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    Based on the original PlayStation game of the same name, Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 opts for team-based multiplayer action on the ground and in the air instead of single-player flight combat.

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    WARNING WARNING DO NOT BUY IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY ALONE ONLINE. Warhawk is one of the best multiplayer experiences of its kind. Actually its one of the ONLY games that managed to have a great third person shooter and combine that with one of the best fighter pilot games I've ever seen. when I first saw this game I assumed it was mostly a fighter pilot game WRONG WRONG WRONG. this game is as much on the ground as it is in the air. although the guns are not very detailed (one machine gun, one rocket launcher etc) it still provides tanks turrets and much much more.
    So first lets talk graphics. This is not what I would call a TOO realistic game, and when I say that I mean that the game does look a little bit animated. I kind of finds a median between real and animated, they do incorperate blood and gurgle when you die but the bodies just look kind of fake, which for me isn't a big deal. The graphics in this game are truely amazing, everything from the trees to the buildings and all the vehicals the visuals are stunning. I myself have a HDMI cable that allows me to tap into the 1080i resolution that the game offers SWEET! CRASHES CRASHES CRASHES! what is a game with out your insane blow ups and crashes. When you get taken out of the sky with a rocket launcher, get ready for the fire works, you see an awesome colorful explosion and you can see all the little pieces raining down.
    Ahh sound, is there anything sweeter than hearing the rumble of a turret on the back of a 4*4 with planes wizzing over top of you no no there is not. Sound plays a major part in the success of this game. Just like I said before all of the weapons do sound great (expecially the turrets) and realistic.
    Gameplay: This is where I explain my title, the reason this game got 4 stars out of five was for one particular reason, the online isn't so great. When my bro and I want to get on a game we usually have to search and search for a game that allows splitscreen. The ranking system is BAD sorry but I really can't tell how many points I have or if I am at the next rank or not. Now thats not to say that it is all bad, with 32 players it can be a lot of fun to forget all of the ranks and everything and just go and grab a warhawk. The real reason to get this though is if you have a lot of local friends who come to your house. I used to have a wii and I always had an endless supply of 4 player games (although they weren't all that good) well warhawk fixes that problem completely. Me and my friends spend endless hours toasting each other with mines rockets and binoculers (best weapon in the game) yup its an airstrike :)  Im not going to go into detail about the weapons you can try them out for yourself. This game supports several different modes and even more maps that are great in every way.
    Lasting appeal I bougt this game when I bought my ps3 and I'm as still as excited to play it as I was when I first bought it. THERE IS NO SINGLE PLAYER which really isn't a big deal for me. Personally I've hated all single player fighter pilot games I've played. Not quite sure how long online will keep you occupied but its still fun.

    bought on psn
    operation fallen star has a new kind of airplane called the drop ship which, if you pictured it inside your head, looks like the biggest most beastly aircraft you've ever seen. This ship can hold up to SEVEN people in it and six of them can have rocket launchers, one has to drive. It also has the unique ability of picking up a tank or 4*4 with someone inside and dropping it somewhere else AWESOME! a definate must get.
    You have not played warhawk untill you have a jetpack stapped to the back of you and are having in air battles with machine guns. The control scheme is very nice and uses R2 to go up and let go to go down, you can also double tap to have a limited speed boost. the best part though is that you can hover forever so you can get a clean sniper shot :) The one flaw in this game is that you can target people with jetpacks with rocket launchers and its a one hit kill. Don't do that, only noobs do that.
    Operation broken mirror: hmmmmm im not so sure.
    Operation broken mirror gives you a very slow tank that can hold six people inside. It also gives you a shield that can somethimes go against you if you bump into it.

    JUST GET THE BUNDLE PACK YOU SAVE 8 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Final statement: Warhawk is one of the greatest 4 player spilt-screen experiences for the ps3 if you own a ps3 you should get this game.

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