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    F.E.A.R. 3

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jun 21, 2011

    Developed by Day 1 Studios, F.3.A.R. (pronounced "Fear Three") is the final chapter in the F.E.A.R. franchise and continues the twisted story of Alma Wade and her two sons, Paxton Fettel and the Point Man.

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    F.E.A.R. 3 is a first-person shooter created by Day 1 Studios in collaboration with Monolith Productions, the original developers of the F.E.A.R. series. Day 1 Studios previously handled the console ports of F.E.A.R.. F.E.A.R. 3 brings new features to the franchise including a "divergent co-op" campaign, an experience point system tied to in-game challenges, regenerating health, and a cover system. Furthermore, horror director John Carpenter and horror writer Steve Niles contributed to the games in-game cinematics and script respectively. The game was released in June 2011 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.


    The game takes place nine months after the second F.E.A.R. game and once again follows the story of the Point Man, a soldier with superhuman reflexes (represented in-game by bullet time) and the oldest son of Alma Wade, a psychic with god-like powers who didn't even let dying stop her from reaching her goals. The private army employed by the Armacham Technology Corporation continue to eliminate all evidence of what has happened within the city of Fairport and to make matters worse, Paxton Fettel, the Point Man's brother, a powerful, insane psychic with cannibalistic tendencies and incredible mental powers, is back from the dead and refuses to leave the Point Man's side. Now the Point Man must decide his allegiance.

    Fettel is back.
    Fettel is back.

    The game starts in a prison of an unknown South American country, possibly Brazil. Point Man is being tortured on where his command officer, Jin Sun-Kwon, is. Jin knows top secret information about Alma and the Fairport incident and Armacham want her out of the equation. Paxton Fettel unexpectedly comes to the rescue, killing the guards interrogating the Point Man and allowing him the opportunity to escape, seemingly holding no ill will from the last time they met, when the Point Man killed him, Fettel informs his brother that they must go back to Fairport as something big is about to happen. After busting out of the prison and hijacking a helicopter, the two make it to Fairport. However, along the way they encounter the Creep, a hideous, invincible monster who appears at random to assault the sons of Alma, at one point going as far as tearing apart an entire ATC squad who get the drop on Fettel and the Point Man, apparently determined to kill them himself, before being chased away by Alma making an appearance. Despite this initial setback, the Creep continues to hound them throughout the game, his appearances becoming damaging and more frequent as they progress.

    A massive red explosion happens, forcing the Point Man to make a crash landing. Shortly thereafter, they realize that the Fairport incident has mutated all survivors into mindless freaks who seem to worship Alma as some kind of murderous cult. After fighting their way through cultists and Armacham soldiers, the Point Man and Fettel meet up with Jin, who seems unaware of Fettel's presence. She has gotten her hands on a tape that shows a Delta Force soldier, Michael Becket (the protagonist of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin), who fathered the child that Alma is preparing to give birth to. Jin believes that Alma must not be allowed to give birth, as whatever she gives birth to may be an unstoppable psychic abomination, and humanity can't take that chance. Fettel on the other hand, suggests that it's time for the family to reunite, combining their power with Alma's and becoming gods in the process. Jin believes that he can lead them to Alma's hiding place. Armacham plans to get Becket out of Fairport but the dastardly duo set off to make sure that he doesn't.

    After fighting their way through a makeshift ATC base, and a bridge structure, the brothers encounter more inhuman monsters along the way, manifestations of Alma's childish fears which hunt down and destroy all living things. Finally, after crossing the grounds of Fairport's massive airport complex, Fettel and the Point Man confront Becket. Thanks to the psychic bond with Alma that was forged in the second game, he receives a vision upon seeing the Point Man and instantly recognizes him as Alma's firstborn son, which terrifies him, leading him to refuse to tell him anything. Fettel, who once again seems to only be visible to the Point Man, approaches Becket, intending to use his powers to possess him and extract the information they want forcefully. He tells the Point Man that this will kill Becket in the process, and the Point Man can do nothing but watch as his brother takes possession of Becket's body. Fettel then discovers Becket's backstory, that Armacham tried to continue their supersoldier projects without Alma, using surgical enhancements and chemical engineering to give soldiers either superhuman reflexes like the Point Man (Becket, a victim of Project Paragon, is one such soldier) or psychic powers like Fettel (the "caster" supersoldiers who the sons of Alma had been fighting all throughout F.3.A.R.). He also discovers that Becket's words were true, and that Alma is indeed pregnant and preparing to give birth; the explosions of energy that have been devastating the ruins of Fairport are the results of Alma's painful contractions. Seizing control of his body again, Becket tells the Point Man that he is terrified of whatever he fathered inside Alma, and echoes Jin's words; Alma must not be allowed to give birth, and if she does, her baby must be killed. Then, his body corrupted by Fettel's possession, Becket dies, exploding violently into a cloud of blood and flesh.

    Before the two can go to Alma, they must first defeat the Creep, which has been slowly revealed to be a manifestation of their traumatic memories of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their biological grandfather, Harlan Wade., whose real body was killed in the original F.E.A.R.. More of a sadist than a doctor and even less of a father, he was the one who put Alma into Project Origin in the first place, and after her sons were born, he abused and experimented on them mercilessly, torturing Fettel to exploit and develop his psychic powers, driving him insane in the process, and ruthlessly having the Point Man beaten and abused to make him the perfect physical soldier while simultaneously mocking him and making him feel inadequate for lacking his brother's mental powers. The brothers realize that Alma has returned to the Project Origin ward where they were born in order to have her third baby, but the Creep has full sway there since that's where the memories that created him were made. The brothers destroy several objects imbued with their own psychic pain, like the notebook where Harlan recorded his observations, and a bucket that he beat the Point Man with after not performing to his expectations, which robs the Creep of his invulnerability and allows the sons of Alma to finally engage him in combat. The Point Man and Paxton Fettel are victorious, and the Creep is destroyed. After defeating the monster, a lingering echo of Harlan Wade appears, and he mourns the fact that his life's work came to nothing, that Alma and the brothers, who he refers to as his family, were supposed to be gods, but instead all he ever created were monsters. He then disappears.

    The game then flashes to Alma giving birth, just as the Point Man and Fettel finally find her. Her abdomen is grossly huge, and the entire room she's in is covered in blood. Remembering Jin and Becket's words, the Point Man pulls a gun on Alma, and Fettel becomes enraged, offended that the Point Man would choose to "follow the orders of that woman" rather than "stay true to your own blood". Fettel attacks the Point Man, and the two finally begin to fight, trying to strangle each other.

    At this point, if the game is in singleplayer mode, you will get the ending of whichever character you have been playing as. If you have been playing co-op with a friend, on the other hand, the game will compare your total scores across the campaign, and whichever player has the higher total score becomes the ultimate 'Favoured Son', and their character's respective ending plays.

    The Point Man's Ending

    Baby or Demon?
    Baby or Demon?

    After being put in a choke hold by Fettel, the Point Man gets free, pulls out his pistol and shoots Fettel three times in the forehead, directly on the "scar" left behind from when he was originally killed. Apparently dying, Fettel falls against the wall and slumps to the ground, telling his brother how foolish he is, and that it didn't have to be like this, that they could have been like gods. He then burns up from the inside out, apparently dying once and for all. Then, the Point Man assists Alma as she gives birth. The player does not see the child, as the Point Man wraps it up in something before holding it up, and its uncovered face is not shown. However, it is implied that the Thirdborn is, against all odds, a healthy ordinary human baby. The Point Man gives a rare smile as he looks at the child. Having exhausted the last of her energy in birth, Alma smiles at her firstborn son and her newborn, and then closes her eyes and dies, burning up the same way Fettel did. Holding the baby close to his chest, the Point Man then walks out the door, as Jin is heard telling him that all of the supernatural phenomena that were threatening the world have cleared up, and it looks like the world is going to be safe after all.

    Paxton Fettel's Ending

    After being put in a chokehold by the Point Man, Fettel breaks free and lunges at the Point Man, who is then shown sitting on the ground, slumped against the wall. When he opens his eyes, they are glowing red, and the wisps of red energy and familiar bullet wound scar forming reveal that he has been possessed by Paxton Fettel, who says out loud through the Point Man's lips that things didn't have to be like this, that the brothers could have worked together and become gods. He then stands up and approaches Alma, who is obviously afraid of him. He assists her in giving birth, which seems to be more painful for Alma than if the Point Man helps her. Once again, the child is not seen, and Fettel comments that he'd come intending to possess the baby, so that he could get himself a body he could possess forever and become unstoppable, but now that he has the Point Man's body, he doesn't need to do that, and intends to raise the Thirdborn himself. However, he says that Alma has something he needs, and after setting the baby down next to him, Fettel attacks Alma, tearing her apart with his bare hands and eating her alive to consume her power. The game ends to Alma's screams as blood pours across the floor.

    Regardless of which ending is shown, the game has an after-credits scene where you see Fettel as a child uniting with Alma - the 'Synchronicity Event' - before killing several guards who come to tranquilize him, causing their heads to explode with his powers. Eventually the darts take effect, and he passes out. Fettel's voice is heard describing this scene; that Alma showed him her own pain and suffering at the hands of Harlan Wade and Armacham, and her rage gave his abilities strength beyond anything he'd ever known. As the scene ends, Fettel hints that the story of the 'F.E.A.R.' franchise is not yet over, saying "They all deserved to die! And I will continue... will you?"

    Generative Scare System

    Unlike previous 'F.E.A.R.' games, in which the scary scenes and events were all predetermined scripted sequences, F.E.A.R.3 uses a so-called "Generative Scare System" that delivers similar jump scares dynamically on-the-fly, randomly placing them throughout the game world so that even after completing the game, players can never be quite sure when something terrifying might happen.


    F.E.A.R. 3 features a wide variety of multiplayer modes that can be played by up to 4 players. The multiplayer consists of a robust class system as well as leaderboards.

    Soul Survivor

    In Soul Survivor, a squad-based mode, the objective is to survive wave after waves of enemies that are commanded by a player who has been corrupted by Alma and turned into a specter, a spirit that can control other enemies' bodies. The rest of the F.E.A.R. squad try to survive. If one of the members is downed and not healed fast enough, the reaper will corrupt him and turn him into a reaper. The winner is the last man standing.

    Soul King

    Soul King is a competitive mode where each player starts out as a specter before the map is flooded by enemies. The player must then take control of one of the enemies and kill anything that moves. Each time an enemy is killed, he drops souls that must be collected. The player who collects the most souls becomes the 'Soul King'. The Soul King is clearly visible by any player on the map, making him a prime target as whoever kills him gets half of his souls and becomes the new Soul King (of course, the player who was the Soul King loses half his souls too). The winner is the player who is the Soul King when time runs out.

    Fucking Run

    A four-player cooperative mode. Players must run from Point A (starting point) to B (end point) while getting chased by a fog of death created by Alma. The fog begins chasing you once you've reached a certain point on the map. Players must stick together as they plow through waves of enemies, running from the fog. If a player falls, they must be revived immediately before the fog kills them. If the fog kills one player, it's game over for the others. Players are alerted when the fog is about to kill them (the screen starts going black).


    Players must work together in this wave-based survival mode. Players are surrounded by Alma's fog of death from which enemies come out of are are forced to mount barricades to protect themselves. One player has access to a mech suit. The mode operates in rounds. The game ends when all players are down.

    Co-op Story

    F.E.A.R. 3 is the first in the franchise to have co-op. You can ether play the game single player as the Point Man, or have a friend join in as Paxton Fettel. Each character has their own unique abilities, allowing the players to use them together for different strategies. Paxton Fettel can not use weapons but instead has psychic powers at his disposal. He can stun enemies, suspend them for the Point Man to shoot, or even possess them and use their weapons to surprise the enemy, Geist-style. He also has a special sense that allows him to see alternate paths and hidden ammo and weapon caches.

    F.E.AR 3's co-op mode also has competitive elements built into it. Both players compete to become the 'Favorite Son' by scoring points. Points are earned by killing enemies in different ways and completing one of four types of challenges: Aggression (e.g. melee kill three enemies from behind), Tactics (e.g. eight kills with one grenade), Psychic (e.g. harvest five Psychic Links) and Aptitude (e.g. five suicide kills.)

    System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+
    • Memory: 2GB of RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 8GB
    • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS / ATI Radeon HD 3800 series (or better)
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • DirectX: 9 (or higher)

    Xbox 360 HD Install

    Installing F.E.A.R. 3 on your hard drive takes up 6.1 GB of space.


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