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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 18, 2006

    The Battle for the Kaladi System is about to go underway, three races will fight for the planet`s abudant and rare resources. An arsenal of upgradeable weapons await you in this multiplayer shooter.

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       A multiplayer-focused first person shooter in the same veins as Unreal Tournament, with a basically non-existence single player campaign.
      In the multiplayer, a player can either fight online with xbox live (no longer supported) or play offline with bots.

    The AI Bots on Offline mode at set between 1-4 difficulties:

    1: Just a Flesh Wound

    2: Damage Control

    3: Heroic Measures

    4: Flatlined 



    The Ohm

     A civilization of people who grew dependent on machines and soon became infertile and victims of devolution and physical weakness.   As a result, they have merged their bodies with machines, and so require resources to survive and maintain their immortal status.   Their conquest has brought them to other planets and to the Kaladi System. 

    The House of Kovos

    A Clan of Honourable warriors, who descend from a blood line of nobles.   Their way of life is balanced and routine and based on tradition and honour.   The Kaladi System is a sacred Place for the Kovos and they do not wish to see it overrun by the opposing forces. 

    The Coalition

    The Human Race which has found the kaladi system and now seeks it for their own.  




    First to 30 Kills Wins

    -Team Deathmath  
    First Team to 50 Kills Wins

    -Capture the Flag  
     First Team to 5 Flag Captures Wins

    -Front Line Assault   


    The weapons in Warpath are few, but contain a good diversity and a simple-yet effective upgrade system.   In order to tap into this system, a currency called C.A.Ms (Combat Augmentation Module) that is dropped from your enemies corpses; pick these up to use them on your weapons.  At the start of a multiplayer match, you get to select 2 out of the 6 available weapons for your loadout.


    Vibro Blade: (non-upgradable)
    Melee Combat Blade that is a one-shot kill.

    Tyrant: The Ohm’s grenade launcher.   Fires explosive canisters medium distances to take out groups of enemies.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Loaded Charge – Greater Damage, larger explosion

    C.A.M Level 2

    Trigger Charge – Grenades are be remotely detonated

    C.A.M Level 3

    Adhesive Shell – Sticky Grenades can attach to enemies

    Violator: The Ohm’s own creation that resembles a high-powered pump shotgun.   Slow rate of fire, limited magazine size, and short-range are the common aspects of a shotgun, but nothing is more satisfying than a close-range kill.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Quick Clip – Greatly reduces Reload Time

    C.A.M Level 2

    Smart Shell – Fragments remain dormant within inanimate objects and will launch at the next opponent within range that is shot by the Violator

    C.A.M Level 3

    Smart Shell Repeater – Imbedded fragments will last longer and may be used against successive targets

    Wolverine: A Rugged high-powered machine gun, an old school favourite that comes from The Coaltion.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Assault Override – Faster weapon Fire

    C.A.M Level 2

    Focused Fire – Greater Accuracy

    C.A.M Level 3

    Silk Jacket Rounds – Increased Armour Penetration

    Judge: A Good Ol’ fashioned Rocket Launcher.   Fires an explosive missile capable of destroying large areas.  

    C.A.M Level 1

    Target Lock – Rockets can lock-on to enemies

    C.A.M Level 2

    Twin Snake – Two Rockets are fired, and each rocket can be given it’s own individual lock-on target

    C.A.M Level 3

    Hydra Missile – FOUR ROCKETS are fired, each is capable of locking on to its own individual target.

    Vanguard: Similar to the Plasma Gun from Quake III: Arena, The Kovos have created this weapon to melt their enemies with spheres of deadly energy.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Attack Orb – Charge attack that fires a slower moving, single devastating shot

    C.A.M Level 2

    Sentry Orb – A charged energy ssphere will attach to a nearby object and fire at enemies with close proximity for a short tim

    C.A.M Level 3

    Vanguard Orb – The Sentry sphere does more damage and when it disappears, it leaves an explosion in its wake

    Javelin: The last weapon missing from this line-up would be (you guessed it) The Sniper Rifle.   The Kovos made this weapon to eliminate enemies over any distance using its accurate, variable zoom scope.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Vibro Rounds – Increased Damage

    C.A.M Level 2

    Thermal Scope- - Scope detects thermal targets

    C.A.M Level 3

    Superior magazine – More rounds within each clip

    E.M.A.D (Emergency Medical Aid Device): By Holding down the “Fire” button, you can regenerate lost health.   This device is always in your load out and can be upgraded to make you more efficient and heal you faster.

    C.A.M Level 1

    Enhanced Delivery System – Faster Healing

    C.A.M Level 2

    Stamina Booster – Increased movement speed, Increased max health

    C.A.M Level 3

    Tissue Reinforcement – Increased Max health, reduces damage taken


    Vehicles in warpath are not found commonly throughout every map, and there are only 3 vehicles that require mentioning.

    Razorback: A two-man all terrain vehicle with a forward mounted machine gun and a 360 degrees turret mounted rocket launcher.

    Hornet: A One-man, fast moving, soft suspension vehicle with a 180 degree front mounted chain gun to mow down enemies.

    Maverick: A single man recon vehicle quipped with a pair of rapid fire front plasma cannons.






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