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WarpSpeed is set in a future where mankind has exploited wormholes to expand their territory outwards, installing space stations in strategic areas around the galaxy. Recently, a coalition of alien races has appeared and is destroying all of mankind's progress. The player is the captain of a starfighter sent out to defeat these alien hordes.


 In the cockpit of the Genesis version.
In the cockpit of the Genesis version.

Gameplay is campaign-based, with each mission having specific goals the player must fulfill. Generally this will involve destroying all alien craft in a sector and moving on. It will occasionally involve answering challenges from specific alien captains, as well as defending crucial space stations which are necessary for refueling, repairing and replenishing the ship's resources. This is done by following a grid-like map of the sector, and selecting areas to warp to with the ship's finite warp drive reserves.

When in dogfights with aliens or asteroids, the game switches to a first-person view and the player can scroll in 3D space to find their opponents and shoot them down. It will often involve a lot of chasing and leading shots to properly hit the fast-moving enemy targets. The player has three lives per campaign: the campaign is failed if all three lives are lost and the player must restart.

As the player progresses and completes more campaigns (which can be selected in any order), they will go up ranks and their ship will be upgraded up to three times, with each iteration having better weaponry to use.

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