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    DragonFable is a flash-animated fantasy RPG where players can create a free account and play using their web browser. Each week the DF Team at Artix Entertainment adds new original content as the development team evolves the ongoing storyline. DragonFable is free to play.

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    DragonFable has continued its story through weekly updates. With over 1000 quests, the game is a story-rich experience. It is a free-to-play game, however, players could pay a one-time fee to upgrade their account with a Dragon Amulet for full access to the game and added perks. This was added to give players a way to support the development of the game for something in return.


    DragonFable is a turned based RPG. You gain experience and gold by defeating enemies on quests. Many monsters scale to your level, but lower level areas will stay at the predetermined level. Pets and Allies can help you do more damage against your foes.

    Attacks are divided up into difference elements: Fire, Water, Energy, Metal, Poison, Disease, Silver, Light, Darkness, Nature, Stone, Wood, Wind, Ice, and Bacon. (Yes, there is a Bacon Element and the game does have a set of quests explaining it's origin) Most foes have a set of weaknesses and strengthens. If the enemy bio reads 200 Dark and -10 Light, this means that it will absorb damage from a dark weapon, but take more damage from a light one. It's simple enough.

    Your character also gets 5 stat points when he/she levels up. These points can be divided into different stats such as Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. This will increase the performance of your character and some will also increase your health or mana amount. If you don't like how you divided up your points, you can un-train your character for 1000 gold, but keep in mind you don't get the money back for already training your stats and to train a stat up even 1 points takes gold so make sure you have enough.

    Some battles are called "Titan Battles". These battles take place on dragon-back and your foe will most likely have hp in the 20k. These battles can be tough are require you to be fully trained as a Dragonrider and know how to use it in order for you to win. Grated, it is possible to not be fully trained as a Dragonrider and win, but it helps.

    Equipment and Items

    In DragonFable, there are items that your character can win from quests or purchase from the shops. There are helms, weapons, belts, rings, pets, and capes/wings. All of these items effect your overall stats by either adding or subtracting resistances, rate of blocking, or overall stats. Items highlighted in purple are Dragon Amulet (DA) only items, meaning you can only use them if you have a DA.

    There are also junk items that are only used to sell for large amounts of gold.


    DragonFable has two types of currency.

    There is the standard gold that you can get from enemies in the game.

    There is also DragonCoins, which you can purchase with money, or win in forum contests, that allow you to buy advanced weapons, helms, accessories, or armors. The DragonCoin items are much more powerful then the standard items in the game.

    Classes and Abilities

    There are three basic classes that you can choose from when you make your character. Warrior, Mage, and Rouge. As you level up, these classes automatically gain skills and at around level 20 all the skills are unlocked. Warriors focuses on melee attacks, Mage uses magic, and the Rouge uses skills to avoid taking damage, but all classes have a stun attack.

    There are many other classes. Such as: Paladin, Necromancer, Death Knight, Guardian, DragonLord, Dragon Rider (titian battle only), Pirate, Ninja, Technomanger, Ranger, Pumpkin Lord (Halloween themed class),and Dragonslayer. Each armor has special quest items that you use in order to level up the armor and gain more skills.

    There are also armors that you can buy with gold or dragoncoins that already have skills unlocked.

    The DoomKnight armor can by purchased with money if you have already bought the Dragon Amulet, but it's skills are locked unless you have had the Amulet for a certain period of time.


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