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    A vertical 5v5 map for Heroes of Newerth

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    Like the other maps in Heroes of Newerth, Watchtower is mostly symmetrical with a river separating the 2 sides, an NPC boss near the center and an Outpost and Secret shop in each forest. What sets it apart and perhaps makes it the least popular map of the 3 available is it's verticality.


    A bit west of the center of the map, in the ruins of what appears to be an astral observatory, with a huge telescope and constellations inscribed upon the floor, Zorgath and his pet, Transmutanstein, are waiting for the heroes. It's unclear why Zorgath is there, but his and Transmutanstein's cyborg mods are similar to the technology seen in the old observatory. Did he steal parts from the building or is he the actual builder?

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