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    Macross Ace Frontier

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 09, 2008

    3D anime mech action game based on the Macross Franchise.

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    Macross Ace Frontier is an action game based in the Macross franchise. Although the game is named after Macross Frontier, all current Macross series (with the exception of Macross II: Lovers Again) are included. Players create two pilots (a main pilot and a wingman) and fight in the many memorable battles of the Macross timeline.

    The developers, Artdink, are also known for the Gundam Battle PSP series. Macross Ace Frontier uses a slightly modified version of the Gundam Battle engine, and therefore has many notable similarities to Gundam Battle Universe.

    Featured Series

    • Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (with elements from Do You Remember Love?)
    • Macross Plus
    • Macross 7
    • Macross Frontier
    • Macross Zero

    Due to the time that development took place, only the first half of Macross Frontier's storyline is included in the game. Macross Zero is included as a bonus; it is not given storyline scenarios like the other four series.

    New Features

    Color Edit. Players are allowed to change the color scheme of their robot.
    Replay. Replays from missions can now be saved for later viewing.
    Song System. Since the main characters of Macross 7 do not use traditional weaponry, an entirely new system is created for their units. They "attack" using music in order to lower the enemy's morale; the targeted unit will leave the battlefield when their morale is sufficiently lowered.

    Changes from "Gundam Battle Universe"

    • As this game is built around aerial combat, aircraft mechanics are vastly improved.
    • Ace Frontier only has 57 units, as opposed to more than 200 in GBU.
    • Special Abilities are now equipped onto the pilot, instead of being fixed based on the player's pilot/operator choice. They are now activated with a button combination, as opposed to being activated at low life.
    • With the exception of bosses, the I-Field ability (the ability for specific units to absorb a certain amount of damage before losing HP) is eliminated.
    • Instead of choosing a faction outright, the villainous factions' missions are unlocked after finishing the heroes' missions. Thus, it is possible to clear every mission on one save file in Macross Ace Frontier, while at least three were needed for Gundam Battle Universe.
    • Battleships are playable.

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