Welcome to the dark side of the information age.

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The best kind of science fiction is grounded with one foot in reality and one into the fantastical. This is why Watch Dogs feels so relevant and downright frightening. I'm going to ask a few giant bombers a few questions.

1. Do you own an 08' model automobile or later? It doesn't matter which make or model.

2. Have you purchased or viewed any literature on Amazon or Itunes that can be construed as political in nature?

3. Have you even supported a cause of any nature on a social networking site? (Occupy Wall Street, Drug Policy Reform, Marriage Equality, etc)

4. Do you or a loved one currently have some kind of medical device in their body? (Pacemaker, Lap-Band, Insulin pumps, etc)

5. Do you know or are what is considered a first responder (Police, Firefighter, EMS)?

6. Do you own a smartphone?

What we can gleam from the E3 demo of Watch Dogs is that we have entered a downright scary future where all our personal information can be hacked by virtually anyone and used against us. A brief flash during the E3 demo even had the protagonist even viewing an NPC's HIV positive status. Even our own environment can literally be hacked with frightening implications. What if someone could turn off traffic lights at a whim, disrupt first responders or even damage the power grid for a major American city? This is not the rantings of a paranoid who's read way too many Phillip K Dick novels....this is becoming reality.

We might not be able to launch a smartphone application and wreak havoc....but we're getting there faster than you think.

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Thanks for that very interesting TED talk. I knew/assumed that these kinds of attacks could be done, but the examples were illuminating and impressive.

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Seeing that intro bit (about the digital shadows and such) I was frightened.
You know why? Because it sounded real.
It sounded like this could actually happen in some capacity.

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Here's a new development: The invasive CCTV used and exploited by the protagonist in Watch Dogs to predict behavior? It's real and far worse than you think.

Welcome to Trapwire. Welcome to the new American Surveillance State. Sleep tight citizen.

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