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Warlocks 2: God Slayers is an upcoming humorous action RPG game developed by the Polish independent studio - Frozen District and published by Fat Dog Games (Microsoft Windows) and Qubic Games (Nintendo Switch).

The PC version of the game is a sequel to Warlocks vs Shadows, a game released in 2015.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is set to be released for Nintendo Switch on June 7, 2019, and for Microsoft Windows on July 18, 2019.


The sequel has a fresh story - Almighty Gods are angry now, because of the past heroic deeds of vanishing the shadow monsters. Players need to face Gods as they called out the Order of Warlocks to remove the most Arrogant God Faun, who is now sitting on their thrones. God Slayers has a colorful narration with plenty of jokes and humor.


The game is a two-dimensional action RPG hack’n’slash.

The gameplay revolves around the combat system found within Warlocks 2. This system is further enriched by character classes (five in total) which includes a progression system. During which, players obtain new abilities that are unlocked through the progression tree. The new abilities can be modified creating some very powerful spells and maneuvers.


Warlocks 2: God Slayers has three varied worlds that the player can visit, with each world the home to radically different lifeforms all with unique behaviors and motivations.

Enemies and Bosses

Players will have to face over forty types of enemies requiring the use of particular skills and approaches to learn how they act in order to be more proficient in combat. Our Warlock will also have to challenge their faith in epic battles against the almighty bosses.


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