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    Dead Man's Hand

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 02, 2004

    A Wild West-themed first person shooter by Human Head. The main character is El Tejon, former member of a gang called "The Nine" who was betrayed by the gang's leader, and wants revenge.

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    El Tejon was a member of the notorious "Nine" who was betrayed because he didn't join the gang to murder women and children, but to be famous and rich and a chance to make a name for himself, as a gunslinger. The Leader of the Nine shoots him and leaves him for dead. However General San Jaun Jauncito Blanco found El Tejon and threw him in a jail cell to rot. But Tejon's cellmate Iago is the leader of a revolution that will free both Iago and Tejon to exact vengeance on those who betrayed them.


    • Freedom!
    • Back From The Dead
    • Barroom Blitz
    • Tracking The Hunter
    • Mesa Muerte
    • Hell For Leather
    • Firefight Down Below
    • Balancing The Books
    • Path Less Taken
    • Thunder Falls
    • Hell Comes To Boomtown
    • Gunfire & Brimstone
    • Boys Night Out
    • Hell Hath No Fury
    • Sunset Rider
    • Revolution!
    • A Bullet For Blanco
    • Dead Man Walking
    • Blood Gambit
    • White Lightnin'
    • Trigger Twins
    • Shout Out At The Lazy 8
    • Iron Horse
    • Trails End

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