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    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 10, 1995

    Fly the hi tech aircraft Warhawk though all kinds of missions to defeat the vile leader Kreel.

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    The player controls the ship code named Warhawk though zones of enemies to defeat the unknown enemy military force. In a first person point of view the pilot of the Warhawk shoots missiles, machine guns and even swarm missiles when in dire need. Completing the objective of each zone will net the player progress though the wild world of Warhawk. Till the pilot reaches the enemy base this world will forever be in grave danger.

    Story Intro

    A man named Kreel suddenly launched a series of attacks all over the world. We don't know how he did it but it might be connected to Red Mercury. The last strike force alpha was destroyed with a 96% loss of our forces. Our only hope now is to rely on the experimental tech that Omicron has like the Warhawk All forces are approved to attack this new threat. As you know Alpha was somehow destroyed by Kreel but somehow he was able to construct a full base in a short amount of time. Also the other side of the coin is also true. Bases disappear in a moments notice like they were never there in the first place. This will require Omicron to act like every base is his home base. Destroy all of his forces before he gets a chance to withdraw. Good Luck!


    The player takes control of the experimental craft Warhawk and must fly though many zones. The player can choose to fire on targets with a wide variety of weapons while moving the ship around to dodge shots. His HUD will show that his shields are withstanding the onslaught while the radar lets him know how close a foe is. A lock on target is also available for better accuracy and a speed meter will note how fast the Warhawk is going. While controlling the craft the player can also do a barrel roll along with a loop to dodge bullets.

    Weapons and Items

    Shield: The Warhawk is equipped with quadrant shielding which means it will defect shots from every which way for a fixed amount of damage. It will also regenerate if no shots are taken for a short amount of time.

    Afterburner: A secondary thrust that was made to make the Warhawk go 50% faster when needed.

    Machine Guns: Intended for use on minor targets, these guns have a delivery rate of 1500 rounds/second in a tightly grouped area of effect. They will cease firing if they get to hot and will require a cool down timer.

    Rockets: Standard rocket propelled weaponry. They fire only in a fixed line which makes them great for ground targets but are also good for air if aimed correctly.

    Lock-On Missiles: Guided missiles that are designed to deliver a large payload.

    Plasma Cannons: A high energy plasma caster that requires charging to fire. The longer the button is held the more charge it will hold. When it is released a large plasma ball that will dissipate over a small distance. A very deadly weapon that requires pinpoint accuracy.

    Swarm Missiles: A single "swarm" is a cluster of low-level homing missiles that will be locked onto a single target.


    Flash Bomb : It does no damage but once the Warhawk picks this up every enemy in range will be disabled for a short amount of time.

    Doomsday Bomb: This bomb will destroy all within its large range. It is unknown where this bomb came from but use it only in dire situations.

    List of Zones

    Desert Zone: The Warhawk is in the middle of a war-zone and while the forces aren't to bad watch out they can still pack a punch.

    Canyon Zone: Ammo is valuable in this level if our heroic Warhawk is willing to go the extra step of saving it.

    Airship Zone: So many airships will block any progress the Warhawk manages to make while the ground even tries to blast him out of the sky.

    Volcanic Zone: A squad of experiment aircraft fly in these skies. Try to use the environment to dodge as many hits as the Warhawk will allow.

    Gauntlet Zone: This zone is full of traps and obstacles but also has a lot of pickups. If the Warhawk pilot has the skill and the guts to pull this off the final zone awaits.

    Storm Zone: Kreel's summit base periodically releases pick ups for his personal use. But the Warhawk should be able to detect them and if our hero is willing he can try to steal them.


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