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    Microsoft Train Simulator

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 31, 2001

    Microsoft brings the immersive sim experience of their Flight Simulator series to the wide world of trains, featuring authentic re-creations of real rail lines, along with their corresponding electric, diesel, and steam locomotives.

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    Microsoft Train Simulator is a train driving simulation game developed by Kuju Entertainment and published by Microsoft for PCs in May 31, 2001.

    A sibling game to the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, Microsoft Train Simulator puts players in the cab of real-life trains (including electric, diesel, and steam locomotives) as they drive through re-created rail lines from around the world. In addition to standard driving and computer-controlled observation modes, the game includes multiple scenarios to challenge themselves with.

    Each train's cab is a 3D re-creation, and players are allowed to handle the controls with their mouse through a point-and-click interface (although keyboard and other hardware, such as the third-party RailDriver cab controller made specifically for the game, can be used). Each type of train has their own unique controls and gameplay mechanics.

    While the game only shipped with six routes and nine trains to choose from, it also included an expansive editor and modding support that lets players create, modify, and share custom routes, trains, and scenarios. Along with fan-made mods, the game received numerous unofficial add-ons and expansion packs sold in retail.

    The game received two attempts at a sequel, first in 2003 (by Kuju Entertainment), then in 2007 (by Aces Game Studio, best known for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series). Both were cancelled, although Kuju later developed its spiritual successor Rail Simulator. The game also received an open-source mod-compatible successor with Open Rails.

    Routes & Trains

    The base game includes six routes (totaling over 600 miles) in three countries, each with their own set of trains to use:


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