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Notable Features


Fights play an important role in WG 3D hockey. If you smash into another player on the enemy team a certain number of times, a fight breaks out and the view switches to a 2D fighting game style view (with health bars) after playing an animation where both players simultaneously drop their sticks and gloves. By pressing certain button combinations, the player can grab the opponent by the scruff of his jersey and pummel him with his fists. Other attacks are also available, including jabs and other punches.

Power Moves

Power save: Goaly transforms into a wall causing him to save the shot.

Power Shot: Players shoots a flaming puck setting the net on fire and scoring a goal.

Power Check: Check a guy so hard an ambulance comes across the top of the screen.

Typical Sports Game Modes

Like most sports games, WG 3D not only has a standard two player mode and quick match mode, but also includes a season mode (where the player picks a team and competes for the Stanley Cup). Although it has normal hockey game modes, it is the NBA jam of hockey games.


Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey is most notable for being the first ever four player game on the Nintendo 64.


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