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In the year 2045 insect-like aliens from Sirius attacked Earth. Three billion humans died in the attack, and in the following years more than a third of the Earth's population died as a direct consequence of the conflict during a planet-wide nuclear winter.

No one knows why they attacked, it is only speculated that they may have wanted to reduce Earth back to the state of barbarism. It is speculated that the insects, or "Roaches" as they are called, may share a common ancestor with Earth's insects. They are a group-mind and have shared consciousness, tens are required for any real intelligence, some even argue that they are more like one entity than numerous individuals.

Since the attack all the Earth's old national borders and divisions were abolished and Fist-Of-Earth organization formed an efficient wartime world government to handle rebuilding and defending the planet from further attacks. It is feared that the Sirians may come back. The base of operations is a Space station orbiting the Sun, Solbase.

It is 2057 and Earth has a new hope, the first workable interstellar fighter, FOE-57. Project Warhead enlists new pilots.

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