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    WarioWare D.I.Y.

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 28, 2010

    WarioWare D.I.Y. is a Nintendo DS game that gives players all the tools they need to create their own microgames, comics and music tracks from scratch and share them with other players.

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    WarioWare: D.I.Y. (Made in Ore in Japan) is a DS game that allows users to create their own microgames, as well as records and comics. 90 pre-made microgames are be included with the game. Players are able to send game to friends, transfer them to WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase on Wii, or upload their own microgames, music and comics to Nintendo as part of contests, and free games could be downloaded from a store every week. Up to 90 of each type of content (games, records, comics) can be stored on the DS cartridge.

    Creation (D.I.Y. Studio)

    Super MakerMatic 21

    Dr Crygor's invention, the Super MakerMatic 21, includes modes for creating games, music and comics, which are unlocked as the D.I.Y. 101 tutorials are cleared.

    Making each game takes the player through several steps:

    1. Name the game.
    2. Create Graphics, including backgrounds, objects and animations.
    3. Compose Music.
    4. Put them together and set up the AI and Win Conditions in the Assembly stage.
    5. Choose a cartridge design and Ship it to the Shop.

    The creation tools are similar to those found in Mario Paint. As well as microgames, players can make music tracks and 4-panel black and white comics using expanded versions of the music and graphics tools. These can both be shared the same way as microgames.

    D.I.Y. Data

    The data screen tracks the player's stats, like Jobs Completed, Total Sales, Contest Entries, etc. It also displays all the unlocked medals. There are 120 medals to earn, for just about everything you can do in the game.

    D.I.Y. Forums

    A forum where other Diamond City residents post. While the player cannot post here themselves, it contains some useful info regarding making games, D.I.Y. Showcase, internal politics at WarioWare, Inc. etc.

    Tutorials (WarioWare, Inc.)

    The game includes a robust set of tutorials and pre-made games to help players get to grips with the tools quickly.

    • D.I.Y. 101: The main tutorial mode (hosted by Penny Crygor); contains the core tutorials on making games, records and comics.
    • Job Center: 16 games that Wario was too lazy to finish. These require the player to create graphics to finish them off.
    • Assembly Dojo: Unlocked by clearing D.I.Y. 101, the Assembly Dojo presents players with 32 challenges that help them to learn the game's AI features. Completing each task unlocks tips to help further explain the functions.

    Playing Games (D.I.Y. Shop)

    Players can use the Game Blender to play a random mix of microgames (like traditional WarioWare games) or pick a single microgame from the shelves to play on a loop.

    Diamond Software

    Five characters have playable stages in the DS game, similar to how previous WarioWare titles worked. 90 pre-made microgames are split between them. Each character has a TV show that their stage is based around, rather than the the stories of previous games. Instead of an epilogue cutscene, a simple interactive animation is played after the boss stage.

    • Mona: "Mona: Temple Explorer!" - Mona is trekking through the jungle with Joe when they stumble across an old temple. During the break, Mona sells treasure via a TV shopping channel.
    • Jimmy T.: "Jimmy's Aerobics" - Jimmy is hosting his own exercise show. During the break, the animation shows his two sides (Funky and Fit). Unlike the other stages, a music track with vocals is played over the stage which overrides the microgame music.
    • Ashley: "Magical Witch Ashley" - Ghosts film Ashley and Redd as they walk through the forest. During the break, Ashley shows off masks that re on sale at her Mask Emporium.
    • Orbulon: "Diamond News" - As Diamond News covers the launch a of a new rocket, Orbulon's ship is struck by lightning and he falls into the nose of the rocket. As the rocket proceeds further through the atmosphere, scientists attempt to work out what's stuck int he rocket.
    • 9-Volt: "Super 9-Volt" - A Super Mario Bros. parody starring 9-Volt on his skateboard. After each Boss Stage, he completes the level by entering the castle.

    There are also two remix stages which mix together all the pre-made microgames. Instead of a TV show, the remixes use differently-colored Wario TVs.

    • Shuffle: The games start at normal speed and get progressively faster. Unlocked once all Diamond Software microgames have been played.
    • Ultra-Hard!: The games start at a very high speed. Unlocked by clearing 30 games in the Shuffle stage.

    D.I.Y. Games

    D.I.Y. games are sorted into five categories labeled D.I.Y. 1-5 . The stage theme is the default blue Wario TV, however it can be changed to the Mona, Ashley, Orbulon or 9-Volt stage themes once the Mix All mode is unlocked. Like the Diamond Software games there are two remix modes, Shuffle and Ultra-Hard! , which mix up all five sets of games.

    Mix All

    These three stages mix up both the Diamond Software and D.I.Y. game sets all at once. They are unlocked by clearing 15 games on Diamond Software's Ultra-Hard remix.

    • Shuffle: The games start at a normal speed.
    • Ultra-Hard!: The games start at a very high speed.
    • Mirror: The games are played as normal but are flipped left-to-right. The game instructions are also flipped.

    Sales Charts

    Also viewable in the D.I.Y. Shop is the Sales Rankings board, which breaks down how the games are selling. Individual sales charts for each game can also be seen by tapping the book icon while browsing the shelves.

    Music & Comics (D.I.Y. Shop)


    As well as a Jukebox that allows the player to listen to multiple songs in a playlist, the game includes a record player to mess around with individual tracks. The five instrument/sfx channels can be toggled on and off, the player can skip between phrases or put a phrase on loop, apply filters and sound effects and adjust tempo and volume. Like with the games, each character has 18 records for a total of 90. Records are unlocked by earning medals in the D.I.Y. Studio.


    As with the games and records there are 90 comics divided into five sections, each by a different Japanese manga artist:

    • Kotobuki Shiriagari
    • Isami Makagawa
    • Sekaiichi Asakura
    • Masakazu Amahisa
    • Rei Betsuyaku

    The comic viewer itself is fairly simple, with no extra features - the player simply taps through the pages and a small jingle is played at the start and end. A comic is unlocked in each section every day.

    Sharing (Distribution Center)

    As of May 20th, 2014, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is no longer available, and so any internet-based features (including microgame downloads and the warehouse) are no longer available. Local wireless features still function.

    Exchanging Creations

    Games, comics and music can be exchanged with other DS consoles via local wireless, or sent to WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase for Wii. Content can be exchanged between the North American and European versions of the game, but not the Japanese version.


    Each player had the ability to store two of each content type online in "crates" which registered friends could access via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Up to 50 friends could be registered, either by exchanging friend codes or using local wireless.

    NinSoft Store

    Players could access the NinSoft Store to download new microgames. Nintendo released 2 new Weekly Games each Monday for 50 weeks, from 3/29/10 to 7/3/11 (in Japan, these games were distributed from 4/29/09 to 4/7/10, and from 4/30/10 to 4/8/11 in Europe). In Europe, the game "Finger Flex" was replaced with a different, exclusive microgame "Home Stretch", for a worldwide total of 101 microgames.

    In addition, Nintendo partnered with a variety of "celebrities" such as game developers and published their microgames for download as Big Name Games. As well as Nintendo developers such as Sakamoto and Sakurai, many indie game developers were recruited for the North American selection, such as Studio Pixel, WayForward, Gaijin Games, Team Meat and others. Big Name Games were released weekly for a limited time after launch and were available indefinitely.

    Japan received an almost completely different set of Big Name Games which were removed from the store one year after being released, with the exception of Sakurai and Sakamoto's games.

    Design Challenges

    Nintendo ran regular contests for players to enter. Each one had a theme (eg. "Sports", "Cute") and the submission period ran for around two weeks. Winning entries were then available for everyone to download in the Theme Games section of the NinSoft Store for around a month after judging ended. There were around 32 contests in Japan, 17 in North America, and 15 in Europe.

    Settings (Options Garage)

    As well as changing their name and brand name, the settings allow the player to delete their game data, switch between speaker and headphone sound, and test the mic. The credits minigame can also be played here, once the D.I.Y. 101 tutorials are completed. In the credits, the player can shoot down the UFOs that hold the names. Some require multiple hits, while most need only a tap. The alien can be shot down as he changes the heading too.

    WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase

    Released at the same time as the DS game, WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase allows created games to be played on the TV. The Wii can store up to 72 of each type of content, though it features no creation tools. It also contains 72 exclusive microgames and 18 comics and records, new character stages like Wario-Man, and a 2-4 player multiplayer mode. The exclusive content can be sent to the DS game, but pre-loaded DS content cannot be sent to Wii.

    Complete Microgame Listing

    Every pre-loaded microgame is listed below in the order they appear on the D.I.Y. Shop shelves. There are 95 premade microgames included on the cartridge (18 and a Boss Stage for each character) not including the 16 incomplete Job Center games or the 3 tutorial games.

    Each character has a theme that applies to all their games. The themes are actually the same as the ones from the original GBA game, bar Ashley, who was introduced in Touched.

    Mona (Strange)

    • All Aflutter
    • My New Bow
    • Stop That!
    • Off-line
    • Crayon Epic
    • The Irony
    • Drop & Stop
    • Bug Hunt
    • Emoticube
    • Tooth Haste
    • Dry Eye
    • Gold Digger
    • Big Dripper
    • Stop Light
    • Joker Face
    • I Saw It!
    • Breakdown
    • I Can Smash!
    • Boss Stage: Fly 'n' Fall

    Jimmy T. (Sports)

    • Micro Golf
    • Off-Fence
    • Volley Girl
    • Goal in One
    • Spare Me!
    • Swing Batter
    • Sync & Swim!
    • Pumped Poser
    • Alpine Lines
    • Pass, Shoot!
    • Get Some Air
    • Dartistry
    • On Your Mark
    • Served!
    • Glove Hurts
    • Kickin' It
    • Hurdling On
    • Smoooooooth!
    • Boss Stage: Reflecting

    Ashley (Food)

    • Rice Stuffed
    • Cake Defence
    • Snack Sucker
    • Ketchup Down
    • Melon Hound
    • Cracked Up
    • Cooking Bug
    • Shoot Fruit
    • Fruit Fans
    • Harvest Time
    • Food Colors
    • Piece Meal
    • Cone Catch
    • Salad Daze
    • True Skewer
    • Ice Pop Star
    • Double Order
    • Farm Hands
    • Boss Stage: Bread Trap

    Orbulon (IQ)

    • Breaking Up
    • Rhythm Maker
    • Face Finder
    • Mind the Gap
    • Coin Cat
    • House Plant
    • Bird Search
    • Garlic/Fronk
    • Same Diff
    • Dance Dudes
    • Which One?
    • Circuit Path
    • Shaped Like
    • Follow Along
    • Odd Number
    • Win!/Lose!
    • Head Count
    • Whuzzat?
    • Boss Stage: Wily Tiles

    9-Volt (Nintendo)

    • Paratroopa
    • Fly Swatter
    • Spiny
    • Star Fox
    • Pikmin
    • Shooting
    • Ice Climbers
    • Urban Champ
    • Excitebike
    • Yoshi
    • Tightrope
    • Greenhouse
    • Shadow Shift
    • B. Fight
    • Metroid
    • Zelda
    • Mario Paint
    • T. Bridge
    • Boss Stage: Blooper

    Job Games

    All 16 of these games are missing art that must be created to complete the job. Many are remakes of older WarioWare microgames, and all of them feature Wario in some way.

    • WarioQuest
    • Hit Parade
    • Mob Rule
    • Crazy Car
    • Puzzled Face
    • Nasalblaster
    • Snapped Shot
    • Eggstraction
    • Manic Memory
    • Farm Fresh
    • Frozen Fish
    • Mug Shot
    • WarioQuest 2
    • Dead Ringer
    • Wario Is HOT

    Tutorial Games

    These games are assembled by the player during the D.I.Y. 101 Lessons.

    • Ladybug
    • Balloon POP!
    • Butterflies

    Downloadable Microgame Listing

    Listed below is every game previously available to download from the NinSoft Store in North America & Europe. The same games were available for WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase. Dates are for the US release except where noted.

    Weekly Games

    • Dragon Duel [3/29/10]
    • Color-Full [3/29/10] (Europe: Colour-Full)
    • Fright Light [4/5/10]
    • Finger-Flex [4/5/10] (Japan/North America only)
    • Home Stretch [5/7/2010] (Europe only)
    • Matching Man [4/12/10]
    • Snow Fall [4/12/10]
    • Sky-Scrape [4/19/10]
    • 1-UP [4/19/10]
    • Digital Daze [4/26/10]
    • Rocky Road [4/26/10]
    • Sink Whole [5/3/10]
    • Multi-Fly [5/3/10]
    • Braking News [5/10/10]
    • Fossil Flop [5/10/10]
    • Bubble Break [5/17/10]
    • Wario Swarm [5/17/10]
    • Eject Reject [5/24/10]
    • Temple Trap [5/24/10]
    • Cheer Check [5/31/10]
    • Hue-Down [5/31/10]
    • Soccer To Me [6/7/10] (Europe: Go On My Son)
    • Flycatcher [6/7/10]
    • Power Grill [6/14/10]
    • Laser Aliens [6/14]10]
    • Stop Them! [6/21/10]
    • Stop Thief! [6/21/10]
    • Count 'Em Up [6/28/10]
    • Mario Maze [6/28/10]
    • Sleeper Swat [7/5/10]
    • Zoo Zounds [7/5/10]
    • Pencil Pinch [7/12/10]
    • Eggplant Fog [7/12/10] (Europe: Aubergenie)
    • Sumo Robots! [7/19/10]
    • Bear Afoot [7/19/10]
    • Maze Maestro [7/26/10]
    • Water Drop [7/26/10]
    • Falling Eggs [8/2/10]
    • Watchful "I" [8/2/10]
    • Memory Blobs [8/9/10]
    • Beam Me Out [8/9/10]
    • Cakesplitter [8/16/10]
    • Saving Rain [8/16/10]
    • Roach Blast [8/23/10]
    • Rhythm Count [8/23/10]
    • Fried Shrimp [8/30/10] (Europe: Fried Prawns)
    • Switch Back [8/30/10]
    • Mountennis [9/6/10]
    • Toppings! [9/6/10]
    • Polterball [9/13/10]
    • Squid Lunch [9/13/10]
    • Bird Breath [9/20/10]
    • Ready, Aim [9/20/10]
    • Jump Jets [9/27/10]
    • Ladies' Man [9/27/10]
    • Fan Boys [10/4/10]
    • Kickback [10/4/10]
    • Bun Blitz [10/11/10] (Europe: Service-ice)
    • Volume Deal [10/11/10]
    • Tissue Trap [10/18/10]
    • Fish & Game [10/18/10]
    • Lost Child [10/25/10]
    • Box & Blocks [10/25/10]
    • Hare Raising [11/1/10]
    • Go, Dad! [11/1/10]
    • Donut Wholes [11/8/10]
    • Masterpiece [11/8/10]
    • Matador-able [11/15/10]
    • Apple Thief [11/15/10]
    • Penguin Chow [11/22/10] (Europe: Penguin Grub)
    • Blob Blast [11/22/10]
    • Bulb Change [11/29/10]
    • Boxed Up [11/29/10]
    • Perform Ants [12/6/10] (Europe: Perform-Ants)
    • Weigh of War [12/6/10]
    • Blown Away [12/13/10]
    • Art Practice [12/13/10]
    • Winding Up [12/20/10]
    • How Low? [12/20/10]
    • Sheep Hunt [12/27/10]
    • Gator Bites [12/27/10]
    • Thirsty? [1/3/11]
    • Sonar Sea [1/3/11]
    • My Boyfriend [1/10/11]
    • ...Surprise! [1/10/11] (Europe: Intruder)
    • Deflect Beam [1/17/11]
    • The Big Race [1/17/11]
    • Mouse Hotel [1/24/11]
    • Keep Walking [1/24/11]
    • Line Connect [1/31/11]
    • Ugly...Bird [1/31/11]
    • Cowabunga? [2/7/11]
    • Final Battle [2/7/11]
    • Blob & Key [2/14/11]
    • Rock Hard [2/14/11]
    • Chute, Score [2/21/11]
    • Dating 101 [2/21/11] (Europe: Date Spot)
    • Tennis Pro [2/28/11]
    • Hideout [2/28/11]
    • Goombas [3/7/11]
    • Bird & Beans [3/7/11] (Europe: Pyoro)

    Big Name Games

    • Metroid [3/29/2010 - Yoshio Sakamoto of Sora]
    • Line Slash [3/29/2010 - Masahiro Sakurai of Nintendo]
    • Suck Goo! [4/5/10 - Ron Carmel of 2D Boy]
    • Ikachan [4/5/10 - Daisuke Amaya of Studio Pixel]
    • Fire Bad! [4/12/10 - Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games]
    • Shantae NAB! [4/19/10 - Matt Bozon of WayForward]
    • MEAT BOY [4/26/10 - Edmund McMillen of TEAM MEAT]
    • Fly Home! [5/3/10 - Todd Lewis of 5th Cell]
    • SayThatAgain [5/17/10 - Gary, co-host of Nintendo Week - only in North America]
    • LUNCH BREAK [5/17/10 - Alison, co-host of Nintendo Week - only in North America]
    • Funky Boxing [5/24/10 - Chris Slate, editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power - only in North America]
    • Revenge [5/31/10 - Steve Thomason, executive editor of Nintendo Power - only in North America]
    • Power Surge [6/7/10 - Chris Hoffman, editor at Nintendo Power - only in North America]
    • ChronosTwins [6/14/10 - Julio Moruno of EnjoyUp Games]
    • Ice Cream [6/21/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • Walkies [6/28/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • Hungry Robot [7/5/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • Cow Swat [7/12/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • Wing Man [7/19/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • InterMission [7/26/10 - Nintendo of America's Treehouse team - only in North America]
    • MAx [12/6/10 - Bo Strandby of Press Play]
    • OM NOM NOMS! [12/13/2010 - Fabian Akker of Ronimo]
    • Toki Drop [12/20/2010 - Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes B.V.]
    • Jett Rocket [12/27/2010 - Manfred Linzer of Shin'en Multimedia]
    • AndYetItMovs [1/3/2011 - Felix Bohatsch of Broken Rules]
    • Present Day! [12/24/2010 - "Nick" (Santa Claus) - only in Europe]
    • It's Cold! [12/31/2010 - "Nick" (Santa Claus) - only in Europe]

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