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    Dance! It's your Stage

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 08, 2010

    Dance! It's your Stage is a pop-themed rhythm game taking many cues from the Dance Dance Revolution Series. It was released through retail chains for PS3, PC, Wii and Nintendo DS and was later ported to the Xbox Live Arcade.

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    Detlef D! Soost In a promo for the game.
    Detlef D! Soost In a promo for the game.

    The game was conceptualized and marketed by German choreographer Detlef D! Soost and he appears in the game as himself. The game was developed by pQube. PC and XBLA versions support most Dance Mats as well as Xbox 360 controllers, the Wii version uses the Wii Balance Board and Nunchuck, while the PS3 version makes use of the Move Controller.


    Using a Dance Mat the game is very similar to the popular Dance Dance Revolution series. Players move their feet into the direction displayed by the arrows on the screen. Using the 360 controller the player must use the left analog stick to operate in the left column and the right analog stick to operate in the right column. The arrows will eventually drop simultaneously and thus form combinations of Left, Right, Down and Up. The challenge consists of using the left and right analog sticks independently as to input the correct direction displayed in each column, and doing so before the arrows dissapear down the screen.

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    Some arrows can be sustained. These are "scripted" moments that appear in some of the songs. The player can then hold the analog stick in the displayed direction and his score will start ranking up faster. A multiplier can be used at any given time after filling its bar to the max (x4) but decreases each time the player misses a cue. It is used by pressing RT.

    The right side of the screen shows a Dancer performing a routine appropriate to the song, though the player has no true control over the dancing since the Dance performer will continue his/her routine under any circumstance except if the energy bar runs out completely (which happens when too many cues are missed).


    In Career Mode the player is an undiscovered dance talent that tries to work his/her way up to the top with the help of Detlef D. The player is given new attributes such as clothes each time a song is completed in one of several venues. Bronze, Silver and Gold medals can be earned for each song.

    Training Mode is found within career mode. The player is given a score and a medal though it does not count towards medals earned in Career Mode.

    A Local Multiplayer Mode allows two players to compete or play together though there are no gameplay twists or changes made.


    20 off-brand pop songs produced internally by the developer.


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