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    Mikie must collect hearts while avoiding a variety of nemeses, in this school-themed action game.

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    Mikie is a 1984 Konami action game, where the player must guide Mikie through various school-themed stages. A variety of obstacles and nemesis try to prevent him from collecting a number of hearts which spell out love-notes left by his girlfriend, as he moves through the five stages of gameplay. The title was more popular on the various home computer ports than at arcades.


    Mikie is controlled using a joystick in eight directions. The fire button controls various abilities depending on the stage and situation. The player must collect hearts which spell out a different love note left by Mandy, Mikie's girlfriend.

    Stage one: Classroom

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    Mikie must hipcheck students off of their chairs in order to collect hearts. Meanwhile, Mikie must avoid the teacher. Once all of the hearts are collected, Mikie may exit the classroom into the Corridor.


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    While not a distinct stage, all stages are connected by a corridor, which has a number of doors. One door flashes, alerting the player to the location of the next stage. Opening a different door may result in a boxing glove knocking Mikie over, or various bonus opportunities. A janitor chases Mikie in the corridor.

    Stage two: Lockerroom

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    Mikie must gather hearts by headbutting (or yelling at on the home versions) the lockers until they break, revealing a heart. Meanwhile, the teacher, a janitor, and a chef chase Mikie. The player may grab basketballs from one of three bins, and stun the pursuing enemies briefly.

    Stage three: Cafeteria

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    Mikie must gather hearts while avoiding the chef. The cafeteria tables hold entire chickens, which Mikie may throw at the chef to stun him temporarily.

    Stage four: Dance Studio

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    There are hearts between a number of ballet girls, which Mikie must grab, while avoiding the dancers. He must also avoid the teacher and dance instructor.

    Stage five: Football Field

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    Mikie has to grab hearts while avoiding football players as he finally reaches Mandy. Completing the game sends the player back to the beginning of stage one, with an increased difficulty level.


    The game is notable for its licensed use of the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night", along with original music.


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