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    Based on the original PlayStation game of the same name, Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 opts for team-based multiplayer action on the ground and in the air instead of single-player flight combat.

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    WARNING WARNING DO NOT BUY IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY ALONE ONLINE. Warhawk is one of the best multiplayer experiences of its kind. Actually its one of the ONLY games that managed to have a great third person shooter and combine that with one of the best fighter pilot games I've ever seen. when I first saw this game I assumed it was mostly a fighter pilot game WRONG WRONG WRONG. this game is as much on the ground as it is in the air. although the guns are not very detailed (one machine gun, one rocket ...

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    One of the best and most fun Multiplayer games I have ever played 1

    Warhawk is a 3rd person multiplayer only game made by Incognito (the same developer behind the Twisted Metal series). Warhawk can be obtained a couple ways. The first is the disk based version which you get a retail stores and the second way is the download the game by using the PSN. I bought the disk version, just because it's my preference to have a big game like this on a disk.The game can be considered a very fast paced Battlefield 2 in many ways. In Warhawk you can drive a variety of vehicl...

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    Online, MP only shooter which does a variety of things very well. 0

    First, Warhawk has no single player campaign. There are no bots you can frag by your lonesome on those internetless nights at grandma's in the middle of Farm County, Nowheredaho. So, if you don't have a high speed internet connection, don't bother. There's only so much fun to be had with 2 v 2 splitscreen battles, and that amount of fun is quite negligibile.However, for the rest of you dying to eat up some bandwidth, give Warhawk a shot. There are only a handful of maps which scale to match the ...

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    one of the best games on the ps3 ever! 0

    still is one of the best games on the ps3 even today on 2021.Warhawk is a third-person shooter set in a science fictional, perpetual war between the Eucadian Republic and Chernovan Empire (blue and red team, respectively).There are two ground vehicles, a jeep and a tank, and an armored personnel carrier is added by the Operation: Broken Mirror expansion. There are two air vehicles, the Warhawk and Nemesis (which are only cosmetically different), both of which can use nine weapons, an example is ...

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    Some turbulence, but we'll make it. 0

    Warhawk is sexified. Flying through the skies, which look phenomenal, in planes that are kick ass, doing all sorts of maneuvers, while chasing another kick ass plane, and trying to shoot it down, is sexified. Unfortunately, the ground combat keeps Warhawk from being perfect, and it honestly almost ruins the game. Developer Incognito was so confident with their multiplayer, that they completely scrapped the single player campaign, which is a shame, because it really subtracts from the overall va...

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    War has never been harsher 0

     What can I say about warhawk? It's a remake of the 1995 PS1 version. In the PS1 version you only piloted a warhawk on various missions and what not. Simple really, from what I've heard it was once a renowned game. What happened to it? I had no idea it existed till this new remake appeared and I read some info about it. Ah well if you're looking for an exact remake then this isn't want your getting this remake is actually a type of war game, it's purely online and there is no single player...

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    one of the best multiplayer games 0

    Warhawk has no story its just a fun action game that you play with your friends online. i have had so much fun playing this game online, the best fun i have in this game is in the tanke driving and killing dudes on the ground or try to take the warhawks up in the sky. it may not have the best graphics but it hell of a lot of fun ranging from Death matches, capture the flag and so on. but getting in jeep is also fun but you have a range from vechiles and with the updates this can have so much fun...

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    Everyone that likes shooters should try this game! 0

    When I first hear of this game I thought it was a rip off of battlefield but when you sit down and play it you'll see that this is so much more. At first you will have a problem playing because there isn't much help for you. Just some text messages that pop up in the game. But after maybe an hour or so you will totally pick it up. This game is an online only game and features two teams. None of them is really evil or good but one is blue an one is red. These two teams fight hugh battles with r...

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    Very, very addictive...plain and simple... 0

    Warhawk is a 3rd person sci-fi shooter created by SCEA Incognito. It's a multiplayer only war game and the first on the Playstation 3. It places you on either the red (Chernovian) or blue (Eucadian) team in an all out war that takes place in the sky and/or on land. Due to the lack of a single player campaign mode, one would think that this game could not be good, but one play through of the online experience will help to convince you otherwise. You engage in the typical multiplayer modes (...

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