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You Get What You Put Into It 0

One could be forgiven for getting Mario and Wario confused, but the Wario games tweak the underlying formula enough that the two play quite differently.  Although he looks (and acts) like a brutish thug, Wario faces levels laced with puzzles that would stump the Mario Bros..  Wario concerns himself with collecting treasure over saving damsels in distress, and it’s pretty surprising what he has to do to find and collect it all.  If along the way he inadvertently saves the day, that’s mere ...

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Wario: Shaken, Not Stirred 0

   Wario has come a long way from being a main Mario villain on the Game Boy. The Wario Land series had a slow start, as the first couple were just sluggish, enemy-tossing versions of the classic Mario Formula. It wasn't until Wario Land 4 on the Game Boy Advance that the series really found itself, both in personality and in play. The attitude that became the bizarre micro-game fest that is the Wario Ware Inc. series started here. (Even the sound effects, which were just recycled). The game sti...

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Fun game with limited game play 0

I enjoyed the game and the cartoon like graphics were enjoyable throughout the game. The one issue I have with the game is the limited game play. I was hoping Wario would learn more moves throughout the game.  The additional tasks throughout the stage provide just enough game play to last a weekend....

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Wario Land: Shake It! 0

Wario Land: Shake It! is the latest Wario game to find itself on to the Nintendo Wii. This time around you won't be playing a multitude of mini-games you'll actually be playing a side scrolling platformer with a cartoony looking Wario. You will be the reluctant hero, played by Wario, who is driven to save the world because of a magic sack that when shaken will never run out of coins.The graphics on this game as stated before are cartoony, which isn't a bad thing. You're not going to see any craz...

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In a world where 3-D reigns, Shake It reminds us why we like 2-D 0

Positive:+ 2-D cartoon graphics look very sharp+ solid gameplay with some great elements new to the series+ smooth controls that also don't over use motion capabilities+ tons of treasures and missions add a lot of replay value+ full of that funny, weird Wario personality and styleNegative:- main adventure is pretty easyWario Land was my favorite game from the original GameBoy, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a 2-D platformer as much as I enjoyed it. When I heard the series was going to Wii a...

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A old school game at heart 0

Wario Land Shake It for the Wii is probably one of the best platformers on the Wii.This review breaks down a lot of stuff you need to know about it and solve the unsolved.Control Scheme:You hold the wii remote on its side like any other regular platformer but when you get an enemy and coin bag,the gimmick of the game kicks in.You start shaking the wii remote like a madman and whatever is in the item, comes out, whether it be cloves of garlic(your health) or a bunch of treasure coins.The control ...

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Mischief. Mayhem. 0

Wario Land : Shake It!! : A 2D platformer based on the gimmick that the main character can shake any object he can grasp, effectively making it a knockoff of…Mischief Makers : A 2D platformer based on the gimmick that the main character can shake any object she can grasp. Except the shaking aspect is better implemented, and it’s a good deal more easy on the wrists since you’re just mindlessly pressing buttons to shake instead of the whole damn controller. But I won’t waste too much time crying a...

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Old School Game With New-School Touches 1

This game reminded me of the 2d side-scrolling platformers of old except that it was completely devoid of all the annoying elements that I remember from my childhood.  The game-play just works.  So well in fact  that you find yourself enjoying the game more and more as you get deeper into it.  I noticed this in particular with the length of my play sessions.  At first, I'd play this game for twenty minutes or so and say, well that was alright, but as I kept playing my playtime began to creep up ...

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