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Beter Than it Should Be

If you had told me a couple years ago that someone would make a video game based on the universe of Watchmen, I would've smacked you upside the head. If you had told me that game would be a beat 'em up game, I would have layed you out- a beat 'em up of Watchmen? The single most intellegent, though provoking disection of the human psyche available? THE Watchmen? And If you would have told me that this game- Watchmen: The End is Nigh, would rank as one of my favorite comic games ever made, I would've called you a filthy dirty liar. 
But here we are- Watchmen: The End is Nigh, is a blast to play through. It's fresh enough that fans can really enjoy another Watchmen story without summoning the wrath of the great snake god of destruction Alan Moore is so fond of, yet it's similar enough to what we've had before, from both the film and the graphic novel, that it dosn't feel like a huge change in another direction for Watchmen. 
The gameplay is brutal and fun, and while it can get a little repetitve at times, the counter system and finishers make it all worth it, even if there are only a handful of them. Rorschach's lockpicking minigame is challenging enough, without being frustrating, but it does little to add to the game. On the other hand, Nite Owl's grappling gun is a rare and annoying piece of  equipment to use, with odd positions needed to grapple to the top. Despite this, the two characters are so distinct that playing through the story as both of them dosn't necessarilly drag the experience down. 
Co-Op is a blast. I played through most the game with my friend Thomas, and while we had a few moments that were a little annoying, the experience was great, and both of us came away impressed. However, Watchmen: The End is Nigh is NOT for everyone. The game's setting, characters, and plot can only really be enjoyed by someone who has either read the graphic novel or watched the film (actually, go do both- you won't be dissapointed.). If your not a Watchmen fan, this game won't do much for you. If you are a Watchmen fan, then I can understand that you might have some worry about a game that takes a new chapter in the classic story, but I fully recommend you go for it.

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