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    Way of the Dogg

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 03, 2013

    Street Fighter meets Elite Beat Agent in this downloadable martial arts-themed versus rhythm game (starring Tha D-O-Double Gizzle).

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    Way of the Dogg is a martial arts-themed versus rhythm game developed by Echo Peak and published by 505 for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) on May 3, 2013. Players follow America Jones, a rookie street fighter who trains under Snoop Dogg to avenge the death of his partner, Sierra.

    Set to a soundtrack of Snoop Dogg songs, each stage has players following specific button patterns (in similar vein to Elite Beat Agents) to "deal damage" to their opponents (by gaining control of the large tug-of-war bar on the top, similar to World Heroes 2). After the song is over, the player with the most control of the bar wins the match.

    The game has nineteen stages, which can be played in the game's Story Mode, or against another local player in Multiplayer Mode (in which both players follow the same button patterns at the same time).


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