposed to improve performance.  You disabled yours and it warhammer stopped crashing? Maybe I misunderstood you.

The problem I have with WAR is it will play fine for a while then just lag out and disconnect all of a sudden.  The amount of time it takes before it disconnects can be anywhere from 1 minute to an hour.  I'll be able to log back in immediately after but sometimes it'll drop me again soon after, sometimes it's good.  It's as if the router resets or something because this happens to both my roommate and I... I'm not sure maybe if we both tweak our network cards we won't have the problem.   Anyone have any ideas?

I'm also trying playing on a different server, the one I keep getting dropped on is Praag.



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hmm its been a while :S i remember reading at the time (as well as pulling my hair out) that the game has a conflict with checksum and offloading (or something like that) and that you disable it and it stops you from getting DC'ed...

i actually found that info through the WAR website too, they suggest disabling it in order to make it work...
ok i have had another look and there is a hardware checksum (togglable to on/off) turn it OFF and see if it works.

GL and hope you have fun!

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