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    WarioWare: Touched!

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Dec 02, 2004

    WarioWare: Touched is a Nintendo DS game that fully utilizes the touch screen and microphone to create around 200 crazy new microgames.

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    Following WarioWare Twisted's lead, WarioWare Touched takes the WarioWare formula and gives it a new type of control. In this volume, it's the DS's touch screen and microphone. No buttons are used at any point in the game. Like other WarioWare games, each character has their own selection of microgames, based around a control method (with some exceptions). At a couple of points, the player has to play a remix of the stages they have already done. Each game can be tackled on it's own in the Album, and clearing each game rewards a crown.


    (Chronologically, this game takes place between Twisted! and Smooth Moves.)

    While walking down the street, Wario trips and drops his (stolen) GBA and GBA SP systems into a manhole. An old man (who appears like an angel) floats out of the hole, and presents Wario with a choice: his two older systems, or a new one with two screens. Wario decides to have both and jumps at the man. While trying out his new two-screen device, he discovers the stylus. Liking the game, he sees yet another opportunity to get everyone's cash.

    Character Stories

    Like in previous games, the characters all gather at the Hawt House at the end of their stage (except Wario-Man). After each story is complete, the epilogues can be viewed in the Options menu.

    • Wario: Wario is at his home, munching down chocolate non-stop, until he is interrupted by an awful toothache. He quickly hops onto his hog and speeds down to Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic, where the good doctor fixes up his teeth. Despite his warning about staying away from sweets, Wario stops at a cake shop on his drive and stuffs his face again. The pain of yet another toothache launches him all the way back to the clinic, where Dr. Payne is expecting him.
    • Mona: When she's not doing her day job at Mona Pizza, Mona's also a pop idol. She bursts into the Diamond City charts at #1, knocking reigning queen Vanessa, who decides to exact revenge while Mona is en route to a concert. Vanessa and her cronies ambush Mona, but are stopped by Mona's animal helpers and band mates. When she arrives at the concert, Mona only manages to play for a few minutes before she suddenly dashes off to deliver pizzas. Vanessa takes the opportunity to impersonate Mona, but gets heckled off the stage.
    • Jimmy T.: Jimmy's back at his usual haunt, Club Sugar. In addition to Mama and Papa T, Jimmy introduces his brother and sister: James and Jamie. While the family grooves on the dance floor, a bug decides to nestle itself in Jimmy's 'fro. Jimmy goes nuts trying to get rid of it, and then slips right back into his groove. At the end of the night as the T. family walks home, they chat about their awesome dancing. The bug flies past and decides to get a little payback on Jimmy. While Jimmy jumps around itching, the others assume he's just dancing again.
    • Jamie T.: Back in Club Sugar, Jimmy's sister mixes up the microgames from Wario, Mona and Jimmy's stages.
    • Kat & Ana: Ana goes to get a snack, but discovers that her bunch of bananas is missing. Her dog (Shadow) finds a banana peel and some footprints leading out of a window. Ana leaves a note for Kat, and they run out into the woods to chase the banana thief. They eventually come upon a monkey sitting in a clearing, munching on the missing fruit. The sisters think he's cute, so they take him in and name him Numchuk.
    • Ashley: Ashley lives in a huge mansion outside of town. She and her friend Red are making a potion one night, but the mix fails. Meanwhile overhead, Orbulon's spaceship is struck by lightening and ejects him. He crashes to the ground, and while chasing his craft, bumps into Ashley. He runs away, but Ashley claims that he is the missing ingredient for her potion and sends Red to give chase. Orbulon gets away, and Ashley and Red return home. Ashley forgives Red, but decides to use him as the ingredient.
    • Dr. Crygor: Crygor has created a brand new machine in his island laboratory, which can recycle objects, turning apple cores into untouched apples. When he jumps into the machine with the apple, the shutters come down and he finds himself upgraded, and his blue suit has changed to red. He blasts off into the sky with his new jetpack, his experiment a success.
    • James T.: In Club Sugar once more, Jimmy's brother mixes up the microgames from Kat & Ana, Ashley and Dr. Crygor's stages.
    • Mike: Back at Crygor's lab, the doctor is finishing work on a new cleaning robot called Mike. He leaves it alone to clean up the lab while he's out. Mike works for some time, but his karaoke programming overpowers his default programming. He blasts off through the roof and declares an intergalactic karaoke tournament. He naturally sweeps the floor with the competition, and then Dribble & Spitz's taxi arrives with Crygor to collect Mike. When they return to the lab, the duo sing together, but Crygor's vocal talents are too bad for Mike to stand, and he leaves.
    • 9-Volt & 18-Volt: 9-Volt and 18-Volt are at the Toy Express store, to pick up a copy of the hot new game 36-Volt Man. The two friends return to 9-Volt's house to play (and finish) the game. Once they finish it, they jam until they both pass out and wake up late for school. Panicking, they both burst out the front door and run to school.
    • Wario-Man: Wario is lying in bed feeling sick. To try and perk himself up, he runs to the fridge and grabs a nasty-looking garlic and scoffs it down. The garlic reacts with his stomach and turns him in Wario-Man who punches through the front wall, ready to take on the world. He sees a train, and thinks he'd easily be able to crush it. Naturally, he has no effect on the train, which just sends him flying off into the sky.


    After the character credits have rolled, a TV report comes on to say that WarioWare: Touched! is flying off the shelves, another hit from Wario. Wario-Man finally lands in the manhole from the opening sequence. Back to plain old Wario, he hops out of the hole only for the old man to pop out and smash him with his cane, finally getting his payback.

    Post-Story Remix Towers

    After the story mode is complete, there are three unlockable remix stages that blend together every single microgame. The remix stages are represented by bears in this game.

    • Monster Megamix: Starts at normal difficulty and lowest speed.
    • Hardcore Mix: The player is given just one life.
    • Gnarly Mix: Starts off at the top difficulty and a very high speed.


    As per usual, a wide variety of extras can be unlocked by playing the story mode and mix stages. 34 are available, ranging from full minigames to tech demo-like toys.


    • Juggle Boy: The player must tap the hands of a tall boy to make him juggle. Balls and clubs fall from the top screen, with more being added as the player's score goes up. The speed sometimes changes suddenly, and sometimes an item is dropped in for just one juggle. If even one item is dropped, the game ends.
    • Orbit Ball: An endless version of the Galaxy Bounce microgame. The player must draw lines which act like a trampoline to bounce Orbit Ball upwards through space. There is a limit to the line's length, and only one can be onscreen at once, which vanishes after being bounced on once. The game begins at a beach, where hitting a cloud will slow the character's ascent. Once he reaches space more obstacles appear, like yellow stars which knock him off course, and red stars which knock him way off course. If he hits an orange planet, Orbit Ball will freeze in the air momentarily and drop back down, but purple planets simple knock him back. UFOs take him offscreen and drop him back. If he falls past the bottom of the touch screen, the game ends. If the player passes the high score, the red and blue aliens from "" carry out a sign that says HI-SCORE on the top screen.
    • Pong Ping: A two player game where each player takes one screen and shoulder button. Pressing their button lets the player swing at the ball, and movement is automatic. The first player to score 10 points wins the game.
    • Air Dude: A man wearing a glider runs off a pier and the player must blow into the mic to try and keep it level to glide for as far as possible before it hits the water. If the high score is broken, the man gets out and jumps on top of the glider.
    • Big Hurl: A version of the I'm Gonna Hurl microgame. The player has to spin a shotputter around to fill up a power meter and then fling the shotput in the direction of the top screen, in order to throw it as far as possible.
    • Snore Rope: Based on the Light Sleeper microgame. The player must blow to keep an old man floating, while angels use a jump rope. The game ends if the man touches the rope, so the player must moderate their blowing to keep him in the middle. At 5 "jumps" the rope starts moving up and down, so the old man must move with it. The rope movements become more drastic as the game progresses.
    • Pyoro T: Similar to Pyoro R from WW: Twisted. Pyoro stands on a small green sphere on the top screen, surrounded by four flowers. Enemies fly in from all directions to try and kill the flowers. The player must pull back Pyoro's tail and let it go to snap his tongue out at the enemies. The more he eats with one shot, the more points are earned. Certain enemies require the player to quickly rotate Pyoro to reel it in. Bombs that fall from above with stun Pyoro if not eaten, and eating a star will restore one flower. The background color changes and the game speeds up every 5000 points.


    • Snow Man: A snowball can be pushed around the bottom screen. When it becomes big enough,it turns into a snowman. By tapping the snowman and destroying it, the player can start again.
    • Wario Spinner: On the screen is a disc with Wario's head on one side and facial features on the other. Blowing hard enough makes it appear as a combined picture of Wario's face.
    • Whistle a Tune: Blowing into the mic plays a tune on the DS.
    • Calculator: A very basic calculator, like the one used in the Accountant Assault microgame. Only allows addition and subtraction.
    • Piano: A basic, playable piano, similar to the one from the Tune Out microgame. The black keys cannot be played.
    • Air Toss 2000: Blowing into the mic makes the ball hover in the air. Blowing hard will change it's color.
    • Metronome: A usable metronome. Adjusting the nose on the needle raises or lowers the BPM.
    • Wario Paint: A toy based on Mario Paint that lets the player color in different WarioWare characters. Tapping an area will fill it with color, which can be selected at the top of the screen.
    • Kitchen Timer: A basic kitchen timer. The player can set a time in minutes and seconds and the timer will count down to zero.
    • Pet Brine Buddies: A tank of microscopic creatures. Two tools are given the player: a magnifying glass to examine the creatures with, and a lightbulb which draws them in to a point.
    • Wind Chime: Blowing into the mic plays the windchime.
    • Reel-to-Reel: The player takes control of a projector. The movie shown is a red Chain Chomp-like character moving down a corridor and jumping through walls. Occasionally it jumps down a hole, only to re-emerge moments later from the ceiling. The player can moved the video back or forward at whatever speed they turn the reels at.
    • Bubble Blaster: Blowing into the mic blows bubbles on screen. They cannot be popped or manipulated.
    • Clacker: Two balls attached to a handle. When the handle is moved up and down very fast, the balls clack together. It is also possible to move the balls individually.
    • They Hunger: A bunch of tiny blue creatures crown the screen. Touching the screen draws them to that point, while blowing scatters them away. If left alone, they will form shapes.
    • Spirometer: The player blows in the mic to raise the ball in the tube. The harder they blow, the higher the number goes. The cap can be popped off the top by blowing hard enough.
    • Play By Ear: Allows the player to play the harmonica by blowing in the mic. Notes can be changed by pressing a button as shown on the top screen. Graphics are based on the Sweet Nothings microgame.
    • Party Tooter: Like the real-life toy, blowing into the mic extends the tooter.
    • Turntable: Allows the player to listen to Ashley's Theme or music from Mario Paint and Hogan's Alley. The record can be sped up by turning the record manually, but it cannot be played backwards or scratched.
    • yo-yo: For this toy, the DS is held upside-down, and the touch screen controls the arm holding the yo-yo.
    • Grandma Simulator: A slow-talking grandma. She offers the player advice if they blow on her tea.
    • Pet Parrot: The parrot will repeat something that the player says.
    • Light Show: Drawing on the screen creates a colorful line which slowly fades away. Sometimes the line is a single color, sometimes it appears as a multicolored line.
    • Pet Chameleon: A chameleon standing on a branch in front of a patterned wallpaper. Tapping in front of it will stretch it's tongue, and dragging a new wallpaper down will make it change it's appearance.
    • Custard: A custard dessert on a plate. It can be stretched using the touch screen, and it will spring back into place.
    • Game Credits: The staff credits. The icons flying around the background can be played with using the touch screen.
    • Mona Pizza: This music video for the Mona Pizza theme song is unlocked by having WW: Twisted! in the GBA slot when you start up Touched! Pressing A switches to karaoke mode.

    Complete Microgame Listing

    Listed in the order they appear in the Album in-game. Most categories are based around one gameplay mechanic. There are 191 microgames in WarioWare: Touched!

    Touch Training (Wario)

    These are simple games to get the player used to basic gameplay.

    • Party Popper: Pop all the balloons.
    • Pet Peeved: Poke a cat.
    • Waste with Haste: Empty the pencil.
    • Big Bang: Detonate the fireworks.
    • Taping a Leak: Fix all of the leaks.
    • Sleepy Head: Wake up the sleeping person.
    • Up for Grabs: Grab the falling rod.
    • Tune Out: Copy the notes on the piano.
    • Freak Mutation: Choose the object the changed.
    • Bug Eyed: Tap all of the bugs.
    • Lose Your Marble: Chip away all the marble.
    • Wrap Sheet: Pop all the bubbles.
    • Swamp Things: Poke the creatures in the eyes.
    • Number Cruncher: Tap the icons in order.
    • Perfect Match: Choose the matching card.
    • Housewares: Find the object shown on the top screen.
    • Profiler: Tap the object that matches the silhouette on the top screen.
    • Into the Sunset: Shoot all the objects.
    • Character Development: Tap the letters to spell the word shown.
    • Accountant Assault: Find the answer to the math problem.
    • Rump Roast: Whip the horse and win the race.
    • Boss Stage: You Break It, You Buy It: Swat all the flies without shattering the window.

    Cute Cuts (Mona)

    These microgames require small gestures with the stylus.

    • Steel Chef: Slice the flying food.
    • Clog It: Use all the toilet paper.
    • Snivel Disobedience: Snip the dripping snot.
    • Zoooooooo: Stretch the animal.
    • Blowin' Up: Pull all the the party poppers.
    • Running of the Bull's-eye: Hit the target.
    • Sinking Feeling: Raise the ground to get the car past.
    • Star Struck: Hit the ninja with a throwing star.
    • Face-Lift: Adjust the face to match the example.
    • Cage Match: Drop the cage to trap the animal.
    • Straight Faces: Match the colors.
    • No Love for You: Pull all of the petals.
    • Quite Puzzled: Complete the sliding puzzle.
    • Pass Aggressive: Pass the ball to a teammate.
    • Tuft It Out: Pluck the hairs.
    • Sweeping Victory: Trip up the person.
    • Fresh Squeezed: Milk the cow.
    • Got the Chops: Chop up the vegetable.
    • It Slices, It Dices: Slice the object.
    • Middle Management: Knock away the tower sections with making it fall.
    • Boss Stage: Pro Bowling: Knock down all the pins.

    Dance Club Rub (Jimmy T.)

    Jimmy's games all require the player to rub the screen.

    • Impressionism: Run the paper and make a copy of the coin.
    • Shakedown: Shake the trees until they drop everything.
    • Pet Petter: Pet the animal.
    • Arms Race: Perform chin-ups.
    • Chalk Full: Erase the chalk drawing.
    • Oh, Snap!: Tickle the man that raises his arms.
    • Scratch and Match: Find two matching symbols.
    • Wishful Thinking: Rub the lamp.
    • Power Chord: Rock out for the crowd.
    • Dish It: Keep all the dishes spinning.
    • Early Release: Escape from the jail.
    • Ick Magnet: Charge up the plastic to collect everything.
    • Drama Clean: Clean the window.
    • Touchdown: Help the man get to solid ground.
    • Public Transportation: Pump the lever and get away from the pursuer.
    • Burning Rubber: Use up the eraser.
    • Sweet Sorrow: Wave goodbye.
    • Washed Up: Wash the face.
    • Erosion: Adjust the hills to let the helicopter past.
    • Worked to a Lather: Wash the hair.
    • Boss Stage: Rainbow Juice: Fill the bucket with rainbow juice.

    Ninja Scribble (Kat & Ana)

    This category has players drawing in each game.

    • Finger Painting: Paint all the nails.
    • Long Division: Divide the two types of object.
    • Domestic Issue: Thread through the needles.
    • Feeling Saucy: Put ketchup on the fries.
    • One-Liner: Draw the shape in one line.
    • Finish Line: Complete the path to the finish.
    • Hair Supply: Draw in a mustache.
    • Bright Idea: Connect the wires to the battery.
    • What's Your Sign?: Connect the stars in the constellation.
    • Divide and Conquer: Cut the material down the middle.
    • Write On, Dude: Copy the lines to write a Japanese character.
    • Hookin' Up: Connect the girl to the boy.
    • Corrections Officer: Circle the correct answers.
    • Midnight Weirdo: Find the creepy guy.
    • The Proud, the Fuse: Light the fuse.
    • Ring Master: Connect all the rings.
    • Shoo!: Clear all the creatures off the screen.
    • In the Loop: Draw a circle around the buttons.
    • Hi, Wire!: Draw a path to the man's home.
    • Ramp It Up: Draw ramps to get the ball in the slot.
    • Boss Stage: Galaxy Bounce: Bounce the ball into space by drawing bouncy lines.

    Total Drag (Ashley)

    Dragging things is the focus of this category.

    • Separation Anxiety: Separate the items into the correct categories.
    • Farm Fresh: Drag the animals into the pen.
    • Basket Case: Catch the ball in the basket.
    • Greedy Hands: Put the coins into the purse.
    • I'm #1!: Catch rings on the finger.
    • Rock Fever: Find the right creature.
    • On Strike: Light the match.
    • Drop in a Bucket: Catch the drops in the pan.
    • Sugar Rush: Use the tongue to grab all the sweets.
    • Pipe Dream: Use the machine to transform the object.
    • Birdcicle: Move the ice blocks to form a bridge.
    • Sneeze, Please!: Make the nose sneeze.
    • Fatapult: Drop the fat man onto the catapult.
    • Catch of the Day: Catch all the fishes in the net.
    • Cheap Thrill: Grab the desired item of clothing.
    • Fill 'Er Up: Fill the jar with sweets.
    • Don't Blow It: Light all the candles.
    • Chance of Showers: Put out the fire.
    • Oh, the Irony: Iron the clothing.
    • Very Attractive: Get the paperclip to the finish without getting attracted to the magnets.
    • Boss Stage: Global Warning: Drag the planet to avoid the attacks, and then defeat the aliens.

    Slightly Unscrewed (Dr. Crygor)

    Microgames in this set require the player to make a circular gesture on the screen.

    • Free Range: Rotate the box to free the animal.
    • Heads Will Roll: Finish the snowman.
    • Space Buffet: Suck everything into the black hole.
    • Big as a Whale: Reel in the catch.
    • Watered Down: Fill the cup to the target.
    • Goin' Loopy: Make the person dizzy.
    • Engine Trouble: Spin up the propeller and get the plane in the air.
    • Catch a Tune: Get a clear signal on the radio.
    • Unwind: Unwind the image.
    • Stroke of Genius: Swim to the finish.
    • Drop the Ball: Get the ball out of the box.
    • Track and Field: Rotate the tracks to get the cart to the people.
    • Straight to Video: Find the right frame in the video.
    • Fried Goodness: Eat the whole donut.
    • Good Times: Wind the clock to the right time.
    • I'm Gonna Hurl: Fling the shotput as far as possible.
    • Flower to Tower: Crank the man up to the window.
    • Gym Locker: Unlock the safe.
    • Spin a Yarn: Unravel the clothing.
    • Luna-see: Find the moon in the night sky.
    • Boss Stage: Living Room Rally: Drive the car to finish line before it's squished by the "monster".

    Mic Rocking (Mike)

    No games in this category use the touch screen, just the microphone.

    • Spindy Day: Make the pinwheel spin.
    • Sweet Nothings: Whisper into the person's ear.
    • Pop Art: Blow a bubble.
    • Call of Nature: Blow into the correct animal whistle.
    • Cup Runneth Over: Blow bubbles in the drink.
    • Winter Fresh: Fog up the window.
    • Light Sleeper: Keep the man in the air.
    • Admiral Blowhard: Blow the sails to reach the goal.
    • Cool It: Cool things down.
    • Rising Inflation: Blow up the balloon.
    • Crowd Control: Blow away the fans.
    • Deep Breath: Get to the surface.
    • Abdominal Blowman: Get the doll to do sit-ups.
    • Clearing the Air: Blow away the smoke.
    • Lung Capacity: Play the trumpet.
    • In Your Face: Blow the ball into the other guy's face.
    • Silent but Deadly: Shoot all the targets.
    • Hit the Gust: Get the car into the safe zone.
    • Over Easy: Flip the item over.
    • On the Fly: Blow the paper plane through the hoop.
    • Boss Stage: Seedy Area: Get the seed onto the dry land while avoiding the birds and fish.
    • Shhhhhhh!: Don't make a sound. [This microgame isn't listed in the Album, but pops up anytime there is a group of microphone games together]

    Retro Action (9-Volt)

    As usual, 9-Volt's games are all based on Nintendo games and products.

    • Super Mario Bros.: Collect coins.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Grab the fairies.
    • Duck Hunt: Shoot down all the targets.
    • Metroid: Keep the Metroids off Samus.
    • Game & Watch Toss Up: Keep the balls in the air.
    • Pushing Buttons: PFind and push the specified button.
    • Mario Paint: Color in the picture.
    • Game On: Set up the Gamecube.
    • 8-Bit Hero: Find the wrong pixel.
    • Game & Watch Flagman: Match the sequence.
    • Gold Digger: Pick the nose.
    • Super Mario Bros.: Defeat all the enemies.
    • Button Masher: Tap the A-button to play the game.
    • Game & Watch Oil Panic: Catch all the drops.
    • Clawing for More: Grab the ball.
    • Donkey Kong 3: Spray Donkey Kong to the top.
    • Balloon Fight: Pop the enemy balloons.
    • Hogan's Alley: Shoot the bad guys.
    • Game & Watch Lion: Keep the lions caged up.
    • Famicom: Blow into the mic to play the games.
    • Boss Stage: Gunslinger: Shoot the barrels and don't let them drop off the bottom.

    Super Zero (Wario-Man)

    The final set of microgames, as usual, features Wario in every game.

    • Bubble Head: Pop all the bubbles.
    • You Scratch Mine: Scratch all the backs.
    • Hot Flash: Remove all of the clothing.
    • Launch Line: Connect the wire to the button and launch the rocket.
    • Scrambled Egg: Stop the machinery.
    • Short Fuse: Cut the correct fuse.
    • Spario: Spar with Wario.
    • Where's Wario: Find Wario on the ball.
    • Air Male: Pump up the balloon.
    • Wanna Slice?: Slice up the pizza.
    • Nitpicking: Pick the bugs out of the fur.
    • Fan Fair: Stop the money from burning.
    • Daily Grind: Find the correct day on the calendar.
    • Feel the Beat: Whack the head in the drums.
    • Domino Theory: Punch over the dominoes so they hit the button.
    • Upper Cut: Punch Wario as he jumps.
    • Dead Simon Says: Make the skeletons match.
    • Buried Treasure: Blow the sand away, then grab the treasure.
    • It'll Grow Back: Grab the tail.
    • The Crate Escape: Build the pile up to the platform.
    • Boss Stage: Being Nosy: Cut away the hairs, chip away any rocks, and avoid the droplets. Then, help Wario escape.


    Unlike other entries in the series, all the songs with vocals were translated into English. There are three character themes: Mona Pizza (introduced in Twisted), Ashley's Theme and Rock the Mike! The lyrics to each can be found on the character pages. All three theme songs were remade as tracks for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


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