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    Angry Birds Seasons

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 21, 2010

    Angry Birds Seasons is a version of the incredibly successful Angry Birds franchise which features several specially themed level packs to cause mayhem and destruction on the green pigs' castles.

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    Angry Birds Seasons features various holiday themed level packs for players to reap their revenge on the green pigs by firing their Angry Birds at the green pigs' castles.

    In each pack, a bonus level is unlocked if the player attains a 3 star rating in every level. Each level pack contains at least one secret golden egg that unlocks another bonus level.

    Level Packs

    2011 Seasons

    • Trick or Treat
      - 45 levels
      - Released November 2010 for Halloween
    • Season's Greetings
      - 25 levels
      - Like a Christmas advent calendar, a level was unlocked each day from December 1st to December 25th 2010.
    • Hogs and Kisses
      - 18 levels
      - Released February 2011 for Valentines Day
    • Go Green, Get Lucky
      - 18 levels
      - Released March 10th 2011 for St. Patricks Day
    • Easter Eggs
      - 18 levels
      - Released April 2011 for Easter
    • Summer Picnic
      - 30 levels
      - Released June 2011 for summer
    • Moon Festival
      - 33 levels
      - Released September 2011 for the Mid-Autumn Festival

    2012 Seasons

    • Ham'o'ween
      - 30 levels
      - Released October 2011 for Halloween
      - Features explosive pumpkin lanterns
    • Wreck the Halls
      - 25 levels
      - One level unlocked every day from December 1st to December 25th 2011 for Christmas
    • Year of the Dragon
      - 15 levels
      - Released January 2012 for Chinese New Year
      - A free version of the Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon is usable in this level set
    • Cherry Blossom
      - 15 levels
      - Released March 2012 for Spring
    • Piglantis
      - 30 levels
      - Released June 2012
      - Includes levels with water physics


    The game can be downloaded via the iTunes for the iPhone. An 'HD' version for the iPad is also available. Both of these versions support Game Center.

    A free ad supported Android version has also been released.

    It is available for WebOS phones in the Palm App Catalog.

    on 2/20/13 the game was released for Windows Phones.


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