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The Backstage Areas

WCW Backstage Assault features many multi-roomed backstage areas, stocked to the gills with weapons and "Aerial Oppertunities" as well as the occasional fire hazard. Each backstage area is connected with another one, so the player can travel through every area in a match if so desired. Each room has several weapon crates which the player can smash to reveal more damaging weapons than the ones already at the players disposal.

  • The Truck Arena - 1 Room - Fire Hazard
  • The Loading Bay - 2 Rooms
  • The Locker Rooms - 2 Rooms
  • The Bathrooms - 3 Rooms
  • The Block - 2 Rooms - Fire Hazard
  • The Media Center - 2 Rooms
  • The Parking Garage - 2 Rooms

The Game Modes

Backstage Assault features the following game modes.

Exhibition: This is a standard exhibition mode: you are given the freedom to choose where you fight, who you fight, and the rules by which you fight, allowing you to fight to your heart's content. Some of the options include: first blood, the person who cause the opponent to bleed first wins; human torch, the first to set their opponent on fire wins; and the option to have pins and submissions count, or not.

Hardcore Challenge: This is the game's main mode, similar to an arcade mode seen in most fighting games. The idea is to battle your way to a championship title shot by fighting a different opponent per backstage area. Once everyone has been beaten, the title match is unlocked. The championship belt corresponds to the difficulty, Hardcore Championship being easiest, U.S Championship being normal, and the World Championship being the hardest. Throughout the mode, the player can complete certain requirements in a match to unlock additional wrestlers and moves. Completing each difficulty rewards the player with one of three unlockable backstage areas, The Block, The Media Center and The Parking Garage; the latter being the hardest to obtain. Once completed, the player's score -- which is shown at the end of every match courtesy of a score breakdown -- is entered into the "Hall of Champions". The player also recieves attribute points at the end of the Hardcore Challenge.

Hardcore Gauntlet: Described in the game as "only for experts" the Hardcore Gauntlet is a more advanced survival mode, facing 7 opponents in succesion with little time for breathers, meaning no stamina is replenished, and no re-tries. Once defeated, the player has to start the whole thing all over again. Some of the better unlockables are obtained through the Hardcore Gauntlet. Speed and efficiency are the key to winning here.


WCW Backstage assault features commentary from Tony Schioavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The lines of commentary are mostly taken from previous EA WCW games, with a handful of new lines to fit accordingly with the game's unique setting and location.

"Famous" Lines:

"That could kill somebody!"

"Swing! and a miss!"

"How does he do"..."I don't know how he does it!"

"Thank you for playing, WCW, Backstage Assault!"


At the time of release, our own Jeff Gerstmann, then at Gamespot, awarded the game a 5.1 citing a lack of variation as its downfall.

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