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    WarioWare Twisted!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 23, 2005

    Twisted! takes WarioWare's microgames and turns them on their side by including a tilt sensor and rumble pack, raising an innovative series to new levels of ridiculous with another 200 microgames.

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    WarioWare: Twisted! is the third game in the franchise, and continues the same brand of crazy, fast-paced microgaming as it predecessors. Whereas WarioWare, Inc. used the D-pad and A button though, this installment uses only the built-in motion sensor with the A button. A rumble function is also built into the cartridge, which can be deactivated in the Option menu.

    The player has to play through a variety of microgames, which generally last around a few second each. The fun comes when these games are strung together in quick succession. The games are divided up into sets for each character, and each set has a Boss Stage, which generally lasts a little longer than standard ones. Completing a character's boss lets you move on through the story.

    The player also has the option to play a single microgame on endless loop like an independent stage. Beating a preset high score clears the game, as indicated by a crown.


    (Chronologically, this game takes place between WarioWare Inc. and WarioWare Touched!)

    Wario is playing on his GBA. When he gets frustrated by the game he's playing, he throws it around and ends up breaking the system. Wario takes the busted system to Crygor, who throws in in one of his crazy inventions. The result is a system that has no buttons, but Wario discovers that the games are played by tilting it. Showing the new motion sensitive system to Mona and 9-Volt, he is once again inspired to sell them and make himself some cash.

    Character Stories

    After each story (except Wario-Man's), the character makes their way to Club Sugar and appears on the dance floor. The epilogues are viewable in the Options after seeing them in the story.
    • Wario: While Wario is working out, a mouse knocks him over. Wario chases it around his house, and in doing so disturbs a large stopwatch. Although he catches the mouse, the watch flies into the air and then lands on him, trapping him inside (which gives the watch a Wario-like mustache...). The watch opens up and four tiny Warios walk out, and the mouse chases after them. They dash back into the watch and a full-sized Wario pops back out, who kicks the watch at the mouse. It misses, but then bounces around the other room and and then lands on the mouse.
    • Mona: Mona Pizza and Pizza Dinosaur - next-door to each other - both get a phone call. Mona gets an order, but Pizza Dinosaur's caller had the wrong number (they wanted Mona). So, naturally, they head out after Mona while she's out to deliver a pizza and ambush her on the bridge. Mona's three animal friends arrive to help her, but Pizza Dinosaur has a large dinosaur-styled armoured vehicle which is resistant to their attacks. Mona's monkey friend drops a banana on the road, which trips up the Pizza Dinosaur vehicle, allowing Mona to deliver the pizza successfully.
    • Jimmy: Jimmy is once again setting the dance floor on fire, but this time, he's joined by his parents. Dinner is brought to the trio, but they're too busy taking snapshots with their cell phones to eat it.
    • Kat & Ana: Kat and Ana are on a school field trip to Diamond Knoll. While they're walking along, Ana stops to look at a flower, but Kat keeps on walking. When Ana rushes to catch up, she finds Kat prodding a beehive with a stick. Of course, the bees get angry, so the girls run into a shack up ahead and shut the door. Then, a sinister monster appears in the darkness... Kat and Ana begin to charge up their swords with massive power, when Shuriken the hawk (carrying Shadow the dog) flies in through a window, and crashes into the monster, knocking it out. As the girls leave they discover that the bees have been waiting outside. The stage ends with them running from the angry bees.
    • Dribble & Spitz: Dribble and Spitz are driving along down Interstate 310. Spitz is asleep, and Dribble is messing with the radio. All of a sudden, the cab breaks down, so the duo get to work trying to fix it.  Once the cab is fixed, they continue on their way. Dribble presses a small button on the dashboard, and the cab sprouts wings and takes off into outer space. Along their new route, they find an alien customer who wishes to go to Club Sugar.
    • Dr. Crygor: At his off-shore laboratory, Dr. Crygor has completed his latest creation. The Gravitator is capable of altering gravity itself. The machine spits out a massive robotic suit, which Crygor uses to fly up in the skies... until Shuriken hits it. Fortunately, the hawk rescues Crygor as his suit falls to pieces, and gets him safely to solid ground.
    • Orbulon: Orbulon is flying through space in his pig-shaped spaceship, manned by his bunny minions. Leaving them in charge, he falls asleep, but soon they follow him. They all wake up suddenly when the ship's computer warns them about a black hole about to destroy them. Orbulon activates the Warp Mode, but can't remember the password... Orbulon finally gets the password and the ship speeds away. They come across a moon and decide to land and rest, but the moon turns out to be a creature that eats the ship and spits it out towards earth.
    • 9-Volt: 9-Volt's class has a new student: 18-Volt (no relation to 9-Volt), who's into music. 9-Volt decides to invite the new guy over, who's fascinated by all of 9-Volt's retro games and systems. They plug in the NES and play some old-school games together. 9-Volt's mother storms upstairs and tells him to get to bed. Like any gamer, he tries playing on his GBA SP after she's left the room, but she catches him in the act.
    • Wario-Man: The news is reporting that Wario's latest game has once again broken sales records. At Crygor's lab, a conveyor belt carries items to the Gravitator to convert into the game. Wario is sitting on the belt engrossed in his own game and falls into the machine, which spits him out as... WARIO-MAN! Dedicated to saving the world from it's money. Dr. Crygor throws Wario-Man back into the Gravitator, but he uses it to "power up." The contraption takes off into space, where it transforms into a colossal robot suit.


    Mona, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Kat and Ana are seeing space from Orbulon's new spaceship. Wario-Man, still wearing his new suit, sees them and starts waving at them. Unfortunately the ship decides that he is a threat, and despite his cries of alarm, shoots Wario's suit to pieces, leaving him to fall back down to earth. He lands in the ocean near Dr. Crygor's lab, and claims that he is firing everyone. After the cast credits have rolled, one of the handheld systems fall back down into the ocean and Wario bobs back to the surface.

    Post-Story Remix Modes

    After the story mode, there several unlockable remix modes which mix all of the microgames together. In this game, the tower stages are represented by monkeys.
    • WarioWatch - Speed Spin: Wario's stage, but with a cumulative time limit.
    • WarioWatch - Speedier Spin: Like the Speed Spin stage, but with a much smaller time limit.
    • Skyscraper: Includes all microgames; starts at normal speed and level.
    • Tower: Includes all microgames; starts out very fast.
    • Mansion: Includes all microgames; player only has one life.

    Unlockable Souvenirs

    WarioWare: Twisted! includes 140 unlockable goodies (plus 2 removed from the US version) including music, minigames and simple toys.


    • Spitz Hockey: A standard game of air hockey against Spitz. Tilting moves the paddle and pressing A bats it forward. The first to 5 points wins.
    • Ana Hockey: The same as Spitz Hockey, but with moles that can pop up in the middle of the table, bouncing back the puck.
    • Unfair Hockey: The same as Spitz and Ana Hockey, but the sides of the table are electrified. touching them stuns the player's paddle momentarily. In Japan, this game is called Wario Hockey.
    • Eternal Wario Hockey: An endless version of the Wario Hockey microgame. Unlike the previous hockey games, the player cannot bat the paddle forward. In Japan, this minigame is called Table Hockey Forever.
    • Wario Bike: A mixture of Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike, with a Wario spin. Twisting the system tilts the bike, and slows the decent from jumps. Gameplay mechanics are otherwise similar to Super Mario Bros., in that the player can collect coins and stomping enemies heads defeats them. The game ends when the player reaches the flagpole.
    • Apple Assault: The player is charged with aiming a cannon at incoming enemies. The ammo is a never-ending stream of apple-headed mini Warios. Enemies approah the cannon to try and destroy it, so the player must hit them with the Warios which will destroy them. Some enemies need more Warios to kill.
    • Cyclone Shuffle: An endless version of the Cyclone Kick microgame.
    • Astro Boomerang!: An endless version of the Boomerang! microgame.
    • Stabs in the Dark: An endless version of the Stab in the Dark microgame.
    • Half-Pipe: The player pulls off snowboard jumps in a half-pipe by tilting the system to move and pressing A at the edge to jump. Each jump is scored and tallied up at the finishing line.
    • Pushover: Another single-system 2-player game, like others in the WarioWare series. Each player takes a shoulder button. The goal is to push the player over. Pressing a player's button sets the character's arms up or down. Tilting the system makes the characters push. If a player tries to push but has their hands set to the opposite position, they will fall over and lose the round. The first to three wins.
    • Divider Conquer: The players tilts the system to swing around a bar. When they let go, the character flies off and crashes through a number of barriers on the floor and ceiling. Each divider is counted until the player touches the floor. In Japan, this game is named Long Jump.
    • Mega Micro Golf: An extended version of the Micro Golf microgame. This game is called patgolf in the Japanese version.
    • Pillow Fight: An endless version of the Self-Defence microgame.
    • Staying Asheep: An endless version of the Falling Asheep microgame.
    • Ski Jumping: The player tilts the system to start moving, and then presses A at the jump area to leap off and perform the best jump possible.
    • Sew Hard: An endless version of the Sew Easy microgame. This is called Sewing Machine Club in Japan.
    • Batting Practice: Similar to the Ultra Machine game from the original WarioWare. Pressing A launches a ball and the bat is swung by tilting the system.
    • Mewtroid: A cat, equipped with Samus's arm cannon, rolls around on the floor. Tilting the system rolls the cat around, and the player must fend off enemies with the cannon. Some only require one hit, while others require several. Getting hurt will end the game.
    • Pyoro R: Pyoro stands on a small green hill, surrounded by four flowers. As usual, he must use his stretchy tongue to fend off enemies. The enemies fly in from all directions and attempt to kill the flowers. The more Pyoro eats in one go, the more points the player earns. Certain enemies require the player to shake the system to defeat, while another turns up the speed when eaten.
    • WarioWare: Twisted!: This final unlockable takes the player to a new title screen, as if they're actually unlocked a new copy of WW: Twisted.


    Each record can be either spun manually (by rotating the GBA) or set to play normally. In the latter mode, the player can scratch the record like a DJ.
    • Mona Pizza: The Mona Pizza theme song, with vocals. Played during Mona's stage.
    • Pizza Dinosaur: The theme song of Mona Pizza's rivals, Pizza Dinosaur.
    • Skyway Highway: The music from Mona's boss stage.
    • One Step at a Time: The music from Jimmy's boss stage.
    • Jimmy's Night: A remix of one of Jimmy's hits.
    • Nose Dive: The music from Kat & Ana's boss stage.
    • Taxi Sonata: One of the radio songs from Dribble & Spitz's stage.
    • Dribble & Spitz: Another of the radio songs from Dribble & Spitz's stage.
    • Basic Training: The music from Dribble & Spitz's boss stage.
    • Bright Idea Boogie: Dr. Crygor's theme song. Plays during his story.
    • NES Remix: A tune created by 9-Volt and 18-Volt. Plays during 9-Volt's story.
    • Wario de Mambo: The music from Wario-Man's boss stage.
    • Vision: A smash hit by "DJ BaBa".
    • Super Mario Bros.: Music from the NES game Super Mario Bros.
    • Metroid: Ending music from the NES game Metroid.
    • Balloon Fight: Music from the NES game Balloon Fight.
    • Wrecking Crew: Music from the NES game Wrecking Crew.
    • Kid Icarus: Music from the NES game Kid Icarus.


    • Glissando Piano: A playable piano that allows the player to sweep their finger across the keys.
    • Piano: A playable piano, similar to the one used in the Deadly Ditty microgame.
    • Player Piano 1: This piano has the player follow along to a tune.
    • Player Piano 2: Similar to Player Piano 1, but with a different tune and graphics.
    • Violin: The player plays along according to the game's examples.
    • Rhythm Hammer: A hammer that can be smashed between two different objects. When hit, each one makes a noise, and the sound set can be changed for one of eight different ones.
    • Bell: A standard bell. If shaken too hard, the bell can break off the handle.
    • Twist Drum: A standard twist drum. Balls on strings hit the two sides of the drum when twisted.
    • Maracas: A set of maracas, wielded by a man on a stage.
    • Oinker: Tipping the oinker makes pig-like sounds.
    • Guitar: A guitar, played by moving the man's hand to one of the three sections of the neck and strumming. Similar to the Guitar Solo microgame.
    • Drum Kit: The drum kit from the Beat-Down microgame, made up of several random pieces. Pressing the L button changes the tempo.
    • Fans: There is a fan for each of the 12 characters in the game. Each one plays musical notes as it is opened, and displays artwork of the character.


    • King: A king figurine that can be made to bow. He says "Sorry" when bowing fully.
    • Teen Idol: A picture of a shy, female teen pop idol. Her eyes can be moved and she makes expressions when left alone.
    • Teddy Bear: A teddy that can be rolled along the ground.
    • Bald Guy: A large-headded bald man that can be rolled along the ground.
    • Mountain Climber: A man that can shimmy up a set of strings endlessly.
    • Giraffe: A giraffe figure that collapses when the A button is press.
    • Boy: A boy that collapses when the A button is pressed.
    • Mushroom: [Japanese version only] A mushroom that collapses when the A button is pressed. By shaking the GBA fast, the head pops off, revealing a face.
    • Yoga Man: A man that can be twisted backwards or forwards between his own legs. When fully twisted, he faces the screen and says"Relax!" (or "Whoosh!" in the Japanese version)
    • Character Figurines: There is a figurine for each of the 12 characters in the game. Each one is based on one of the types listed above: Wario and Jimmy mimic the King; Mona is the Teen Idol; Kat, Ana and Wario-Man are similar to the Mountain Climber; Dribble and 18-Volt are collapsible like the Boy; Spitz, Orbulon and 9-Volt are all rolling toys like the Bald Man; Dr. Crygor is very similar to the Yoga Man.


    • Clock: A clock that allows the player to manipulate the hands or just speed up time.
    • Globe: A globe that points out countries as it is rotated.
    • Fortune Cookie: The note inside predicts the player's future. In the Japanese version, this is a Written oracle, which does the same thing but with different graphics.
    • Planetarium: A view of the night sky that highlights the signs of the zodiac.
    • Protractor: A tool for measuring angles. Turning adjusts the size of the angle.
    • Minuteglass: An hourglass that times one minute.
    • Ramen Timer: An hourglass that times three minutes.
    • Egg Timer: An hourglass that times five minutes.
    • Seismockgraph: A tool for measuring vibrations.
    • Love Tester: Based on the classic Nintendo product. To use it, two people face each other and hold one half of the GBA. First, they must move the arrow to the OK line. Then they must look into each others eyes and press the L and R buttons when they hear the beep. After that, their love is rated out of 100 and their predicted future love life over 10 years is shown on a chart.
    • Lie Detector: By holding L and R, the machine will detect if you are lying (based on how much the GBA is moving).
    • Timer: A timer than can be set for up to 5 minutes. When it reaches 0, it makes a ringing noise.


    • Kaleidoscopes: There are six different types of kaleidoscope: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Love and Sad.
    • Snake Charmer: A toy snake that can be curled up. If curled too tightly, it starts changing color and eventually breaks.
    • Police Car: A toy car that can be rolled along the ground.
    • Robots: Two robots wrestling each other that can be rolled along the ground.
    • Face It!: The player can construct a face by selecting the hair, ears, eyes, nose, mustache, and mouth.
    • Pool Break: A pool table that challenges the player to sink as many of the balls as possible with a single break shot.
    • Snow Globe: A regular snow globe. The player can changes the colors with the A button.
    • Bouncy Ball: A bouncy ball that can be bounced around the screen. Hitting all the buttons at the side changes the wallpaper.
    • Top: By shaking the GBA, the spinning top spins on it's point. A bird flapping it's wings is shown on the top.
    • Woodpecker: A woodpecker stands on the side of a tree, and pecks at it when the GBA is rocked. After destroying a few sections, it comes to a metal section, with another woodpecker on the other side. Whichever one gets all the way through carries on down the tree.
    • Pizza Music Box: A music box featuring Mona riding her scooter. When wound up, it plays the Mona Pizza theme song.
    • Lightwand: A lightwand for each of the 12 main characters in the game. Waving it produces a picture of the character's face.


    • Carrot Grater: Grate a carrot into tiny pieces. In Japan, a turnip was used instead.
    • Big Carrot Grater: Grate a large carrot into tiny pieces. In Japan, a big turnip was used instead.
    • Slice of Cake Grater: Grate a single slice of cake into tiny pieces.
    • Cake Grater: Grate an entire cake into tiny pieces.
    • Sedan Grater: Grate a red car into tiny pieces.
    • SUV Grater: Grate a Nintendo-branded SUV into tiny pieces. The wheels pop off as the player grates.
    • Clean Sweep: Use a broomstick to clean up the never-ending stream of junk that flies onto the screen.
    • Garden Gnome: A gnome covered in snow. Shaking the GBA gets rid of the snow, which is quickly replaced. In Japan, this is a Jizou-san statue.
    • Wet Dog: Similar to the gnome, the player can shake this dog dry, but it only lasts for a moment.
    • Student: A student, trying to study. Leaves constantly fall in his face, no matter how hard the player shakes his head.
    • Pet Hamster: Make the hamster run in it's wheel to power a light bulb. Eventually the bulb breaks and is replaced.
    • Seasonings: An interactive painting. Rotating the GBA shifts between the seasons, each with a variety of animations.
    • Towel: A wet towel which the player can wring dry. It can be dunked again, or if the player wrings it too tight, it is ruined.
    • Pet Cat: The player can pet a cat. depending on how they pet it, it can fall asleep or become very angry.
    • Telephone: The player is given numbers to use with this when they have already unlocked all of a stages goodies, but they are not saved anywhere.
    • Mochitsuki Set: [Japanese version only] In this souvenir removed from the US release, the player pounds rice to make rice cakes. An old man eats it and his head grows in size, returning to normal after eating too many.
    • Radio: The player can attempt to tune in a radio to listen to music or a sports reporter.
    • Credits: The staff credits. Very similar to the credits of the previous games, with various shapes flying around the background.

    Complete Microgame Listing

    Listed in the order they appear in the Spindex in-game. Each category (except 9-Volt and Wario-Man) is based around a certain gameplay feature or control mechanic, like tapping A or making large motions. There are 223 microgames in WarioWare Twisted.

    Speed Spin (WarioWatch)

    These games have a cumulative time limit in the WarioWatch and Spindex modes, but not in Wario's story mode.
    • Cutting It Close: Shave the beard.
    • Kit-tease: Lure the cat.
    • Rays the Devil: Reflect the beam to kill the demon.
    • Iron Stomach: Eat all the food.
    • Wipeout!: Clean the windshield.
    • Step On It: Stomp the specified number of objects.
    • Off the Wall: Bounce the ball into the person.
    • Rain of Terror: Shake everything off the umbrella.
    • Alien Abduction: Get beamed up by the UFO.
    • Wrecking All: Destroy the building.
    • Micro Golf: Get a ball in the hole.
    • Nice Catch: Catch the specified number of balls.
    • Opposites Attract: Use the magnet to make the boy and girl kiss.
    • Nuts and Bolts: Unscrew the bolt.
    • Roughing It: Light the match.
    • Pumping Iron: Lift the dumbbells.
    • Party Favor: Catch a ball in the tulip.
    • Paper Trail: Use all the toilet paper.
    • Instant Replay: Freeze on the "secret" moment.
    • Cheeky Monkey: Poke the sweets out of the mouth.
    • Shave the World: Shave off the Earth's crust.
    • Chain Letter: Create the correct word.
    • Dear John Letter: Dump the guy.
    • Boss Stage: Boing!: Smash the vase.

    Mini Spin (Mona)

    These microgames all require small movements.
    • Avoid-a-Roid: Avoid the asteroids.
    • Foul Balls: Avoid the flying objects.
    • Balancing Act: Keep the object balanced on the finger.
    • Happy Birthday: Blow out all the candles.
    • Fancy Footwork: Keep the ball in the air.
    • Doggy Door: Don't get hit by the wall.
    • Hard-Pressed: Iron the clothing.
    • Cat Walk: Make it across the gap.
    • On a Roll: Stay on the barrel.
    • Foiled Again!: Slice the falling white circles.
    • Magnafire: Burn the spot.
    • Practical Joker: Make the hand take the Joker card.
    • Outta My Way!: Avoid objects in the road.
    • Sew Easy: Sew along the red trim.
    • And the Winner Is...: Move the tape in front of the winner.
    • Sync or Sink: Keep in sync with the other swimmers.
    • Busted!: Keep the spotlight on the spy.
    • Barrel Roll: Angle the plane to fit through the gap.
    • Force Feeding: Catch the food in the mouth.
    • Company Picnic: Catch the hoops.
    • Red Delicious?: Slice the apple.
    • Coffee Jitters: Fill the tea cup.
    • Assembly Flyin': Assemble the robot pieces.
    • Welcome Wagon: Turn the car towards the screen.
    • Boss Stage: Skyway Highway: Fly the car to the finish without touching the sparks.

    Big Tipper (Jimmy)

    These microgames need large movements to complete.
    • Down in the Dumps: Fill in the hole.
    • Feel the Burn: Perform two sit-ups.
    • Night and Day: Change the time of day.
    • Slam Dunk: Dunk the ball.
    • Dishpan Hands: Clean the plate.
    • Net Profits: Catch the flying object in the net.
    • Focus Pocus: Focus on the object.
    • Beware of Dog: Stay away from the dog.
    • Circular Logic: Complete the circle.
    • H2-Whoa!: Avoid other sliders.
    • Twist and Sprout: Twist the stem until the flower sprouts.
    • Bacon Patrol: Keep the pig penned in.
    • Make Way for Martian: Fit the martian into the gap.
    • Stab in the Dark: Disarm the attackers.
    • Self-Defence: Block the incoming objects.
    • Bright Idea: Screw in the bulb.
    • Dig This: Drill up to the surface.
    • Daily Grind: Tip the coffee beans into the container.
    • Ice Queen: Spin in the air to impress the judges.
    • Save Our Raft!: Find the raft.
    • Fashion Plate: Rotate the item into place.
    • Daredevil: Dash underneath the smasher.
    • Road Work: Rotate the path.
    • Alternative Medicine: Shake the capsule.
    • Boss Stage: One Step at a Time: Climb up the spiral staircase while avoiding traps.

    Tap Out (Kat & Ana)

    Only the A button is used in this set.
    • Bubblegum Blues: Pop the bubble.
    • Big Drip: Punch the falling drops.
    • Rocky Reunion: Jump over the rocks.
    • Vicious Veggies: Destroy the vegetables.
    • Nuts!: Eat the nut.
    • The Wave: Stand or squat in time with the wave.
    • Contact Lens Solution: Insert the contact lens.
    • Going Postal: Post the letter.
    • Launchpad: Jump onto the vines.
    • Crazy Crush: Crash into the boy as he passes.
    • Falling Asheep: Jump over the fence.
    • Stalled Out: Get to the toilet.
    • Thar He Blows: Blow up the balloon.
    • Mixed Grill: Skewer the food.
    • Survival of the Quickest: Evolve.
    • Weird Science: Land in the beaker.
    • Slap Jack!: Slap Jack off the beanstalk.
    • Crazy Straw: Drink the whole drink/
    • Beauty School: Cut the hair to the specified length.
    • Track Star: Vault over the bar.
    • Boss Stage: Nose Dive: Defeat the nose.

    Steer Clear (Dribble)

    Both the motion sensor and the A button must be used for these games.
    • Shoot the Fruit: Shoot the arrow at the fruit.
    • D.I.Y.: Hammer all the nails.
    • Key Ring: Fit the correct shape into the hole.
    • County Fair: Get onto the ferris wheel.
    • Eating Contest: Eat all of the food.
    • Spinsecticide: Eat all of the bugs.
    • I Hate Bananas: Shoot the banana.
    • Handy Man: Sqeeze all the hanging items.
    • Homecoming King: Catch the football.
    • Wheel of Whack: Whack the things that pop out of the wheel.
    • Five-Second Rule: Swat the ants.
    • Oral Hijinks: Pick the item out of the teeth.
    • Beat-Down: Beat all of the drums.
    • Picky Eater: Eat sushi.
    • Gyroid Jumble: Fit the gyroid into the correct hole.
    • Last Piece: Rotate the piece to fit the puzzle.
    • Heavy Lifting: Lift and throw the object.
    • Home Haircut: Cut the hair to make equal lengths.
    • Tooth Trouble: Pull the rotten teeth.
    • Picture Perfect: Fit the subject into the frame.
    • Laser Lineup: Destroy all the enemies with one shot.
    • Flip Out!: Flip the flapjack.
    • Boss Stage: Basic Training: Keeping moving to avoid the boulder and jump over obstacles.

    Gravitator (Dr. Crygor)

    These games all involve manipulating gravity.
    • Hat's Off: Remove the hat.
    • Tiltillation: Drop the ball out of the bottom.
    • Crescent Moon: Drop the devil off the moon.
    • Power Outage: Light all the candles.
    • Mooo-ve It!: Slide the milk down the counter.
    • Gravi-key: Get the key off the ring.
    • Half Full: Fill the cup.
    • Cliff-Hanger: Pull the man up.
    • Shake Down: Shake out the contents of the container.
    • Heartwrench: Grab the heart.
    • Trash Day: Empty the trash.
    • Half Empty: Get the fill level inside the target lines.
    • Spout Off: Plug up the hole.
    • Aromatherapy: Direct the smell to the nose.
    • Skid Road: Level out the terrain.
    • Balloonatic: Land on a balloon.
    • Spitfall: Catch the drool.
    • What Goes In...: Help the food get digested.
    • Open-and-Shut Case: Open the doors.
    • Shower Power: Put out the fire.
    • Boss Stage: Stumblebot: Get to the goal without falling over.

    Time Warp (Orbulon)

    These microgames are more difficult, but give the player twice as long to finish.
    • Pipe Puzzle: Rotate the rings to let the pipe fit through.
    • Air Passage: Move the passage to let the bubble get through.
    • Tapped Out: Fill the cup to the target level.
    • Dire Plates: Unscramble the picture.
    • Deadly Ditty: Squish the bugs.
    • Alphabet Soup: Switch letters to complete the word.
    • Manual Labor: Sort the falling objects.
    • Fine Tune: Tune the radio.
    • Green Thumb: Make the plant grow.
    • Wedgies!: Cut the pizza evenly.
    • Boomerang!: Throw the boomerang and then catch it.
    • Fill in the Blanks: Finish the word, based on the picture shown.
    • Peak Peek: Select the highest peak.
    • Connect the Dots: Connect the two dots.
    • Rocket Rotary: Send the rocket down the right path.
    • Sleight of Hand: Select the hand with the money.
    • Guitar Solo: Play the notes shown.
    • Produce Pick: Remember the cards and then select the one shown.
    • About Face: Turn the statues to face the same way.
    • Safecracker: Open the safe.
    • High Card Draw: Pick the card with the highest value.
    • Toaster Jam: Put the bread in the toaster, then grab it when it's done.
    • Boss Stage: Crossing Guard: Raise and lower the platforms to let all the people cross.

    Spintendo Classics (9-Volt)

    All of these games are based on old Nintendo games.
    • Tennis: Run to the ball.
    • Metroid - Morph Ball: Pick up the missile.
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 - Lift: Avoid the enemies.
    • Wrecking Crew: Smash the stairs.
    • Pinball: Keep the ball in play.
    • Golf: Direct the ball onto the green.
    • Mario Brothers: Flip the right way up
    • Excitebike: Avoid the sparks.
    • Clu Clu Land: Get the item.
    • Donkey Kong Jr.: Climb up the vines.
    • Baseball: Get a strike.
    • Ice Climber: Defeat the enemies.
    • Balloon Fight: Get the balloon to the fighter.
    • Mach Rider: Destroy the enemies.
    • Kid Icarus: Avoid the enemy attacks.
    • Duck Hunt: Shoot down the ducks.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Use the shield to deflect the attacks.
    • Donkey Kong 3: Spray Donkey Kong.
    • NES Open Tournament Golf: Putt the ball into the hole.
    • Ice Hockey: Knock the other team's players.
    • Metroid - Samus: Shoot the enemies.
    • Super Mario Bros. 3: Select the right power-up.
    • Boss Stage: Super Mario Bros.: Reach the end of the level.

    Spandex Challenge (Wario-Man)

    The games in this last category all feature Wario in some way.
    • Tiptoe Titan: Lift Wario's feet to let the people pass safely.
    • Rain of Riches: Grab the treasure.
    • Power Line Pigeons: Avoid the poop.
    • Burying the Hatchet: Shake Mario's hand.
    • Crash Prize: Fly into the cave.
    • Hot Rod: Start a fire.
    • Rock It!: Avoid the barriers.
    • Ping-Pong Panic: Bat the ball back.
    • Catch of the Day: Pull in the catch.
    • No-Zone: Avoid the incoming arrows.
    • Alignment: Straighten the spine.
    • Swamp Swing: Avoid the crocodile.
    • Drywall Dodge: Don't get squashed.
    • Super Wario: Stomp on the enemy.
    • Cyclone Kick: Kick away the enemies.
    • Wario Weigh-In: Work off the excess weight.
    • Going Steady: Get across the tightrope.
    • Inch, Worm!: Crawl over to the prize.
    • Soda Jerk: Make the bottle explode.
    • Robotomy: Destroy the enemy robots.
    • Wee Wario Blast: Fire the Warios to safety.
    • Fragile!: Don't move!
    • Strange Ritual: Copy the ritual.
    • Wario Hockey: Return the pucks.
    • Wario and the Beanstalk: Grow the beanstalk past Wario's window.
    • Stay in School: Stay in formation with the school of fish.
    • High-Speed Chase: Run away from the enemy.
    • Volt Bolt: Avoid the lightening bolts.
    • Boss Stage: Wario Mambo: Follow the dance moves.

    Frantic Fronk (Fronk)

    These games appear randomly during the Story Mode, as opposed to having their own stage.
    • What's the Point?: Choose the correct object.
    • Ooopsy-Daisy: Catch Fronk.
    • Hop to the Top: Hop from wall to wall and get to the top.
    • Rock and a Hot Place: Jump into the water.
    • Dirty Darts: Line the target up with the cross-hair.
    • Snake Snarl: Line up the snake bodies.
    • Feed on Fronk: Feed the dolphin.
    • Peek-a-boo-boo: Remove the bandage.
    • Fronk Fishing: Raise the water level.


    This game includes a couple of songs with vocals. The first is the Mona Pizza theme which plays over Mona's stage; the lyrics can be found at Mona's page. The other tracks are boss stage music for Jimmy and Wario-Man's stages, One Step at a Time and Wario Mambo. All three songs are available to listen to as Records.

    One Step at a Time Lyrics

    The Japanese title is "Meiku Rôdo".

    Tsuzuku tsuzuku yo dokoma demo........
    Kono michi sono michi docchimichi........
    Bokura no mirai o meiku rôdo........

    Wario De Mambo Lyrics

    Ladies and gentlemen
    Wario de Mambo

    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo

    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Nya nya nya nyah
    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo? Wario de Mambo Ma M Bo (Ooh)

    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Nya nya nya nyah
    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo? Wario de Mambo Nyah nya nyah nya nyah

    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Nya nya nya nyah
    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo? Wario de Mambo Nyah nya nyah nya nyah

    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo Nya nya nya nyah
    Wario de Mambo Wario de Mambo? Wario de Mambo
    Nyah nya nyah nya nyah Nyah nya nyah nya nyah Nyah nya nyah nya nyah


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