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    WarioWare: Snapped!

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Apr 05, 2009

    A downloadable WarioWare game for the DSi which lets the player use the camera to play a variety of absurd microgames.

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    WarioWare: Snapped! is a microgame collection that takes advantage of the DSi's inner camera. In this game the player performs various nonsensical tasks moving a silhouette mirror image of themselves on screen, like picking a big virtual nose. No buttons are used for these games, and the touch screen is used only to pause and select menu options.


    Wario has opened his own theme park (Wario Park), and as usual his friends are under his employ. Only Mona, Jimmy, Kat and Ana are along for the ride this time though. Each character runs their own coaster, but no there is no individual story for each character.

    Game Modes

    Unlike previous WarioWare entries, this title only has four "playable" characters, each with only 5 microgames.

    • Wario: Games that require you to make big motions.
    • Mona: Games that make the player line up with something on the screen.
    • Jimmy T.: Games that require the player to strike a pose.
    • Kat & Ana: 2-player games.

    At the end of each mode, the game plays back photos taken of the player while they were playing, which are then played on the tile screen until the DSi's lid is closed or the player quits the game.

    There are no extra modes like the album or remix mode, which were standard features in previous games.

    Credits Game

    There is a credits minigame that features a coaster train flying off the rails and into space. Gameplay consists of the player moving their head to collect the letters of developer names, while avoiding enemies. Moving forward and backward will increase or decrease the speed of the coaster train, and moving left to right moves it. The train can have up to 5 carts, which are lost by hitting an enemy. The main cart cannot be lost, however. To restore a cart, simply collect a blue cart object. The points are given out like this:

    • Letter: 5 Points
    • Large Credits/Titles: 20 Points
    • All letters in a dev's name: 50 Points
    • All special objects (eg, NES pad, curry): 50 Points

    At the end of game, each cart that survived the trip (excluding the main one) is added to a multiplier. The time bonus is decided by how fast the game is completed. Under 8'49"68 scores a bonus, while going over deducts points. Upon returning to the title screen, the Hi-Score is displayed over the Credits button and is retained until the game is restarted.

    A standard credits sequence rolls on the bottom screen during the game.


    WarioWare: Snapped! was a launch title for the DSiWare service in all regions, priced at 500 DSi Points, or approx. 5 US dollars.

    Complete Microgame Listing

    Only 20 microgames make up Snapped! Titles are taken from the instruction at the start of each game, since official titles are not given.

    Wario's Coaster

    These games require large motions.

    • Shake: Shake the dog dry.
    • Touch All Three: Touch all three objects at once.
    • Come Closer: Lean in to zoom in on something.
    • Grab: Grab all the coins on the screen.
    • Pour: Pour water onto the two items.

    Post Ride Feature: Animations of the player during each of the games.

    Mona's Coaster

    These games make the player interact with an object on screen.

    • Kiss: Kiss the characters who appear on the screen.
    • Wear Glasses: Line up with the glasses on-screen.
    • Eat: Eat the food.
    • Wear Hat: Catch one of the falling hats.
    • Swat: Squish the fly.

    Post Ride Feature: Photos of the player with the in-game elements added in, like the glasses and hats.

    Jimmy's Coaster

    Jimmy's microgames have you acting things out.

    • Blow: Blow the man's blanket away.
    • Peekaboo: Play peekaboo with the baby.
    • Insert: Pick the nose that falls from above.
    • Massage: Pound the client's back to massage them.
    • Wave: Wave farewell.

    Post Ride Feature: The player is put into one of several five-page comics.

    Kat & Ana's Coaster

    2 players are required for all these microgames.

    • Cheek to Cheek: Go "head-to-head" with a friend.
    • Pose: Pose in the totem pole.
    • Fan: Position the sun and cool it off.
    • Smash: Jump up to smash the stone.
    • Wipe: Wipe the screen clean.

    Post Ride Feature: The players' in-game photos are turned into photo booth-style snaps.


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