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    Ridge Racer Revolution

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 30, 1996

    Ridge Racer Revolution was the second console entry in the Ridge Racer franchise, and was released early in the Playstation's lifespan.

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    Ridge Racer Revolution was the second console entry in the Ridge Racer franchise, and was published by Namco in 1995 for the original Playstation console. The game features a mini-game of Galaga '88 before the title screen appears, and players are rewarded for hitting all 40 enemies without missing, by gaining access to more car choices when choosing their vehicle before a race.

    After winning the first three championships, players were able to go into Time Trial mode to compete against three special cars, one of which is the White Angel, which appears on the game's US cover. The other two cars are the 'Devil 13th Racing' (which returns from Ridge Racer) and the 'Devil Kid', which is a new, smaller counterpart of the 13th Racing with poor cornering, but slightly higher speed.

    The game was produced in 'Mixed Mode CD' format, meaning that the disc could be placed into a CD Player and used. It played the game soundtrack, and the same feature appeared in Rage Racer, another Namco arcade racing game.

    Cover Art

    The cover art for Ridge Racer Revolution varies between regions. The Japanese release of the game shows three cars from the game. The three cars shown are the #3 F/A Racing, #5 RT Blue Mappy and the #18 RT Bosconian. The car shown on the European and American releases of the game is the White Angel 0, which is one of the three 'ultimate' cars in the game.


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