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    Pokémon Platinum

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 13, 2008

    The third game in the 4th generation of Pokémon games, Platinum expands on the gameplay of Diamond and Pearl, adding new features, and improving old ones.

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    Pokémon Platinum is the sequel to Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, and the third addition to Generation IV. The game follows the story with various new implemented features to the gameplay, much like Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald did in their corresponding generations.

    Platinum focuses their plot line on the featured mascot and Legendary Pokémon, Giratina. The original story is modified from the directed Diamond/Pearl story, introducing new areas and a more suitable mechanics for the capture site of the Legendary Pokémon which is featured in 3D, as the Distortion World. It also includes many new gameplay enhancements and additions outlined below. 

    Differences from Diamond/Pearl

    • The main characters have different outfits to match the colder weather.
      Dawn & Lucas' new outfits.
      Dawn & Lucas' new outfits.
    • Team Galactic has a new leader named Charon.
    • Team Galactic's new scheme includes all three of the legendary Pokémon -- Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina
    • You'll meet an undercover detective codenamed "Looker" who will help you along the way
    • An interview is conducted with Prof. Rowan
    • Snow has gathered in Twinleaf Town!
    • We meet Prof. Rowan [on Route 201] shortly after setting foot on the streets!
    • After receiving your starter Pokémon, you immediately battle your rival!
    • At the beginning of the adventure [Lake Verity], Cyrus is standing in front of the protagonist
    • 51 Pokémon have been added to the Sinnoh Dex to have a total of 210 entries.
    • Giratina gained the Origin Form as of Platinum. While outside of Distortion World, it will continue to have the Altered Form [Form of Pokémon D/P]. A Platinum Orb is required for Giratina to change forms while outside of Distortion World.
    • Giratina’s Origin Form replaces it’s old ability [Pressure] with Levitate and it’s defensive [Special Defense and Defense] and offensive [Special Attack and Attack] base stats are switched.
    • Shaymin gained the Sky Form as of Platinum and receives a reindeer-like appearance. A Gracidea Flower is needed for it to change forms, this item has no effect during nighttime and when Shaymin is in frozen status.
    • After getting the National Dex and talking to Professor Oak in Eterna City, the Three Legendary Birds [ Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres] can be found roaming the Sinnoh region found at level 60.
    • Bebe [The owner of Box PC System in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum] now gives the player an Eevee at level 20 while arriving at Hearthome City.
    • In Veilstone City, a man gives the player a gift. It is a Level 25 Porygon.
    • Once the player reaches the Resort Area, you will be able to own a house there. The player is able to put various of items into the house. Many items are extremely expensive and in game characters will come and visit depending on items in your house.
    • Distortion World has been added and is known as the home of Giratina’s Origin Form and the final battle between the player and Cyrus.
    • Pokémon back sprites are animated now.
    • Random trainers appear in several Pokémon Centers all over Sinnoh. The trainers are able to be re-battled daily and generally increase in levels as the player goes through the game.
    • Rotom receives five new forms based on electrical appliances.

    The Battle Frontier

    The Battle Frontier area from Emerald version has been added to Sinnoh, containing five new Battle Facilities for trainers to challenge, each with its own special rules. Each facility is run by one of five new "Frontier Brains." The new battle formats in each facility allow players to challenge themselves in different ways.

    Wi-Fi Plaza

    Players can explore the Wi-Fi Plaza - a virtual Pokemon amusement park filled with activities, including three mini games where up to 4 players can compete at once. Up to 20 players from around the world can connect together in the Wi-Fi plaza to experience the games, take part in parades, and even see a fireworks show!

    4th Generation Pokémon

    387.    Turtwig
    388.    Grotle
    389.    Torterra
    390.    Chimchar
    391.    Monferno
    392.    Infernape
    393.    Piplup
    394.    Prinplup
    395.    Empoleon 
    396.    Starly
    397.    Staravia
    398.    Staraptor
    399.    Bidoof
    400.    Bibarel
    401.    Kricketot
    402.    Kricketune
    403.    Shinx
    404.    Luxio
    405.    Luxray
    406.    Budew
    407.    Roserade
    408.    Cranidos
    409.    Rampardos
    410.    Shieldon
    411.    Bastiodon
    412.    Burmy
    413.    Wormadam
    414.    Mothim
    415.    Combee
    416.    Vespiquen
    417.    Pachirisu
    418.    Buizel
    419.    Floatzel
    420.    Cherubi
    421.    Cherrim
    422.    Shellos
    423.    Gastrodon
    424.    Ambipom
    425.    Drifloon
    426.    Drifblim
    427.    Buneary
    428.    Lopunny 
    429.    Mismagius
    430.    Honchkrow
    431.    Glameow
    432.    Purugly
    433.    Chingling
    434.    Stunky
    435.    Skuntank
    436.    Bronzor
    437.    Bronzong
    438.    Bonsly
    439.    Mime Jr.
    440.    Happiny
    441.    Chatot
    442.    Spiritomb
    443.    Gible
    444.    Gabite
    445.    Garchomp
    446.    Munchlax
    447.    Riolu 
    448.    Lucario
    449.    Hippopotas
    450.    Hippowdon
    451.    Skorupi
    452.    Drapion
    453.    Croagunk
    454.    Toxicroak
    455.    Carnivine
    456.    Finneon
    457.    Lumineon
    458.    Mantyke
    459.    Snover
    460.    Abomasnow
    461.    Weavile
    462.    Magnezone
    463.    Lickilicky
    464.    Rhyperior
    465.    Tangrowth
    466.    Electivire
    467.    Magmortar
    468.    Togekiss
    469.    Yanmega
    470.    Leafeon
    471.    Glaceon
    472.    Gliscor
    473.    Mamoswine
    474.    Porygon-Z
    475.    Gallade
    476.    Probopass
    477.    Dusknoir
    478.    Froslass
    479.    Rotom 
    480.    Uxie
    481.    Mesprit
    482.    Azelf
    483.    Dialga
    484.    Palkia
    485.    Heatran
    486.    Regigigas
    487.    Giratina
    488.    Cresselia
    489.    Phione
    490.    Manaphy
    491.    Darkrai
    492.    Shaymin
    493.    Arceus

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