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It's called Warsow, it's exactly like Quake, except it looks better, and those weird unintentional game mechanics, like strafe jumping and stuff, are implemented into this game as proper game mechanics that don't require you to exploit the game to achieve.  So if you gave up on Quake Live because you couldn't be bothered to master exploits, this game has removed that barrier, without removing those game mechanics.  Also you can dash forward or wherever like in unreal tournament, and that same button will also let you wall jump, so it's very fast paced.  I still suck at it because it's... still quake... but it's good fun, and it's free so no worries there.

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Warsow is not exactly like Quake. Warsow is only an FPS in the loosest sense, because the point of the game is NOT the shooting- the point is the movement mechanics. It is like Quake 3's DeFRaG mod, distilled. Warsow adds far more complexity to Quake movement, with all sorts of 'tricks' one can do, such as walljumping, etc. 
It's also cel-shaded.

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yeah but that mod was just race maps right, anything that was done there was also done in competitive multiplayer battles.  Warsow replicated all the movement mechanics of quake and added some proper wall jumping and a dash ability.  It really is the same except you don't have to spend countless hours learning how to achieve fast movement, you can right away understand how to go fast, but then, like quake, you of course have to master moving through the maps at high speed, while shooting dudes :)

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im not familiar with Quake (wish i was) so i'll pass. though my Alignment is PC and i need something to play .. dang

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here's a nice vid... don't want to mess with a quake player lol

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