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    Watermelons are fruits which are believed to originate from southern Africa. They have hard skins surrounding their juicy pink innards.

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    Watermelons were first discovered by David Livingstone who found them in the Kalahari Desert. Although only loosely considered a variant of the melon they a very common variant of the fruit. They grow from a vine-like plants and can grow in vast numbers. By weight watermelons are roughly 6% sugar and 92% water.
    In most games watermelons serve as easily destructible objects, although there are some exceptions. In Half-Life 2 watermelons are thought to be the fruit Lamarr the headcrab is fed on, presumably suitable for her because they bear resemblance to the human head. Super Mario Sunshine involves a level in which Mario must collect the largest watermelon possible to win a contest. The main protagonists of Persona 4 are quite fond of watermelon, especially Kanji Tatsumi, who expresses his delight for the rare summer treat with great vigor.

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