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    Warthog Plc

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    British company founded by ex-Electronic Arts employees in 1997.

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    In 1997 Electronic Arts relocated its Manchester office to the south of England. Some of the employees were unable to move, so they founded their own company, Warthog Plc. 
    In 2002 Warthog purchased the Swedish company 42-Bit which became Warthog Sweden, and the Cheadle-based Zed Two. In 2003 Warthog purchased the U.S.-based Fever Pitch which became Warthog Texas.
    In 2004 Warthog was purchased by Tiger Telematics, the developers of the Gizmondo handheld. The Warthog studios in Manchester and Sweden were named Gizmondo Europe, while the studio in Texas was named Gizmondo Texas. The focus of the company was now to develop for the Gizmondo platform.
    In 2006, after Tiger Telematics went bankrupt and taking Warthog with it, some of the original staff went on to create a new development company named Embryonic Studios. This company was in turn purchased by Traveller's Tales later in 2006 and renamed TT Fusion.


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