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There is a WAR calling

There was a withdrawn sigh from my lips as I gazed upon the encampment of Chaos, here I was again, looking at NPCs with bubbles above their heads, question marks replaced with open tomes. Here I was again, participating in a MMO, a practice of mine dating back to Ultima Online and it makes me feel as old as the toon I had made looks, as tired as his bones must be, he continues and so do I.

I venture into the grim yet somehow gorgeous wilderness with little knowledge of the lore, the classic high fantasy folks are all here with their polar opposites. High Elf, Dark Elf, Chaos and Order, Dwarf and Greenskin, each combating what appears to be their former brethren for territory in a grand pvp, or as the game calls it; Realm Vs. Realm arena.

Picking up my starting quests it was strange, they had me slaughtering the enemy, poisoning their townsfolk, even killing my own whimpering compatriots as we tore apart a village, there was no apples to collect, no animal skins to procure, I was in WAR. Soon enough I was involved in one of the game's Public Quests, a group effort which involved defending summoners, performing some arcane magic to bring forth the forces of Hell, pouncing on the enemy archers we were able to see the demon brought into our plane of existence, after it killed the enemy hero it turned on us; it was the final boss in a 3 tier public quest, the more you participate in each tier the game will grant you a bonus in your dice roll for whatever the boss drops.

Moving forward I was feeling confident in my place in the world, I had conquered the vile Order in a battleground conflict, had participated in a public quest... several infact, scouted an open RVR battleground and found a Chaos village with a flight master, who then gave me quests to seek out the Greenskin and Dark Elf encampments to the South and South-West, launching into the sky I was flown to the Greenskin camp... only to find over a dozen more NPCs with open tomes above their heads, a strained sigh escaped my lips, I felt a little bit older, none the wiser, and moved forward, I was experiencing one of the darkest MMOs I've ever played, I was witnessing some really amazing PvP uses and PvE encounters, I wanted more.

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