Water Level

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    A level that takes place either in or near water.

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    The water level is a trope of platforming and action games, and some FPS games. This type of level is characterized by an environment covered in or completely submerged in water. The water is typically used to affect the player character's movement, making them move slower, and allowing them to swim or even jump higher.

    Movement through a water level may also be affected by running streams, strong currents, or waterfalls that must be navigated.

    Water levels in a 3D game often have swimming sequences underneath the surface of the water; these sections are often criticized for being disorienting and frustrating to navigate.

    Water levels may contain appropriately-themed enemies such as fish, sharks, squid, urchins, crabs, and other underwater creatures.

    Depending on the game, some water levels may also be a drowning hazard to the character; over time, the character runs out of air and dies, which is usually warned with a depleting oxygen meter or a particular sound effect.


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