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    Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Mar 26, 2002

    After severing his connection with the Force and returning to his mercenary ways, an unexpected encounter forces Kyle Katarn to re-establish his path as a Jedi Knight.

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    Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast is a sci-fi fantasy multi-perspective action-adventure game developed by Raven and published by LucasArts (in conjunction with Activision) for the PC on March 26, 2002.

    The sequel to the 1998 game Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II, Jedi Outcast features a rebuilt game engine (running on id Tech 3) and improved lightsaber combat (including three separate fighting styles).

    Taking place five years after the events of Jedi Knight (and two years after the Mysteries of the Sith expansion), players reprise the role of Kyle Katarn: a New Republic mercenary (and former Jedi Knight) who severed his connection with the Force after nearly falling to its dark side. While investigating an outpost swarmed with the Imperial Remnant, Kyle is defeated by the Dark Jedi Desann and, believing his partner Jan Ors is dead, begins his task to regain his Force powers.

    Over the course of the game, Kyle interacts with various characters from the mainline Star Wars canon, including Mon Mothma (the Chief-of-State of the New Republic, who assigns Kyle missions), Luke Skywalker (the leader of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, who safeguards Kyle's lightsaber), and Lando Calrissian (the administrator of Cloud City). Lando is voiced by Billy Dee Williams, who portrayed him in the mainline Star Wars films.

    The game was ported by Raven to the Mac (and released by Aspyr on November 5, 2002), by Vicarious Visions for the GameCube and Xbox (with both versions released on November 19, 2002), and by Aspyr for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (with both versions digitally released by Aspyr on September 24, 2019).


    Slice 'n Dice 'em
    Slice 'n Dice 'em

    There are two distinct gameplay styles in Jedi Outcast. It is a first-person shooter reminiscent of such games as Doom or Quake III, but also features in-depth lightsaber duelling mechanics. As Kyle, the player can perform a wide range of attacks based on both player inputs and an enemy's location in relation to the player. There is only one primary attack button, but the player still has several different moves at their disposal depending on if he/she moves one way or the other, which direction the mouse or thumb-stick is moved, hitting the attack button a second time, and so on. The player also has three different fighting styles to choose from; speed (represented by a blue line), strength (represented by a pink/reddish line) and medium (represented by a yellow line, also this is the default fighting style) all of which are self-explanatory.


    • Arakyd 3t3 missile
    • Bacta
    • Blast door
    • Bryar pistol
    • Bowcaster
    • Blaster rifle
    • Comlink
    • DEMP 2
    • Detpack
    • Disruptor
    • Flechette
    • Hologram
    • Holopad
    • Light Amplification Goggles
    • Lightsaber
    • Medpack
    • Merr-Sonn
    • Neuro-Saav Model TD2.3 electrobinoculars
    • Personal shield (Armor)
    • Planetary ion cannon
    • Repeater
    • Scomp link
    • Seeker Drone
    • Sensor Array
    • Shield generator
    • Stun baton
    • Thermal detonator
    • Trip mine

    Force Powers

    Kyle Katarn uses force lightning on stormtroopers.
    Kyle Katarn uses force lightning on stormtroopers.

    The player is also given a considerable amount of Force powers to use, necessary for certain puzzles, and very helpful in combat. These include such powers as Force push, Force pull, Force lightning, Jedi Mind Trick, and Lightsaber Throw. However, unlike Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, the player cannot choose which Force power they receive, instead at the beginning of each mission (after receiving the lightsaber and basic force powers) they get a new force power or an upgrade to a power they already have.

    Force Powers

    Neutral Powers

    • Jump (0, 2, 6) - Allows the Jedi to make a higher vertical leap, with higher ranks allowing even higher leaps. Unlike other Force Powers, Jump can only be activated by holding down the Jump button.
    • Push (1, 3, 6) - Allows the Jedi to push an object or enemy away from them (while defending them from Grip and Pull attacks). Can deflect missiles. Rank 2 allows multiple object/enemies in a limited arc to be affected, while Rank 3 increases the push strength (with enough force to damage enemies pushed into walls).
    • Pull (1, 3, 6) - Allows the Jedi to pull an object or enemy towards them (while defending them from Push attacks). Can disarm enemies. Rank 2 allows multiple object/enemies in a limited arc to be affected, while Rank 3 increases the pull strength (with enough force to knock down enemies at close range).
    • Speed (2, 4, 6) - Allows the Jedi to move faster than normal for a short duration, with higher ranks allowing even faster movement at a longer duration.
    • Seeing (2, 5, 8) - Allows the Jedi to see the auras of all enemies for a short time, regardless of lighting conditions, while defending them from Mind Trick. Higher ranks increase the duration, with Rank 2 allowing the user to see auras through walls and Rank 3 allowing the user to automatically dodge sniper fire.

    Light Powers

    • Absorb (1, 3, 6) - Allows the Jedi to resist direct damage from Force abilities, gaining Force Gauge based on the amount of damage resisted. When activated, the Forge Gauge slowly depletes until the ability is deactivated (either manually or when it fully depletes). Higher ranks increase both the resistance rate (with Rank 3 absorbing all of the damage) and the conversion rate.
    • Heal (2, 4, 6) - Allows the Jedi to restore their vitality, with higher ranks increasing the amount healed (10%, 25%, and 50%).
    • Protect (2, 5, 8) - Allows the Jedi to use their remaining Force Gauge to resist damage from physical attacks. When activated, the Forge Gauge slowly depletes until the ability is deactivated (either manually or when it fully depletes). Higher ranks increase the power's efficiency (blocking additional damage and using less Force Gauge).
    • Mind Trick (4, 6, 8) - Allows the Jedi to become invisible to a targeted enemy for a short duration. Higher ranks increase the duration, with Rank 2 allowing the user to become invisible to enemies within his view and Rank 3 allowing the user to become invisible to all enemies.
    • Team Heal (1, 3, 6) - Team Modes only. Allows the Jedi to restore the vitality of all allies nearby, with higher ranks increasing the range affected. Restores 50% to one ally, 33% to two allies, or 25% to three or more allies.

    Dark Powers

    • Grip (1, 3, 6) - Allows the Jedi to immobilize a targeted enemy for a short duration. Rank 2 increases the duration while damaging and lifting the enemy off the ground. Rank 3 allows the user to move freely while performing Grip, allowing them to smash the enemy into walls and other obstacles.
    • Drain (2, 4, 6) - Allows the Jedi to launch a bolt of dark energy at a targeted enemy, draining from their Force Gauge and healing that amount from the user. Higher ranks increase the amount taken from the Force Gauge, with Rank 2 changing it to a continuous attack and Rank 3 allowing it to affect multiple targets in an arc.
    • Lightning (2, 5, 8) - Allows the Jedi to launch a damaging lightning bolt at a targeted enemy. Rank 2 changes it to a continuous attack, while Rank 3 allows it to affect multiple targets in an arc.
    • Dark Rage (4, 6, 8) - Allows the Jedi to become frenzied for a short duration, granting them double movement speed, double damage resistance, and increased attack speed while draining their health. Although the user cannot die while the power is in effect (with their lowest at 1% vitality), they have a 10 second cooldown where they have halved attack speed and decreased movement speed. Higher ranks increase the amount of time Dark Rage is in effect.
    • Team Energize (1, 3, 6) - Team Modes only. Allows the Jedi to restore the Force Gauge of all allies nearby, with higher ranks increasing the range affected. Restores 50% to one ally, 33% to two allies, or 25% to three or more allies.

    Lightsaber Powers

    • Saber Attack (1, 5, 8) - Grants access to the lightsaber. Higher ranks grant additional fighting styles (Rank 2 for the quicker "Blue" style and Rank 3 for the stronger "Red" style) and improve their ability to counter enemy lightsaber parries. Unlike other Force Powers, Saber Attack cannot be "activated" manually.
    • Saber Defend (1, 5, 8) - Requires Saber Attack 1. Allows the Jedi to deflect enemy bullets in front of them and improves their ability to parry lightsaber attacks. Rank 2 grants a chance to skillfully reflect enemy bullets at them (or another enemy), while Rank 3 guarantees a reflect. Unlike other Force Powers, Saber Defend cannot be "activated" manually.
    • Saber Throw (4, 6, 8) - Requires Saber Attack 1. Allows the Jedi to let their lightsaber spin in the air in front of them, then automatically returning it back to their hand. Higher ranks increase the spin rate, with Rank 2 allowing the user to extend the duration (by holding down the button) and Rank 3 allowing the lightsaber to seek nearby enemies (regardless of invisibility). Unlike other Force Powers, Saber Throw can only be activated by pressing the Alt. Attack button.


    Force Mastery

    With some game mode exceptions, server operators (or lobby hosts) can choose the Force Mastery of all players in the server, determining how many Force Points they have while playing. Players choose how to accommodate their points when they connect, and can change this accommodation at any time (provided they have to respawn for it to go into effect).

    • Disabled (no points, free Force Jump is disabled)
    • Initiate (5 points)
    • Padawan (10 points)
    • Jedi (20 points)
    • Jedi Adept (30 points)
    • Jedi Guardian (50 points)
    • Jedi Knight (75 points)
    • Jedi Master (100 points)

    Not all points need to be configured, and players can choose to leave themselves Force-handicapped. Unlike the protagonist in the main campaign, multiplayer characters cannot share Light and Dark Force powers, and must choose between Light Side and Dark Side while choosing their Force Power options.

    Game Modes

    By default, the game includes 7 game modes, 3 of which are team-based (with two teams: Red and Blue). In addition to time and score limits, server operators can change a variety of options by game mode (including restricting weapons to lightsabers, restricting or disabling use of the Force, allowing players to have private lightsaber duels, and restricting Force alignment by team).

    • Free For All - Standard deathmatch. Unless otherwise specified by the server, all players start with a blaster pistol, a lightsaber, and the maximum amount of Force Powers available. Earn points by eliminating enemies and lose points by suicide. Can be played in teams with the Team FFA variant.
    • Holocron FFA - Free For All with a twist: all players start with no Force Powers and can only gain them during the match by collecting Holocrons (or "Force Cubes") scattered throughout the battlefield, each of which grants a fully-upgraded version of a specific Force Power. Players can only carry three Holocrons at a time (by default) and drop their earliest one when they pick up an additional one. They also drop all of their carried Holocrons when they die.
    • Jedi Master - A Juggernaut-based mode where all players start with no lightsabers and no Force Powers. A lightsaber is placed at a single point on the battlefield, and the first player to collect it becomes the "Jedi Master" and is granted all fully-upgraded Force Powers (at the cost of only being able to use the lightsaber). Once the Jedi Master dies, the lightsaber is dropped and the player respawns normally. As a Jedi Master, earn points by eliminating other enemies and lose points by suicide. Otherwise, earn points by eliminating the Jedi Master.
    • Duel - Round-based one-life one-on-one deathmatch. The last player standing wins the round and gains a point, with the losing player switched out for the next spectator in line and the game state resets.
    • Capture the Flag - Team-based objective mode where players earn points for their team by taking the enemy flag and returning to their pedestal (capturing it only if their flag remains at the pedestal). Players can retrieve their flags by eliminating the enemy flag carrier and touching the dropped flag (or waiting until it resets). An alternate variant, Capture the Ysalamiri, replaces the flag with a branch that carries a Yslamiri lizard that drains the Force capabilities of the carrier (disabling all Force Powers) while shielding the carrier from all direct Force Powers.


    The game includes 15 arenas by default, split into FFA (compatible with Free For All, Team FFA, Holocron FFA, and Jedi Master only), Duel (compatible with Duel only), and CTF (compatible with Capture the Flag and Capture the Ysalamiri only).

    • Battleground Jedi 2.0 (Duel)
    • Bespin Exhaust Shafts (FFA, CTF)
    • Bespin Streets (FFA)
    • Carbon Chamber (Duel)
    • Death Star (FFA)
    • Garbage Facility (FFA)
    • Garrison 27-D (FFA, CTF)
    • Imperial Labs: Raven (FFA, Duel)
    • Imperial Shuttle Bay (Duel)
    • Massassi Temple (FFA)
    • Nar Shaddaa Streets (FFA)
    • Star Destroyer (FFA)
    • Temple Tournament (FFA, CTF)
    • Trial Pit (Duel)
    • Warring Factions (FFA, CTF)

    Bots and Character Models

    The base game includes 28 character models, each having a "default" version and two color-coded versions (Red and Blue) that are also used in team-based game modes. Each model is used for a specific bot:

    • bespin_cop - Bespin Officer
    • chiss - Chiss
    • desann - Desann
    • galak - Galak
    • gran - Ree-Yees
    • imperial - Lieutenant Cabbel
    • imperial_worker - IW-323
    • jan - Jan
    • jedi - Jedi
    • jeditrainer - Jedi Trainer
    • kyle - Kyle
    • lando - Lando
    • luke - Luke
    • monmothma - Mon Mothma
    • morgan - Morgan
    • prisoner - Prisoner
    • rebel - Rebel
    • reborn - Reborn
    • reelo - Reelo
    • rodian - Beedo
    • shadowtrooper - Shadowtrooper
    • stormpilot - SP-597
    • stormtrooper - TK-421
    • swamptrooper - SW-967
    • tavion - Tavion
    • trandoshan - Krussk
    • ugnaught - Ugnaught
    • weequay - Ak-Buz


    The game takes place twelve years after the Battle of Yavin (12 ABY), a few years after the end of Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith. Like its predecessors, it is based around the character Kyle Katarn. Since nearly being taken in by the dark side, Kyle has given up his lightsaber and the Force. He once again works with his partner (and now love interest) Jan Ors doing missions for the New Republic .

    Kyle swinging his Lightsaber
    Kyle swinging his Lightsaber

    Mon Mothma contacts them to investigate an Imperial Remnant base on Kejim. A part of a transmission sent from the base was decrypted and some keywords such as "Reborn" or "Valley of the Jedi" were revealed. In the base, they discover murdered prisoners, and a link to another planet on the outer rim where the Imperials are doing experiments on infusing the Force into living subjects.

    Jan and Kyle infiltrate the facility and free the prisoners, but Jan is captured by two Dark Jedi. Katarn is initially eager to rescue his love interest, but Desann ignites his lightsaber and Katarn has no choice but to fight him. Desann easily defeats the mercenary but spares him, saying he would be a worthier adversary if he had the power of the Force. Desann then ordered Tavion to kill Jan, which she seemingly does. Kyle embarks to the Valley of the Jedi to regain his Force powers and then to Yavin 4 to retrieve his lightsaber from Luke Skywalker, intent on revenge, to which Luke warns him of the dangerous path he is following. What Kyle doesn't know is that he was set up and that Desann had followed him to the Valley, using its power to infuse the Force into his soldiers, creating the Reborn and with Galak Fyyai's help the Shadowtroopers. He plans to use this army to invade the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV and restore the Empire. When Kyle spares his apprentice, Tavion, she admits the plan, and tells him Jan is still alive. He radios Rogue Squadron and stows away on Desann's personal ship, where he finds Jan unhurt and alive.

    After knocking out the shields of Desann's flagship, Doomgiver and killing Galak, he takes an escape pod to Yavin 4 and helps fend off Desann's attack, fighting his way through Reborn and Shadowtroopers, eventually killing the Dark Jedi. At the end of the game, he accepts Luke's offer of a teaching position at the Academy, but not before he spends some time off with Jan Ors.

    PC Requirements

    • Windows 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP;
    • Pentium II or AMD class 350 MHz or faster CPU;
    • 64 MB RAM required, 128 MB required for Windows 2000 and XP;
    • 16 MB OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator card;
    • 16-bit DirectX 8.x compatible sound card;
    • 4x CD-ROM drive;
    • 665 MB hard drive space (Min.)

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