Warren Eckhardt

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    A CEC executive that appears in Dead Space: Extraction. He is found on the colony by Nathan and Gabe and joins them in their attempt to escape.

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    Warren Eckhardt is a CEC executive that appears in Dead Space: Extraction. He took his position on the colony Aegis VII two weeks before the unearthing of the marker. A devout Unitologist, he also authorized the transfer of other Unitologists into various positions throughout the USG Ishimura.

    When the necromorph outbreak on Aegis VII occurs, Eckhardt is caught in the chaos until he's found by Nathan McNeill, Gabe Weller, and Lexine Murdoch. He joins them in their attempt to escape the colony and arrive on the Ishimura only to become trapped once again on the necromorph-infested ship. When Ishimura scientist Karen Howell confronts Eckhardt regarding his decision to replace her assistants with less qualified staff that just happened to be Unitologists, he runs off taunting her and leaving her behind as she is attacked by a necromorph.

    Eckhardt's true motives are outed when Gabe overhears him reporting to fellow Unitologists regarding Lexine's unique immunity from the psychological effects of marker exposure. Eckhardt then attempts to murder Gabe, but is savagely attacked by a necromorph and killed.


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