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    Washington Football Team

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    The Washington Commanders (formerly Washington Redskins) are a sports team in the National Football League. They are located in the NFC East Division and represent the nation's capital, Washington D.C.

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    The Redskins first started in as the Boston Braves where they played at Braves Field. Owner George Marshall soon renamed the team to the Boston Redskins. Later he moved the team to current home Washington D.C. and thus the team became the Washington Redskins. They currently play at FedEx Field. The tean has won three Super Bowls, most recently in the 1991 season against the Buffalo Bills. Washington has a lengthy and heated rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys.

    The team's name and logo was long a source of controversy due to the term being used as a slur against Native Americans. Team owner Dan Snyder was defiant that the name would not change until, over the summer of 2020, the name was finally changed. It was one of many notable changes across popular culture in response to increased Black Lives Matter protests after the police murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. The team currently goes by "Washington Commanders," and are still in the process of deciding a new mascot. The team also retired their logo, replacing it with simply a W.


    NFL ChampionshipWinning TeamLosing TeamScore
    1936 Packers Boston Redskins21-6
    1937 Washington Redskins Chicago Bears28-21
    1940 Chicago Bears Washington Redskins73-0
    1942 Washington Redskins Chicago Bears14-6
    1943 Chicago Bears Washington Redskins41-21
    1945Cleavland Rams Washington Redskins15-14
    Super Bowl ChampionshipWinning TeamLosing TeamScore
    VII Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins14-7
    XVII Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins27-17
    XVIII Los Angles Raiders Washington Redskins38-9
    XXII Washington Redskins Denver Broncos42-10
    XXVI Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills37-24

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