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    WarioWare: Get It Together!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 10, 2021

    Wario's fast-paced "microgame" series makes its Nintendo Switch debut, this time with a unique twist: instead of controlling the microgame itself, you control the WarioWare, Inc. employees stuck inside the games!

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    WarioWare: Get It Together! (known in Japan as Osusowakeru: Made in Wario) is a mini-game collection developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2021.

    The ninth main entry in the WarioWare series, Get It Together! brings the series' staple "microgame" formula to the Switch while introducing a new gameplay mechanic: instead of controlling each microgame directly, players instead control one of the game's 20 playable characters (each with their own unique movement and abilities) as they interact with the microgames (similar to 2D platformers) to solve their puzzles. This feature can be used for two-player co-operative play along with numerous party mini-games for up to four players. There are 222 total microgames in this installment.

    A free demo was released on the Nintendo eShop on August 20, 2021, including 15 microgames and seven playable characters.


    As customers line-up down the block to buy the latest hit Pyoro game, Wario tests out his newest creation at WarioWare, Inc. - a handheld game console. But once it turns on, Wario and the rest of the crew get shrunk down to chibi-like proportions and sucked into the console. Once inside, Wario finds that bugs are messing up the games that he created, and sets off to defeat the bugs, enountering his missing employees along the way.

    Story Mode is structured similarly to previous WarioWare games. Each stage features a character story cutscene (unrelated to the overall plot of the game) and then players play through a set of random microgames based on a certain theme, followed by the Boss Stage. Once cleared, the stage ends and the character joins your crew.

    Stages can then be played again to unlock more microgames in the Play-o-pedia or to chase the high score. On subsequent playthroughs, the Boss Stage is followed by a coin-grabbing Bonus Stage, then the games repeat, getting progressively harder and faster until the player fails. Each level can be played with a fixed crew size (either 3, 4 or 5 depending on the level), or with all crew members once Story Mode is completed.

    All Story mode levels can be played with two players simultaneously, a first for the series.

    Variety Pack

    Variety Pack includes a number of minigames for up to 4 players:


    • Gotta Bounce (1-4 players): An endless version of the “Bounce Back” microgame, in which 4 players can use crew member abilities to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible without touching the ground.
    • Daily Grind (1-4 players): An endless sidescroller depicting ”an average workday at WarioWare, Inc.” Players must collect sales contracts, rack up points and get to the exit. If touched by a “Rival” sales person, all currently-held sales contracts are stolen. By hitting a Clock-Out Box, players can switch to a different crew member, earning more points for each switch.
    • Friendless Battle (1 player): An endless battle against waves of enemy crew members. A massive Wario will also create obstacles in the arena over time.


    • High Five (1-4 players)
    • Duelius Maximus (2 players)
    • Rising Star (2 players)
    • Balloon Bang (2-4 players)
    • Sly Angle (2-4 players)
    • Puck ‘er Up (2-4 players)
    • Frenemy Frenzy (2-4 players)

    Wario Cup

    Wario Cup is a new single-player online mode for the series. Every week, a new challenge is available for all players to participate in. Beating gold, silver and bronze score goals rewards big coin prizes, while placing highly in Global Rankings unlocks rare in-game Prezzys. There are two different types of challenge:

    Timed Attack: Players must clear a certain number of games as fast as possible, with losses adding extra time to the final result.

    Score Attack: Players earn points for every microgame beaten.

    Some challenges feature set crew loadouts, with other allow players to choose their own. Certain challenges even require players to control 2 characters with the same controller. All players can play challenges and earn cups, but Global and Friend Rankings require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.


    • Speed Skater (09/07/21 - 09/14/21): Score Attack, 34 rounds, 9-Volt only. The microgame order is fixed, and all games are played at extremely high speed.


    Play-o-pedia is where players can browse and play individual microgames, with one or two players. Each game can be tackled with a single character, a crew of 3, a crew of 5, or the full crew, and high scores are tracked for each option. Every game also has a Passing Score to clear, which must be completed with the full crew.


    Get It Together! includes a total of 222 microgames across 10 genres. Every game can be played with any of the game’s 20 characters.

    • Intro Games (13)
    • That’s Life (23)
    • Fantasy (23)
    • High Tech (23)
    • Nintendo Classics (23)
    • Nature (23)
    • Sports (23)
    • Food (23)
    • Culture (23)
    • Anything Goes (25)


    • The opening cutscene shows that Super Pyoro is available on Switch, despite not being available in Get It Together and therefore not actually playable on Switch. Super Pyoro was available in WarioWare Gold on 3DS.
    • With the exception of Ashley (introduced in Touched!), all characters with a microgame genre are characters from the original WarioWare, Inc. game.
    • Fronk is the only character who has hosted a set of microgames in past titles to not be a playable character. Instead, he simply has a cameo role in 9-Volt’s story.
    • Despite being a character in all previous WarioWare games, this is the first time Pyoro has directly interacted with any of the other characters.
    • This is the first WarioWare story mode to feature a stage that contains no traditional microgames (the final stage, Showdown).
    • This is the second mainline WarioWare game to not feature outro cutscenes at the end of each story stage (the first being WarioWare: D.I.Y.)
    • This is the second mainline WarioWare game to not introduce a new character to the main cast (the first being WarioWare: D.I.Y.)
    • This is the first WarioWare game without any kind of manual, digital or physical.

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